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Peter Abraham took a look at the remaining schedule and concluded that Mike Mussina will either have 4 or 5 more starts to get the 3 wins he needs for 20. It's going to come down to the man pictured above, Joe Girardi. If Girardi skips Ponson on Sept. 12th, Mussina would make that start and be in line to start the final game of the season, in Boston. If he decides to keep Ponson in the rotation, and give everyone an extra day of rest, Mussina will only have 4 shots at 3 wins.

In a season which has seen Girardi make the wrong decision about 75% of the time, nothing is given. In this case, however, I really hope someone talks some sense into Joey Jr. Moose has been not only the team's best pitcher, but their MVP as well. He's completely redefined himself and he's earned the right to pitch for his 20-win season. Not to mention the fact, as Abraham pointed out, if the Yanks are going to continue the charade that they're still competing for a post season berth, shouldn't they be doing everything they can to get Moose on the hill for the final game of the season?

Here are the remaining starts for the Moose, if Girardi decides to skip Ponson on the 12th.

Sunday, Sept. 7 @ Seattle
Friday, Sept. 12 vs. Tampa
Wednesday, Sept. 17 vs. ChiSox
Tuesday, Sept. 23 @ Toronto
Sunday, Sept. 28 @ Boston

Pavano vs. Edwin Jackson tonight in game two in Tampa.
by Brian on Sep 3 2008
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