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I just got finished watching that abortion of an Eagles game and if I wasn't operating on two hours of sleep I'd be much more upset than I am right now. If you missed the game, the Eagles offense scored 10 points, the defense set them up for 3, the defense gave up 3, and turnovers cost them 13. That's it, 16-13, Green Bay.

The Eagles gave up the only Green Bay touchdown on a muffed punt by Greg Lewis, McNabb threw a pick which turned into a 3-point, negative one-yard drive, and then J.R. Reed replaced Lewis and muffed another punt. Green Bay kicked the game winner with 2 seconds left on the clock.

There are some positives to take out of this game. The D was solid (although that's probably because Green Bay's offense is horrible), and the Eagles actually moved the ball pretty well on the ground. The run/pass split was fairly decent, but they dropped way too many passes.

There are two questions stuck in my mind, both relating to special teams. Number 1: why don't they have a real punt returner on the roster? Greg Lewis had never done it before and Reed is a kick returner. Number 2: why not use Westbrook to return that last punt? The game was on the line, and he's the best you have. You've used him in big situations to return punts in the past, this was one of those situations. At the very least he doesn't dive for the ball in the middle of a crowd.

Ugly, ugly loss.

Player of The Game: It would've been Westbrook, had he not dropped a couple key passes. Surprisingly, I'm going with Sean Considine. The much-maligned strong safety had some big hits, and a few nice plays in coverage as well.

Time to watch the Yanks on TiVo now, hopefully they'll lift my spirits a little bit.
by Brian on Sep 9 2007
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