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The first day of the 2007 NFL draft for the Eagles has me baffled. I know that I’m pissed, but I’m not quite sure how pissed I am.

The Eagles traded down from the #26 overall pick to the #36 pick, sending #26 to the Cowboys for #36 and #87 and #159. I’m fine with this move because, amazingly, the top 4 safeties in the draft were off the board.

LeRon Landry went #6 to the Redskins, Michael Griffin #19 to Tennessee, Reggie Nelson #21 to Jacksonville and Brandon Meriweather #24 to Seattle.

I would’ve been fine with the Eagles keeping the pick and taking either Greg Olsen (TE) or Paul Posluszny (OLB), but when the safeties were all off the board, moving down was a solid move.

The problem is what they did with the #36 pick. They took Kevin Kolb, QB from Houston. I don’t doubt Andy Reid’s scouting of QBs. He’s got an eye for them, especially an eye for knowing which ones will be able to run his offense. What I do have a huge problem with is the fact that the Eagles reached for Kolb.

Kolb was the 6th highest ranked QB in the draft. And he was rated quite a bit behind the guys ahead of him, 3 of whom were still on the board when the Eagles took Kolb: John Beck (#40), Drew Stanton (#43) and Trent Edwards (#92).

The Eagles most likely could’ve taken Brian Leonard at 36 (Leonard went to St. Louis at #52), and still had Kolb at 57. Leonard may have even been a stretch at 36, but I think he would’ve helped the team tremendously THIS year. If the Eagles wanted defense with that pick, Chris Houston was still on the board, and he would’ve filled a huge need.

The Eagles rounded out their first day picks with Victor Abiamiri, defensive end from Notre Dame, at #57. In the third round, they selected Stewart Bradley, OLB from Nebraska at #, and Tony Hunt, RB from Penn State at #90.

I like the Bradley and Hunt picks. Bradley is a run-stuffing linebacker who could see some time this year, and Hunt is the prototypical big back. A good change-of-pace guy who should see some carries in short yardage situations. He also has good hands, and knows how to pick up the blitzer in pass protection.

Abiamiri is bigger than all of the ends the Eagles currently have, so maybe he’ll help a little bit against the run, if he finds his way onto the field. I think going in he’s probably #5 on the depth chart at the position. This pick seems like a knee-jerk, “Hey, we haven’t taken a lineman yet,” reaction by Reid.

Here’s some footage of the guy Andy Reid sees as McNabb’s successor:

When the season ended, I said the Eagles should think about drafting a project at the QB position. You usually don’t use a pick this early for a project though. Andy must’ve really seen something in this kid that no one else did. It’s a shame that he didn’t realize no one else saw it though, or he could’ve waited longer to make the pick.

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by Brian on Apr 29 2007