Jun 26
11:09 AM
by Brian
Click for full story. Everything and anything. You know my stance, just find a way to get Wiggins, that's the only meaningful goal today, Sam. I won't even pay attention to the 20 other trades to shuffle deck chairs in the second round tonight and in future drafts. Just get your guy and realize none of your other assets matter without the lynchpin.
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so basically you're saying Varnado deserves more minutes?...

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Jun 16
4:46 PM

by Brian
Click for full story. Let the contrarian in you peek out his ugly little head. Sometimes laying waste to the guys you don't want to see in your favorite team's uniform is cathartic. Let's take a quick shot.
May 19
9:20 PM

by Brian
Click for full story. As long as New Orleans doesn't leapfrog their way into a top three pick and the Sixers don't fall out of the top three, tomorrow night's lottery won't be a disaster.
Mar 27
11:51 AM

by Brian
Click for full story. Sam Hinkie's foolhardy decision to hold out for more instead of dumping Evan Turner and Spencer Hawes back in December might cost the Sixers the worst record in the league this season, but a loss tonight will secure a spot in the record books. If Houston shows up even a little bit, Philadelphia will tie the Cavs with their 26th consecutive loss. That's one for the resumé!
Mar 12
12:41 PM

by Brian
Click for full story. 17 and counting. Tanking in professional sports has always been about the difficult balancing act between wanting to be bad enough to land a top draft pick while giving the appearance to your fans (and possibly the governing body of your league) that you're trying to win. It must be a revelation for Sam Hinkie and Josh Harris to embrace the first while disregarding the second. Two games separate the Sixers from the best odds at the #1 spot.
Mar 1
10:14 AM
by Brian
Click for full story. Whenever a team challenges the 9-73 worst record ever in an NBA season there's always a pang of embarrassment. The Sixers set that mark before I was born, in a 17-team league led by the 68-win Celtics. They set that mark in a time when trying to lose never entered the conversation, in a time when wins were a more valuable commodity than second round draft picks and accumulated lottery balls. That team was better than this team, in fact, every team that's ever set foot on an NBA floor was better than the team Sam Hinkie is currently suiting up every night. Whether you think what he's done is good, bad or inconsequential, the Sixers have moved the bar.

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