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Kapono for Beasley?

A rumor started on Twitter, I believe, and quickly spread by Ira Winderman. If the Heat can't get Mike Miller, they may look to trade for Jason Kapono. Their offer would reportedly be Michael Beasley.

This is pretty much as close to a no-brainer as you can get. The Sixers would save $1,679,200 this season (the difference between Beasley's contract and Kapono's). They'd get a guy who was the #2 pick in 2008, and there's really no risk. The Sixers would hold a team option for next season ($6.2M) which they could choose not to exercise, thus making him an expiring contract.

I'm not a fan of Beasley's game at all. I'm definitely not a fan of his off-court antics, but we're talking about getting a vastly superior talent, saving money and really adding no risk (assuming the team can make a clear headed decision at the end of the season).

If this deal is offered - and I have a very, very hard time believing it will be - Ed Stefanski absolutely has to take it.