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Len Pasquerelli is reporting that the Eagles have signed A.J. Feeley to a three-year extension and Jeff Garcia is probably on his way out the door. The Eagles wanted to have Garcia locked down before the free agent signing period begins on March 2. Garcia wanted a 5-day grace period to test the waters. The Eagles balked, pursued Feeley and got their man.

I would've loved to see Garcia back, especially if McNabb isn't going to be ready for the beginning of the season, but let's face it, he was going to walk no matter what. The Eagles weren't going to pay him the type of money some desperate team is going to fork over. For his sake, I hope he goes to a team with (a) the talent he needs to succeed and (b) an offense suited for him (west coast).

Garcia salvaged the season for all Eagles fans last year, and that won't be forgotten. Expect a huge round of applause if he ever comes into the Linc as the starter for another team. Feeley can't be discounted as a #2 behind McNabb. He too stepped in when McNabb was hurt in 2003 and won. Last year, he only played major minutes in one game and tore apart the Falcons #1 defense with third string Eagles.

ESPN is reporting that the Broncos could be interested in Garcia. Although he'd only be a backup there, I don't see him leaving Philly to back up anywhere else.

by Brian on Feb 26 2007