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Do you want McNabb to give this guy the ball on 3rd and 1?

There are bad ideas, there are horrible ideas and then there's bringing Ron Dayne in to fill the role of a "big back." Technically, Ron Dayne is a big back. He's large. But when you talk about needing a "big back," you aren't talking literally. You're talking about a runner who has the effect of being a "big back." Meaning, a running back who you can give the ball to on third-and-one and know he's going to get the yardage. If you, the Eagles, or anyone else who has ever watched a football game thinks Ron Dayne will fill this need you are sorely mistaken. Just ask the Giants.

Ron Dayne is the exact opposite of Warrick Dunn, he's a small man trapped in a big man's body. He tiptoes up to the line, tries to use non-existent moves to juke defenders, and fails miserably. Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid move. You want to bring him in for some comic relief, fine by me. Let him run ropes for a couple of hours, but don't offer this stiff a contract. Is Andy back from babysitting his felon offspring yet? Buchalter can give you much, much more than Dayne, in short- and long-yardage situations.

The lexicon of under-achieving Heisman Tropy winners from the past 20 years goes like this: 1. Gino Torretta, 2. Charlie Ward, 3. Ron Dayne. The Eagles are really doing a knock-up job of making fools out of all us fans so far this off season. We thought they'd build on the momentum the run to the playoffs gave them last season, so far they've done nothing. Draft Brian Leonard if you want a big back, let Ron Dayne retire in peace.

by Brian on Mar 15 2007