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Andy Reid and Donovan McNabb have taken a boatload of heat both this season, and throughout their careers in Philadelphia. They came to the city together, were greeted with a harsh round of boos, newspaper headlines pleading with one to NOT draft the other. They've vindicated themselves on the field, time and time again, only to see the whole saga come full circle. Once again, fans and reporters alike are calling for Reid's head, and McNabb's replacement.

marijuana_poster.jpgThis Sunday, the 0-9 Miami Dolphins are coming into the Linc with a rookie QB, a beleaguered coach, a suicidal fan base, oh and also the guy that everyone (myself included) wanted Andy Reid to draft instead of Donovan McNabb. That's right, Ricky Williams was reinstated yesterday after a year and a half suspension for smoking herb yet another failed drug test. Miami's "coach" Cam Cameron isn't sure if he'll use Williams, but I can't see why he wouldn't. He doesn't have anything to lose.

Andy's house is definitely not in order, both personally and professionally. His kids are every parent's worst nightmare, his team is limping along and woefully under-performing. Let's take a second and think about what Andy's legacy in Philadelphia would've been like had he caved into the pressure and drafted Ricky Williams. Well that was a short mental exercise, Andy wouldn't have a legacy. His stint in Philadelphia would've been shorter than Mike Ditka's in New Orleans.

It's easy to pile on Reid and McNabb amid this horrible season, but we really shouldn't forget the state this team was in when they got here, nor the state it would probably be in right now had the fans and media had their way during that fateful draft.

Like business, the sports world is by necessity a "what have you done for me lately" workplace. I'm not saying Reid deserves a lifetime free pass, nor should McNabb be firmly entrenched in the starting lineup until he decides to hang them up. All I'm saying is take a close look at that Miami Dolphins team on Sunday, with their pothead running back's shameful return. That could very easily be us. Heck, we were begging for it.
by Brian on Nov 15 2007
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