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Late in the game yesterday Lito Sheppard hobbled off the field. It didn't take long for the announcers to get word that he'd dislocated his elbow. I've been holding my breath since. Well, the bad news broke today that Sheppard is out for the Eagles/Saints game on Saturday night.

This news is a huge blow for the Eagles. Losing a pro bowl corner is going to have an effect on the entire defense. The safeties are going to have to help more in the passing game, leaving the run exposed. William James (nee Thomas) will be called upon to pick up some of the slack in the secondary, and Rod Hood will probably shift into the starting lineup. Expect the Saints to use plenty of 3 receiver sets to force the Eagles into nickel and dime packages, then spread the ball around the field.

Not a good way to start the week leading up to the second round for the Eagles.

by Brian on Jan 8 2007