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Kickoff is a couple of minutes away, McNabb is out, Feeley is in. It's raining, it's pouring, it's sleeting and we may see some snow. Perfect day for football! Live blogging will commence after the jump.


First Quarter
  • The Eagles won the toss and took the ball. Here we go...
  • 30-yard return for J.R. Reed, good start. McNabb looks grumpy on the sidelines.
  • Feeley picked off on the first pass of the game, returned to about the 17.
  • Spikes has a pick in his hands and drops it. That was 6 points.
  • The Seahawks realize running the ball may be the way to go, Alexander goes inside the 5. First and goal.
  • TD Sean Alexander. 7-0, Seattle.
  • I guess Feeley likes playing from behind.
  • Feeley with a clutch third down conversion to Reggie Brown.
  • Westbrook for 15 yards.
  • Buckhalter for 30 and a TD. Quick answer from the Eagles. 7-7, tie.
  • This looks familiar to me.
  • Darren Howard comes up with his second sack of the season (and his second in the last two games) to force a punt. Eagles ball with good field position.
  • Feeley picked again by the same guy, Tatupu. Returned all the way to the 8. First and goal.
  • Huge hit by J.R. Reid on first down, stops a screen for a loss.
  • Trent Cole stops Alexander for a loss on second down.
  • TD, Bobby Engram. 14-7, Seahawks.
  • A.J. Feeley has handed Seattle 14 points on a silver platter. Unbelievable. They haven't shown McNabb on sidelines, but I have to think he feels vindicated.
  • 47-yard completion to Curtis.
  • Drive stalls on two incomplete passes from the 9.
  • Akers knocks through a 31-yarder. 14-10, Seahawks.
  • Seattle is driving as the first quarter comes to an end.
Second Quarter
  • Josh Brown misses a 40-yard attempt, wide left.
  • Three and out for the green birds.
  • Sav Rocca saves a touchdown on the punt return. Seattle with great field position.
  • TD Burleson, he was left wide open, put a move on Lito and cruised in without being touched. 21-10, Seahawks.
  • TD Feeley to Curtis. Thrown into double coverage, Curtis went up and got it. Nice catch. 21-17, Seahawks.
  • Gocong with a tackle for a loss on first down, Takeo with a sack on second down, good pressure on third down for an incompletion. Excellent field position for the Eagles after a horrible punt. Let's take the lead here offense.
  • 2 minute warning and the Eagles are driving.
  • Westbrook is stopped on 4th and goal from the six-inch line with 7 seconds to go in the first half. Great play by the Seattle defense, I love the call by Reid to go for it. It didn't work out but those are the types of aggressive moves it's going to take to make the playoffs.
Third Quarter
  • Bobby Engram catches and fumbles, I'm expecting a challenge here, the Eagles recovered.
  • No challenge, Eagles ball. Good start to the third.
  • TD Westbrook on an amazing run for 29 yards. 24-21, Eagles.
  • The defense holds, offense takes the field at the 21.
  • Three and out for the Eagles.
  • 45-yard TD run for Maurice Morris. Horrible tackling on that play. 28-24, Seahawks.
  • Akers misses a 49-yard attempt. Feeley went for a TD on 3rd and 5, into double coverage. I don't get it. Just keep the drive moving.
  • The D holds again, Eagles ball on the 19 after another short punt.
  • 3 and out for the green birds. Sav gets off a low punt, but the coverage team gets downfield. Good position for the blue birds, again.
  • Sheldon Brown with a huge pick on Seattle's first play.
  • Feeley throws his third pick of the day on 3rd and 9. He was hit as he threw, but still a bad decision.
  • Seahawks ball approaching midfield.
Fourth Quarter
  • Lito is hurt.
  • Gaither drops a sure interception. Again, right in his hands. Seahawks are going for it on fourth down from the 33.
  • Turnover on downs. Huge stand for the D there.
  • L.J. Smith drops a tough pass on 3rd and 1. Another punt for the Eagles, another questionable call going deep on third and manageable.
  • J.R. Reed breaks up a third and long pass. He's playing a very solid game today, honestly, I think he looks better than Considine did early in the season.
  • Three and out again. This offense is officially bogged down.
  • Three and out for the Seahawks. The Eagles should get good field position to squander.
  • Eagles walk up to the line for an entire drive, turn the ball over on downs and give the ball back to Seattle with 1:56 left on the clock. Horrible clock management there.
  • Three and out for Seattle, three timeouts used by the Eagles. 1:38 left on the clock when the Seahawks punt.
  • Westbrook returned the punt 64 yards!!!!! 1:20 left on the clock, ball on the 14 yard line. LET'S GO!!!!!!!!!
  • Feeley ends the game the same way he started it, with a pick. F*cking unbelievable. This team doesn't deserve to go to the playoffs, and they won't.
by Brian on Dec 2 2007
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