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The NFL season has officially snuck up on me. The day job's been killing me, baseball season is in full swing, and I have a baby on the way. I'm going to spend the next three days doing my best cramming for the NFL season, and I plan to be up to speed for the Eagles opener on Sunday (The video above sure helps). Tonight, I'll take a broad view of the upcoming season. At the bottom of this post you'll find my full predictions, it should be obvious who I'm picking to win it all.

I won't waste your time with long-winded explanations for all of my picks, instead, I'll concentrate on what I know, and that's the NFC East.

The Eagles are going to win this division in a walk. There's only one thing that can sidetrack this team from dominating the East, and that's an injury to one player. I know who you're thinking, but it's not Donovan McNabb, it's Brian Westbrook. Losing McNabb would hurt, but the team could go on and win in this division. Without Westbrook, this team is in serious trouble. In a nutshell, with a healthy McNabb and Westbrook, the defense does enough (ergo, the secondary causes enough turnovers), to win 13 games. Don't kid yourselves, there are no challengers in the East.

Dallas is a complete joke. As the Iggles Blog put so eloquently, Tony Romo is garbage. Their malignant wide receiver is now ruling the roost, and they have possibly the worst head coach in the league at the helm. (If you don't believe me, ask anyone who placed a bet on the Bills while Phillips was coaching there). This team is all hype, and they won't make the playoffs.

The Giants are led by a gutless wonder living off his nepotism-fueled endorsement deals. Their best player will be in the broadcast booth or elsewhere whoring himself out for the highest dollar. Strahan is officially over the hill, and came to camp late, which is always a good combo. This team has none of the components needed to be a playoff team, oh and they hate their coach too.

The Skins are the most intriguing team in the East, and I have them finishing third. Their QB is garbage, and Gibbs is still living in the 80's with his play calling, but their defense should be stout, especially at the safety position. I think they're a year (and a QB) away from playoff contention.

Eagles13-3 (1)Patriots11-5 (3)
Chicago 10-6 (3) Baltimore 12-4 (2)
Minnesota8-8Cincinnati 11-5 (5)
Green Bay6-10Cleveland3-13
New Orleans 12-4 (2) Indianapolis 11-5 (4)
Tampa Bay 9-7 (5) Tennessee 9-7 (6)
San Fran 9-7 (4) San Diego 13-3 (1)
Seattle 8-8 (6) Denver9-7
Arizona7-9Kansas City7-9
St. Louis7-9Oakland5-11
First Round
Chicago over SeattleTennessee over New England
San Fran over TampaCincinnati over Indy
Second Round
Philly over San FranSan Diego over Tennessee
New Orleans over ChicagoBaltimore over Cincinnati
Conference Championships
Philly over New OrleansBaltimore over San Diego
Philadelphia Eagles over Baltimore
by Brian on Sep 6 2007
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