Feb 8
6:52 PM
by Brian
Click for full story. Here's a fun game to pass the time (and clear the number of comments on the top post). Let's take a look at the Sixers roster and finish the following statement for each guy: "He'd be a legitimate NBA starter if..."

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Jan 1
12:00 AM

by Brian
Click for full story. As we turn the calendar to 2015, unfortunately we can't turn back the clock and add some useful pieces to the Sixers current roster. If you're one of the hundreds still tuning into, or attending games, I applaud your sadistic streak. If you've decided to sit out this mess and maybe check back in if/when current leadership is ruining a different franchise, or they hit the jackpot with a pick, well, then you're probably a well-adjusted individual who's looking forward to 2015. One thing we can all agree on is the importance of a top-three pick in this summer's draft.
Nov 25
10:21 AM

by Brian
Click for full story. One man has been exposed as a vile human being for his hateful comments and business practices as a slumlord. Another has been lauded for his forward-thinking management and shrewd business decisions. Donald Sterling is a pariah, and rightfully so. Josh Harris is heading in that direction in some circles, and worshipped in others. One thing the two men have in common is the path on which they took their franchises.
Oct 27
9:19 PM

by tk76
Click for full story. In Brian's temporary absence, I'm putting up this article to start a new discussion thread, as things bog down a bit on some browsers after 500+ comments.  In the blogs honor, I'll steer away from my typical pro-Hinkie apologetic blather and try and post something a bit more cutting...
Aug 24
12:42 AM

by Brian
Click for full story. At the end of June in 2007 I was walking the streets of Dubrovnic looking for an internet cafe so I could find out who the Sixers would take to help the franchise bounce back from the Allen Iverson trade. Thad Young wasn't the name I was expecting to read, but the news certainly didn't ruin my vacation. Over the next seven years in Philly, he'd reach the playoffs four times and keep his chin up as the team was torn down to the studs around him. Nothing but the best in Minny, Thad. The return for their best (remaining) player? Questionable.
Aug 2
12:47 AM
by Brian
Click for full story. Assuming the Sixers are done shaping their roster, the starting lineup on opening night will probably look something like Carter-Williams, McDaniels, Thompson, Young and Noel. Swapping Wroten in for McDaniels is also a possibility, but I'm hoping that's a long shot. Let's take a close look at what we can expect from either of those lineups, and maybe identify some opportunities for players to surprise this season.

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