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How about a 6'4", 240 pound, 33 year-old Australian punter? That's right, according to a fan's blog, and the Philadelphia Inquirer's blog, the Eagles are shipping in Saverio Rocca, an Australian Rules Football Player, to try out for Dirk Johnson's job.

I'd miss Dirk, and all the Boogie Nights references he brought up during Birds' games, but I'd love to see this guy punting for the Eagles. For one thing, he and David Akers would, without a doubt, form the most impressive kicker/punter wrestling tag team in the league. I've never seen a kicker stick his nose in on more tackles, or attack another team's bench for that matter, like Akers does. And Rocca looks like he wouldn't mind mixing it up either.

They say Rocca regularly punts the ball 60 meters, which is about 66 yards, or pretty far by NFL standards. It remains to be seen whether he can do it without at 15-yard running start. Check out the YouTube video below for some highlights from his career in Australia.

Ignore the short shorts and undertones, this guy looks like a monster.

by Brian on Jan 19 2007