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OK, I realize it's still the preseason, but there's still something fun about watching your favorite team on Monday Night Football. Granted, I'll be watching the Eagles with one eye, and the Yanks with the other, but I'm sill pumped up.

In case you missed it, Donnie #5 will not be playing when the Eagles officially open their preseason schedule tonight against the Ravens, on turf. No, he isn't hurt. The Eagles just don't want him playing on turf for his first game back (I also wouldn't be shocked if they really limit his minutes/exposure in the preseason as a whole). A.J. Feeley will play the first quarter, Kelly Holcomb the second, and rookie sensation successor question mark, Kevin Kolb will get the entire second half to show the Eagles fans why the team selected him with their first pick in this year's draft.

Bleeding Green Nation has a nice list of "what to watch for's," check it out here. There are a couple of things I'm going to be keeping an eye on:
  1. Takeo Spikes. I want to see this guy on the field, and I want visual confirmation that I'll never have to see Dhani Jones in an Eagles' uniform again.
  2. The Freak. I'm going to be paying close attention to Jevon Kearse. Not because I'm looking for aTomSelleck.jpgnything in particular, but because the odds are we're only going to have the preseason and maybe one or two regular season games to see him in uniform before he goes down with some kind of injury.
  3. The RBs. If history is any indicator, Correll Buckhalter is going to be the #2 back. I want to see how Tony Hunt looks, and I want to see what Ryan Moats does to redeem himself in Reid's eyes. I'd also like to see Nasty Nate catch at least one screen and wind up mano-a-mano with a DB in the open field.
  4. Magnum PI. Until I see him on the field, in pads, in a game, I'm not buying the company line that L.J. Smith's most recent injury is nothing serious. I don't think Matt Schobel is a legitimate starting tight end, so I'm going to be paying very close attention to Brent Celek. The rookie from Cincinnati is currently listed as #3 on the depth chart, but I have to believe he has a chance to move up. There have been rave reviews of the kid coming from Lehigh, and if he has the athleticism to be a weapon in the passing game, I say give him a shot.

One last note. The Eagles long-time special teams coach, John Harbaugh, is no longer heading that squad (he's the DB coach now), and there could be a ton of changes in that department. Sav Rocca seems to have a legit shot at the punter's position. Jeremy Bloom is in line to be the new returner. If Dirk Johnson loses his job, there's going to be a new holder, and Mike Bartrum isn't on the team, so there will be a new long snapper. Rocca could be a game-changer, as could Bloom. I have to admit, though, special teams have me a little concerned. The Eagles have a strong offense and an improved defense. While I'd love a special teams squad with the capability of flipping field position, or even scoring. It's much more important that they secure the ball.

One last piece of Eagles news. Philly.com has a special report about the 75th anniversary of the team. They're asking who you think the best Eagle ever is. My answer: Reggie White. My dad would've definitely said Chuck Bednarik.
by Brian on Aug 13 2007
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