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After an ugly first quarter, the Eagles bounced back to bludgeon the Seahawks and finally move themselves out of last place in the NFC East. The Eagles finish the first half of their season at 5-3, which is probably right where this team belongs. The Cowboys continued their implosion with a 35-14 loss to the Giants. They fell to 5-4 on the season.

More about the necessary win after the jump.
This is the second game in a row where McNabb looked lost, or rusty, or maybe like he hadn't warmed up in the first, then looked like the second coming of Joe Montana the rest of the game. He finished with 349 yards and 2 TDs. The other offensive stars were Kevin Curtis, who finished with 6 catches for 83 yards, and Brent Celek who went off for 131 yards on 6 catches.

I know plenty of Eagle fans and bloggers fell in love with Celek's game during training camp last season. Then he fell completely off the radar. He came back with a great camp this season, but still the Eagles seemed hell-bent on not using him in actual games. Today was the first time I can remember when he's been targeted more than once or twice, and he answered the call. I seriously hope they'll give him a bigger role going forward. I'm sick of LJ Smith's potential, I want some production out of the position.

On defense, other than Lito's disgusting play on the first snap, they were stellar. Asante Samuel continues to blanket everyone he covers and show unbelievable ball skills for a corner. The birds stuffed the run, and put adequate pressure on Seneca Wallace, but didn't make any game-changing plays. They weren't needed today, but I think the personnel is just too good to not force turnovers. They're going to have to come up big next week against the Giants.

David Akers was perfect on the day, although he wasn't tested from distance (he hit FGs from 39, 24, 42 and 39). DeSean's one brain fart didn't come back to hurt them, but he wasn't really a big part of the offense either. McNabb spread the ball around to 10 different receivers.

This game wasn't all roses. The offense stalled in the red zone, they settle for 4 field goals, they couldn't convert another third and one. Greg Lewis saw too much action.

All told, it'll be good to see the Cowboys in last place tomorrow morning. The Eagles won, convincingly, so let's just build on that and get ready for the Giants next week.

Offensive Player of The Game: Celek
Defensive Player of The Game: Asante
Team Record: 5-3
by Brian on Nov 2 2008
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