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Bleeding Green Nation asks the question, Donovin Darius anyone? I answer, YES!

The Jaguars cut Darius, a pro-bowl calibur strong safety who’s had some injuries problems over the past couple years, including a broken leg back in November. Darius is 32, and if the Eagles were to offer him a contract, it wouldn’t be long term, and it wouldn’t be very lucrative, but if the guy can walk, I say bring him in.

Sean Considine, the guy who will probably start at strong safety, is not a viable starter, in my opinion. You remember Considine, he’s the guy who wound up flat on his ass at the end of every play last year. He was over-matched. I realize there’s been talk of Considine bulking up over the offseason, and being more physically suited to the position this year, but I won’t believe it until I see it.

If nothing else, Darius would provide a fall-back option if Considine hasn’t taken a step forward. He’s worth a shot.

Here’s a picture of Darius’s handiwork:

by Brian on Jun 18 2007