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It's taking me a little time to digest this Eagles loss, but as I watch the Sixers game on TiVo I thought I'd share a few thoughts about the game before I forget them.

- On the second offensive play of the game I seriously thought Sheldon Brown killed Reggie Bush. Bush slid out of the backfield for a swing pass, Brown read it perfectly and came from the outside in and unloaded on Bush who never saw him coming. Bush stood up, staggered, then took a knee. I hate to admit it, but I was giddy. I rewound the play about 10 times.
- Early in the game a Fox cameraman did what all cameramen do at sporting events, he found a scantily clad woman in the crowd and put his camera on her. Unfortunately for Fox, this particular woman was wearing a shirt that very clearly said "Fu** 'da Eagles." I wonder what the FCC is going to have to say about that. (I checked YouTube, but the video of this isn't up there)
- Brian Dawkins was invisible in this game. In retrospect, I think this was by design. The Saints stayed away from his side of the field. It was still eerie that his name wasn't called once other than when he pushed a Saints receiver out of bounds after he'd beaten Rod Hood deep. Johnson never blitzed Dawkins, I guess because he kept the safeties back to make up for Lito Sheppard's absence.
- Brian Westbrook is so professional out there sometimes it looks like he isn't even having fun. Plus, even he isn't above reproach after this game. He dropped 3 passes, one a sure touchdown, and another which would've gone for a huge gain, the Eagles punted two plays later. New Orleans received the punt and drove down the field for what turned out to be the game-winning touchdown.
- Jeff Garcia should be back with the Eagles next year, for a couple of reasons, but the QB position also needs to be thought about with the future in mind. They should bring him back because who knows if McNabb is going to be ready for the beginning of the year. He should want to come back because he's only successful within this type of offense, and who knows how much McNabb is going to be able to play next year. He's missed significant time three years in a row. Which brings me to the future of the QB position. The Eagles need to draft a QB. Not in the first round, but they need to get a young guy in here to be the #3 QB with an eye to McNabb's successor. A.J. Feeley isn't a project for the future.

by Brian on Jan 14 2007