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ESPN has a brief account of T.O.'s interview leading up to the Monday Night battle between the Birds and the Haven't Won A Playoff Game In Twelve Yearsers. Nothing too shocking, T.O. admitted McNabb made him a better receiver, and said he made McNabb a better QB.

There was a brief douche chill moment:
Owens said he has a unique relationship with the Cowboys' Tony Romo because the quarterback "gets me" in a way none of the others ever did.
Kind of smells like a rat to me.

There is one notable portion of the article:

When asked about how it seemed Philly dominated the NFC East when he was an Eagle, much as the Cowboys are doing now, Owens suggested it was largely because he had changed teams. "The common denominator was me being in both places, but I will let you make that assessment," he said.

I find it funny that the writer describes the Cowboys as "dominating the NFC" like the Eagles did back then. The Eagles went to four consecutive NFC Championship games and one Super Bowl. Dallas hasn't won a playoff game since 1996. Of course, there is one common denominator involving Owens. The Eagles never won a playoff game with him on the field and neither have the Cowboys.

How badly do you want T.O. to catch one over the middle when either Dawkins, Sheldon Brown or both of them have a clean shot at him?
by Brian on Sep 11 2008
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