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As much as I hate to admit it, the heartbreaking Eagles loss last weekend to the Saints was probably a blessing in disguise. Had they won, I would've spent all week writing about how bad Rex Grossman is, and I would've fully expected the Eagles to march into Chicago, take care of business, and be on their way to Miami right now. The truth is, it probably wouldn't have happened, and there's one simple reason for it. The Bears rushed for 196 yards against the Saints today, if they were playing the Eagles you probably could've added another 50 yards to that total.

Would the Eagles have gotten blown out like the Saints did? Probably not. The one thing they did very well after Garcia took the helm was take care of the football. I doubt they would've turned it over 4 times. The moral of the story is that this heartbreak was coming no matter what, whether it was in New Orleans last week, Chicago this week or Miami two weeks from now. At least we got the pleasure of ending the Giants season in Philly.

Thomas Jones and the Bears ran all over the Saints. It would've been more of the same if the Eagles were playing today. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

by Brian on Jan 21 2007