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reidblows.jpgI've seen more stories than I care to read about the audacity of Donovan McNabb. How could a quarterback in this league for a decade not know a game could end in a tie? It's a fair question, but really, who cares. McNabb's a pretty sharp guy, I find his comments more curious than anything, and I really don't think they had anything to do with the outcome of the game.

What I want to talk about is our coach. As the years have gone by, Andy Reid has been nothing if not stubborn. His great run with this team bought him more leeway than it should have, but it's time for his Super Bowl honeymoon period to finally come to an end.

The Eagles took the field against a bad Bengals team on Sunday. They really are quite bad. It should have been an easy win. It should have been a walk in the park. Why wasn't it? Because Andy Reid decided to reinvent the wheel. He decided that he was going to prove, yet again, that his pass-happy offense was the only solution. This isn't conjecture on my part, there's no other way to see it.

The Eagles called 61 pass plays and 17 run plays. Two of those run plays were end arounds to DeSean Jackson, one of which was designed to be a pass by DeSean, so the split was really 62 to 16. Keep that in mind when you read the stats below.

These are the number of running plays and yardage each Cincinnati opponent had in their game against the Bengals:

  • Baltimore - 46 att, 229 yards, 5.0 average
  • Tennessee - 41 att, 177 yards, 4.3 average
  • New York - 25 att, 117 yards, 4.7 average
  • Cleveland - 44 att, 134 yards, 3.4 average 
  • Dallas - 38 att, 198 yards, 5.2 average
  • NY Jets - 27 att, 86 yards, 3.2 average
  • Pittsburgh - 27 att, 125 yards, 4.6 average
  • Houston - 31 att, 109 yards, 3.5 average
  • Jacksonville - 21 att, 68 yards, 3.2 average
This isn't brain surgery. Cincy opponents have averaged 33.3 rushing attempts per game, 138 yards. It's been a pretty successful formula, considering the Bengals were 1-8 coming into Sunday. In their only win, the Jags only attempted 21 rushes. It's completely unacceptable that Andy Reid has these stats in front of him and still designed a gameplan which called for 78.1% passes.

I don't want to hear about Westbrook's myriad injuries. Buckhalter was healthy, if Reid wanted to run the ball, he would have. If he cared more about winning the game than proving his point about being able to win any game with the pass only, the Eagles would have run the ball and they would have won the game. Quotes like this don't mean shit to me when the coach makes conscious decisions which cost the team games.

"We're going to get it straight is what we are going to do," Reid said. "We're going to work a little harder, up the concentration level, and make sure we do the right thing. I've seen our offense play well, I've seen our defense play well, and I've seen our special teams play well, and I just want to see them do it all together in one game. And when we do, we've got one heck of a football team." 

You know what, Andy? You may just have a heck of a football team but we'll never know as long as you're at the helm.
by Brian on Nov 18 2008
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