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Starting at 11 a.m. today fans across the country will be checking ESPN time and time again, waiting with baited breath while every single team takes every last second allotted to make their picks in the NFL draft. It’s a ritual.

There will be trades, there will surprises, there will be boos, there will be cheers. Mel Kiper’s hair will be flamable, Chris Berman will be struggling to come up with lame nicknames, Suzy Kolber will be annoying, Michael Irvin will be absent (thank God).

Our resident NFL draft expert, Rickhouse from Tremendous Upside Potential, will be posting throughout the day today, weighing in on every ten picks. And I’m sure the other bloggers will have something to say as well. Check back here throughout the day to see who got better, who got worse, and who had to sit in their living room with a camera crew while they dropped 20 spots lower than everyone thought they’d be drafted.

Best of luck to everyone and their teams today. (Unless you root for the Cowboys, Giants or Redskins, in which case I hope you draft the next Pacman Jones).

by Brian on Apr 28 2007