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mcnabb0919.jpgI'm not defending Donovan McNabb's statements here. I don't think he should have brought race into the equation, especially since he was the focal point of a "black quarterback" controversy a couple of years ago, and he handled it with the utmost of class.

I'd like to think his statements have no merit, and maybe I don't want him to say anything because I want to keep my head buried in the sand. I know that personally, I don't hold black, brown, yellow, red or orange quarterbacks up to a higher standard than white quarterbacks.

One thing I've noticed, however, is that a lot of people are now attacking McNabb the player, not the statements he made. The general reaction in the blogosphere seems to be "McNabb sucks, that's why people are criticizing him." OK, fair point. He isn't off to a great start, but let's do a blind comparison:

Quarterback #1:
54 completions, 85 attempts, 452 yards, 1 touchdown, 3 interceptions, 66.4 QB rating.

Quarterback #2:
43 completions, 79 attempts, 424 yards, 1 touchdown, 1 interception, 68.7 QB ratings.

QB #1's team has lost two games, by a total of 48 points.

QB #2's team has lost two games, by a total of 11 points.

Both teams are coming off playoff years. Both teams had high expectations. I haven't read one word about QB #1, "sucking" or possibly being benched.

I don't usually get into race issues here. There are plenty of blogs out there devoted to shining a spotlight on any racial biases, or slights (perceived or otherwise). I prefer to just talk about the games on the field, when possible.

McNabb's comments were probably a mistake. Whether he meant to, or not. He painted a big target on himself, a target far too many people are now willing to take aim at. Here's the thing, though. The reaction to his comments seems to add some validity to them. Self-fulfilling prophecy? Maybe.

Anyone out there who has responded to McNabb's comments by saying, "He sucks," or "He shouldn't even be starting," or "He isn't what he once was," I have a question for you: What are you saying about Drew Brees this week? He's QB #1 in the statistics listed above. He's been worse than McNabb (QB #2), with better offensive tools around him. Those are just the facts, in black and white.
by Brian on Sep 19 2007
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