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The backups, led by Kevin Kolb, built up a lead in the first half, but the third and fourth strings couldn't make it stand up after the half. The preseason ends with a 27-20 whimper.

Hank Baskett and Tony Hunt were the only "starters" to see action for the Birds. Baskett had a nice catch on an even nicer throw from Kolb which led to a touchdown. Hunt is still learning the FB position, so he needed the reps, but didn't do a whole lot. Kolb looked good, as did the reserve o-line who seemed to give him all the time in the world to find his receivers.

The highlight of the game, and possibly the preseason, was the inspired return game. Quintin Demps had kickoff returns of 51 yards and 34 yards. He did, however, muff a punt late in the game. I think DeSean Jackson has the PR position locked down, so hopefully Quintin will stick to bustin kickoffs for big gains and making things easier for the offense.

Max-Jean Gilles was the only significant injury, he left with a sprained knee and will have an MRI. So the Eagles have escaped the preseason with only one major injury, the Kevin Curtis sports hernia. It's tough luck that the injury comes at an already weak position, but them's the breaks.

In 10 days the games start to matter. Much more to come between now and then.
by Brian on Aug 28 2008
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