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ESPN is reporting that Donte Stallworth is no longer an Eagle. It seems that Donte, his two bad hamstrings and alleged chemical dependency were worth in the neighborhood of $30 million over 5 years to the New England Patriots.

Stallworth was important to the Eagles, when he was on the field, but he wasn't worth that much. This move, or lack there of, falls in line with the Eagles philosophy of letting people walk rather than overpaying to keep guys. Reggie Brown is the Eagles number one receiver, without a doubt, and he's locked down for several years.

I wish Stallworth nothing but the best, and by the best I mean a lingering tweaked hammy or failed piss test. God I hate the Patriots. The Eagles will probably use a first-day pick on a wide receiver now, unless they think Hank Baskett can handle the number two receiver duties.

In the grand scheme of things, losing Stallworth doesn't mean that much. Putting points on the board is not a problem for the Eagles, stopping the run is. Put that money to use on the front seven.

UPDATE: ESPN filled in some holes, and it looks like this is going to turn into a 1-year deal for $3.6 million. The Eagles should've ponied up that much. Here are the specifics:

Stallworth will receive an initial signing bonus of $1 million, a roster bonus of $1.6 million and a $300,000 workout bonus, to go along with his 2007 base salary of $700,000. That totals $3.6 million for the coming season.

It's after the 2007 season, however, when the really big money could potentially kick in.

For the Patriots to retain Stallworth for the 2008 season, they must pay him an option bonus of $6 million by Feb. 25, 2008. There is a subsequent roster bonus of $2 million due on March 1, a second roster bonus of $1.6 million based on playing time, a base salary of $1 million and a $400,000 workout bonus. That totals an exorbitant $11 million for 2008, or a two-year total of $14.6 million.

Rod Hood also signed elsewhere, Arizona gave him a 5-year deal.

by Brian on Mar 11 2007