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probowlingwestbrook.jpgIt was a long-overdue honor, but Brian Westbrook was recognized, formally, as one of the best backs in the game today. Adrian Peterson will start, Westbrook is basically number two on the list. The only thing left for #36 to do is say thank you, decline the invitation to Hawaii and rest up once this abortion of season is over. Westbrook would trade it for a playoff berth, you can bet your life on that.

Shawn Andrews also made the team, leaving the Eagles' tally at a whopping two. (Bleeding Green Nation has Trent Cole as a first-alternate, but I can't find a link anywhere).

There are a few other players going to the Pro Bowl who should interest the Eagles. You've got Ex-Eagles T.O. and Al Harris (who made it on the strength of his 35 tackles and 2 interceptions). Then you've got players who made the Pro Bowl based solely on their performance against the Eagles, Osi Umenyiora (7 sacks in 2 games vs. the Eagles, 5 sacks in 12 games vs. everyone else) and Lofa Tatupu (3 interceptions vs. the Eagles, 1 interception against the rest of the league). And also a posthumous vote-in for Sean Taylor.

Here's a look at the monster numbers Brian Westbrook has put up this year, it's really a shame. If Akers hits that FG against the Giants, Greg Lewis or J.R. Reed can field a punt against Green Bay, Feeley throws one pick less against both the Patriots and the Seahawks, we're talking very seriously about Brian Westbrook for the MVP award:

254 rushes, 1191 yards (4.7 average), 7 touchdown
83 catches, 705 yards (8.5 average), 5 touchdowns
26 touches per game, for a guy who's had injury problems in the past.
More picked up blitzers than anyone back in football (estimated)
by Brian on Dec 18 2007
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