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I was checking out the blogosphere tonight for some NFL free agent news when I came across this juicy tidbit from PulledMyGroin (great name by the way). It appears that possible ex-Eagle wide receiver Donte Stallworth is a card-carrying member of the NFL's substance abuse program, allegedly.

Naturally, this revelation has done nothing to lessen the number of suitors interested in Stallworth, probably the best receiver available in free agency this off season. The Eagles have made an offer to Stallworth, and the Titans, Patriots and an un-named third team have also expressed interest.

ESPN is reporting that the NFL and the NFLPA are investigating this breach of confidentiality. Which sounds like confirmation that Stallworth is actually in the program. If I were Drew Rosenhaus, Stallworth's agent (and I thank God every night that I'm not Drew Rosenhaus) I'd have Stallworth on Cold Pizza tomorrow morning saying he only checked himself into rehab because he said something disparaging about a minority group. Plenty of celebrities have played the rehab card to excuse hate-filled comments, why can't Stallworth play the hate-filled-speech card to excuse a rehab stint?

by Brian on Mar 5 2007