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The Eagles issued a press release today, stating that Andy Reid would take a leave of absence to deal with personal matters, below is an excerpt from the release:

"Philadelphia Eagles President Joe Banner today announced that Andy Reid will take a leave of absence from his duties as head coach/executive vice president of football operations in order to attend to personal matters involving his family. The leave of absence will last until approximately mid-March 2007. At that point, Reid will return to his regular duties with the Eagles

In case you missed the news, Reid's two sons went on separate drug-induced rampages a couple of weeks ago, allegedly. Reid is taking some time off to deal with their legal problems. He'll be back in plenty of time for the draft, but will miss the combine and the beginning of free agency signings.

If any Eagles players had engaged in this type of behavior they'd probably be given their walking papers, I'd hate to be in his sons' shoes right now. Maybe some time off will give Reid some perspective on the state of the Eagles and he'll come back with the realization that they need to get bigger in the front 7 to stop the run. Or maybe he'll just use the time to look at tape to choose which under-sized defensive end he's got at the top of his draft board. Only time will tell.

by Brian on Feb 12 2007