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The Saints defeat of the Eagles tonight 27-24 was one of the most entertaining games of the year, if you can get beyond the fact that the Eagles' season came to an end. Of course, I can't.

This game, this season, and really the past six years for the Eagles comes down to the same thing. They cannot stop the run. This isn't news to anyone, especially Andy Reid. He's spent countless high draft picks on defensive linemen. The result, they still can't stop the run. They've gone out in free agency and brought in Jevon Kearse and Darren Howard on the d-line. The result? They still can't stop the run. They brought Trotter back. The result? You get my point. This team has now made the playoffs 6 of the last 7 years, gone to one Super Bowl, and never resolved the one issue that's stopped them from bringing home a ring.

I know everyone will be saying the Eagles did more than anyone thought possible when McNabb went down. And you have to give credit to Jeff Garcia, but no team has made it this far unscathed, and McNabb's injury isn't the reason they lost this game. The Saints were without their best wide receiver, their starting tight end just to name a few. I'm sick of excuses. It's time Andy Reid admits that he doesn't know how to fix this achilles heel and lets someone else handle the draft and personnel decisions this off season.

"Feel good seasons" are for Jets' fans. I want a ring, and so should every member of the Eagles organization. This season should leave a bad taste in their mouths. They should come out of it realizing that it's asinine to throw the ball 60% of the time when their most explosive player is Westbrook and their strongest asset a huge, aggressive offensive line. They should forget about the offensive side of the ball in the off season. They can score more than enough to win. They need to fix this defense. Maybe Jim Johnson is over the hill? Maybe they need some young blood to coach this defense. I doubt it though. I think Johnson just needs the horses to execute his game plan.

On the post game show a few rocks were thrown at Andy Reid for punting on 4th and 15 with 1:56 left in the game. The truth is, it didn't matter. They lost this game when they let the Saints run six minutes off the clock in the fourth quarter. If not for that gift, the Saints would've run the clock out without a doubt. It didn't matter where you gave the Saints the ball in the last two minutes, everyone watching knew the Eagles weren't going to stop McAllister from getting a first down.

Westbrook proved, once again, that he's the most talented player on this team tonight. It's a shame his defense couldn't hold up its end of the deal.

Brian Westbrook going over the top for a touchdown in the first half of tonight's 27-24 loss to the Saints. (AP Photo/Bill Haber)

by Brian on Jan 13 2007