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OK, Akers' game-winning 38-yard field goal just sailed through the uprights and I can finally take a breath. The Philadelphia Eagles will live to play another day. They came out flat, perked up and took control, then almost let this one slip away. The final was 23-20 Eagles, and now they have to start preparing for the Saints, in New Orleans, next Saturday night.

Brian Westbrook willed this team to victory, finishing with 141 yards on 20 carries and one touchdown. His touchdown was a sight to behold, broken tackles, more moves than you can count, wide receivers throwing blocks. My wife summed it up best when she said, "It was great offensive defense." (Your guess is as good as mine, but she was pumped up).

Good riddance Tiki Barber, he gashed the Eagles for 137 yards on the ground in his last game in the NFL. Jeremy Shockey did nothing, other than losing his helmet in the middle of a play. Coughlin will probably join Tiki in his exodus from the Giants.

The Eagles will face a team that actually belongs in the playoffs next week, and if they play like this, they won't win. I'll give a full preview of the Saints/Eagles later in the week, but some initial impressions are that the Eagles didn't hit Eli enough, falling short on most of their blitzes. Drew Brees is a much better QB than Eli, and he'll make the Eagles pay. The defense looked horrible against the run at times, and the Saints have McCallister and Bush. But today was a win, so tonight is for only good thoughts. The Eagles are moving on, and the Giants are going home.

Brian Westbrook on his 49-yard TD run. (AP Photo/Rom Mihalek)

by Brian on Jan 7 2007