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Pressing Questions - 2010 Draft Edition
Plenty to talk about in today's edition of Pressing Questions. I'll kick it off after the jump, then the time is yours.

  • Should the Sixers have found a way to pick up a second pick in the draft?
  • If so, which pick and who did you want?
  • Does it bother you that Ed Stefanski and Tony DiLeo were off the job with 20+ picks remaining? (they were doing radio interviews while the draft was still going on)
  • Happy with Turner as the SG for the next ten years in Philly?
  • What's next? More trades? Any chance at all the Sixers use the MLE?

That should be more than enough to get the ball rolling. Have at it.

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1 & 2 & 3 - I wanted Jordan or Hamady(Rutgers), Collins said that he wanted to save the space for possible trades after the FA bonanza fallout(for what its worth).

4 - Love Turner. Holiday-Turner is a potentially devastating combo.

5. There might be more trades, depends if something falls in their laps, imo


I was at the Draft party at the Wachovia Center. Towards the middle of the first round though Stefanski made his way through the crowd, shook peoples hands and bullshitted with people. He seems to like doing that kind of stuff.

Don't really have a problem, I'm just excited for Turner. I wouldn't have minded getting one of those late first round picks to get Avery Bradley. I'm hoping they sign Brian Zoubek too or another big body that isn't afraid to bang.

I don't think the sixers will use the MLE. I see them bringing in a backup PG for the vet minimum. This might be a good option rather than playing Lou at the point.

However, I would really like them to bring in a veteran back up center a la Theo Ratliff two years ago. They don't need to be offensively sound, just able to catch a pass better than Jason Smith and have a decent understanding of rebounding fundamentals.


In addition to a guy like Zoubek, I would not mind Sheldon Williams. I actually wanted them to sign him last year over Primoz, but I'd rather have him in Jason Smith's spot as a 4th big off the bench who can bang and defend in addition to being a smart player

You watched him in the finals right? He may be the worst player in the NBA.

I am cutting him some slack for being suddenly tossed into a Finals game against a great team and having a bad stretch. He is a solid post defender who can rebound effectively and set solid screens. He also has a decent 15 ft jump shot.

Sheldon Williams isn't even the best basketball player in his own house.


Having gone to highschool with zoubeck and having played middle school ball with him(which still amuses me to this day given his short hight (5'7) at the time, I find it awesome a d hilarious at this blog's enthusiasm specifically for brian. He's a cool dude but he just never gets talked about much outside of south jersey but I guess he's gotten more attention since his solid performance in the NCAA tourney. I guess u can call him a winner since he won 3 group 2 new jersey state titles and an NCAA championship so maybe he can bring some underrated toughness and a wining tradition to spread amongst the role playing big-bodied kind on the sixers bench. He's a huge project ( both literally and figuratively ) but its cool everyone here seems to like him as much as we do in haddonfield

I'm being sarcastic.

Were you at that house party a few years back where the kid took a dump in a piano? Famous moments in Haddonfield, history. Zoubek looks rickety at the ripe old age of 22, doubt he'll ever stay healthy. He is huge though, so I'm sure somebody will give him a look.

I am very bothered that the Sixers took Turner and just stopped.

I'm kinda starting to not care again. I mean Alabi and Whiteside there there for a 2nd round pick that they gave away for nothing.

Then ownership sat there as Avery Bradley was snapped up and they made zero trades.

I don't even feel like reading their little "We tried to get back it, but couldn't" BS statement when Portland and OKC are getting first round picks like candy.

I guess I will wait until after the FA craziness to completely declare how bad our GM and ownership are.

Washington also had a good draft. And they got Hinrich to play next to wall/back up wall if they can ever trade Arenas.

I like Whiteside's upside, too. But he wouldn't get minutes in front of even Spencer Hawes or Jason Smith this season, and next year there will be another big just like Whiteside in the draft. No big deal that they passed on getting a second pick. Now, we do have to go into the market to get somebody who can grab defensive boards. But that wasn't available in the 2nd round last night.


It's a big deal if it represents a pattern of being more intrested in avoiding the luxury tax than taking a chance on a upside guy like whiteside with a non guaranteed contract.

And if the reports about whiteside leaking out today are true, and it's purely cause he's off his meds and the kings get him back on them - it's even worse

LOVE the Turner pick. He's going to be great for the next decade AND he really impressed me in his quick post draft interview. We've drafted a great person who also happens to be a Villain on the court.

HATE the fact that the boys upstairs didn't pull a trade for a second rounder. Whiteside was there early...but why not take a shot at Alabi??? Idiots...

I have to say I hope we aren't done. One of either Thad, Iggy, or Nocioni should probably go. None of them should be running the 4 for more than a few minutes a game.

After the Knicks picks it was obvious there wasn't much talent left in this draft. The NBA has no time for the idiots(Whiteside, etc.) and will not commit money(1st rounder) on them. Draft is a mostly miss enterprise. Don't disagree with the Sixers strategy. Amazing this used to be a 12 round draft.

1. The Sixers should have absolutely picked up another pick in the draft. Can't figure out why they didn't. Cheapness? Asking price too much?

2. I would have loved Boston's pick and gotten Bradley or the T-Wolves at 23 and gotten Booker or any of the other big men that were available.

3. Yes it bothers me alot that they threw in the towel with 20 minutes left. There is plenty of time today to do interviews. The draft should be the biggest day of the year for the front office and they left the party before it was over.

4. Couldn't be happier with Turner as the SG for the next decade. Him and Turner could be special.

5. Don't know what is next for this team but they absolutely need to pick up a defensive minded big (or at least one who can rebound) and I would like to see a veteran backup PG. I think a trade is more likely to happen than the Sixers using the MLE.

Very troubling, yes. A lot of talented players we could have bought a pick for. I mean, even Derrick Caracter at 58.

Looks like Scalabrini will definitely be available with the Celts picking his replacement(Harangody). Hopefully, we don't sign him.

would have liked to see them get involved again just for the sake of action but if they didn't really like anyone enough to make a move for move's sake I don't think I have a problem with that.

I kept hoping Thad would go for a mid teen pick but by then the good bigs were gone for the most part and the marshall and fsu guys are total projects.

I found it interesting that Toronto took Ed Davis, preparation for Bosh's departure, right?

Is there any chance in hell the 6ers could package Iggy and anybody else besides Turner and Jru in order to sign and trade for Bosh?

The thing they need most now is a defensive presence up top. Going into this past season I was confident Thad could be a starting three but by the end not so sure.

But if somehow they could trade Iggy, a borderline all star 3, for a borderline all star PF that has defensive and rebounding skills I think I'd be cool with Thad at the 4, plus Nocioni...

I love that their backcourt is so big, assuming they can both play. I also love that Turner is versatile and can play 1,2,3.

I realize I am still projecting Jru and Turner but assuming they become studs at 1 and 2, I'd rather the 6ers have the third stud as a 4 or 5 than at the 3.

I meant I'd be cool with Thad at the 3 if they could find a potential stud at the 4

"would have liked to see them get involved again just for the sake of action but if they didn't really like anyone enough to make a move for move's sake I don't think I have a problem with that.

I kept hoping Thad would go for a mid teen pick but by then the good bigs were gone for the most part and the marshall and fsu guys are total projects."

Ditto. There were a couple of bigs not drafted (Zoubek, Parakhouski, Samhan) who might have as much potential as some of the ones drafted on the second round. Surprisingly, Jon Scheyer wasn't drafted either. The Sixers might do just as well getting some undrafted players or non-NBA professionals as they would have by drafting someone in the second round.

I had the same hope for a mid-first round trade involving Thad, but maybe not trading him will be a blessing in disguise. I think I'm leaning more toward hoping they trade Lou now.

Eddie, please stay away from the Scalabrine.

Fire: Ed Stefanski
Hire: Kevin Pritchard

This is the 4th year in a row the team drafted the guy I wanted them to in the 1st round. So I'll gever them a pass when it comes to being lazy/cheap with regards to gettiung an additional pick.

I expect Jrue/Turner/Iguodala/Lou to be this teams best backcourt since the Cheeks/Toney/Dr.J days. Better than Hawk/Dawk/Barkley/Anderson (yes Barkley played a lot of SF back then.)

Did anybody catch any of the CSN Coverage of the Wachovia Center right before the draft started?

I thought it was really weird how they had Thad, Lou, and other players in the building hanging out with people signing autographs. Wasn't there supposed to be at least some possibility that those players could have been dealt in a trade during the draft? What would have happened in the Wachovia Center at that point? Was it going to turn into a going away party or something...

I just think the Sixers front office is supposed to go into a draft thinking about any possible scenario. What if a team called and made some amazing offer for one of those players, and it was so good we couldnt turn it down?

It seemed like they went into the draft knowing they would take Turner and be done, which really pisses me off. They should have at least been working the whole time in the event that they could take advantage of some opportunity. Sometimes it seems like the Sixers are operating within a broken system that they don't care to fix.

"It seemed like they went into the draft knowing they would take Turner and be done, which really pisses me off. They should have at least been working the whole time in the event that they could take advantage of some opportunity. Sometimes it seems like the Sixers are operating within a broken system that they don't care to fix."

Relax. The draft doesn't have the same importance as a talent pool that it used to have. There are plenty of other sources for player acquisitions and trades. I don't know why so many Philly fans insist on looking for reasons to be angry at every juncture. If next season begins and management has made no other moves, then maybe that is the time to be angry. For now, try to enjoy the fact that the team just drafted its biggest potential star since Iverson.

Yes to this. There was nothing in the late second round -- and little in the first half of the second round -- that you can't pick up as an undrafted free agent.


There were two projected first round picks

I take your point. I would have loved for the Sixers to have taken a shot at Whiteside. But its not a big deal because he would have added nothing this season, and there are always "Alabis" and "Whitesides" in every draft. Bigs with vast upside but project players all the same. Not a rare type (and most don't pan out, although its a risk that pays big dividends when it does), so not worth getting upset over.

As someone who watched every painful minute of Sixers basketball last year... it was all worth it! Really excited for the Summer League- let alone next season. Yes, their frontcourt has issues, but they have a long time to address that. I could care less how many they win next year, just excited to see how J/T/I develop.

"As someone who watched every painful minute of Sixers basketball last year... it was all worth it! Really excited for the Summer League- let alone next season. Yes, their frontcourt has issues, but they have a long time to address that. I could care less how many they win next year, just excited to see how J/T/I develop."

That's the spirit! Are you really a Philadelphia fan? You must have relocated from somewhere else.

Bring on Summer League! So glad the 76ers are not sharing a team this time. Holiday, Turner, Meeks, Young, Speights, Hawes, and Jason Smith plus some undrafted rookies sounds like a fun team to watch for a few games this summer.

The future is much brighter in Philly than a few months ago!!! Last season seems like so long ago. hahaha

We might be the only team capable of defending the soon to be formed super Bulls on the perimeter.

As for Dileo and Ed being done early. That's fine. Ed said earlier that there wasn't much in the second round. I don't think we're in position to just add players just players. If there was no one left more talented than Willie Green or Jodie Meeks, what's the point?

J/T/I means they are 60% of the way to being a contender. That's a whole lot closer than they have been for a while.

And Dwight Howard is a FA when Brand and Lou come off the books. Might as well think about the future...

I agree 100% with your comments. I am willing to be patient while the team forms. This year is not a year to contend, therefore, I am ok to let them "gell" for a year before adding a Big Piece (play on Ryan Howard of the Phils). And, yes, we have an awesome 1,2, and 3.

Starters are only like a little more than 2/3 of the team.

They are 40-45% there if Turner and Jrue pan out, which neither has yet.

Sorry if I don't hold my breath with the direction of this team after ownership and management seem to continuously show they just don't know how to properly manage a team. They have now gotten exactly what for 2 of their best 3 players of the last 5 years? Nothing that will be on the team in 2 years... because even if Hawes pans out, will they give him 5+ million next year if an MLE offer comes around?

I have a hard time continuing to remin positive for this team. I do think watching the 3 non-bigs is going to be fun at times, but I, personally, don't like watching teams that are thoroughly outrebounded every night. I just don't find it very enjoyable.

Starts are not 2/3rds of the team...

Look at the contendres... anyone there because they have a strong bench? This league is 90% decided by which stars you have. And aside from guys like Odom or Ginobli (bench players in name only, who play sytarters minutes) stars start.


Well, 5/13 is not 2/3 that's true, but if you look at it that championship teams usually only have a rotation of 8, maybe 9, players then you're closer to the 2/3s.

I'm not agreeing with his math, just saying that there's a way to look at it that his math sort of works :)

Yeah. Lebron is only 8% of his team. So the Cabvs can probably lose him and add some guys at the end of the bench... you know guys who are tough and have Mullets and Argentinian accents :)


1. Yes
2. Don't Know
3. Yes
4. Yes
5. Nothing

1. Yes, I was disappointed they didn't get another pick. Why not? Probably it came down to not wanting to spend any more money.

2. Who would I have targeted? I thought Whiteside or Alabi would have been good fits at a reasonable price.

3. I do think Ed and Tony should have put off Chili's for a few more hours and worked the phones a little more. Draft only comes once a year so they might as well make the most of it.

4. I'm pretty happy with the Turner pick. I would have been OK with Favors or Cousins also.

5. They need a big to play D and rebound as we don't have someone to fulfill that role right now. I would target Amir Johnson, an UFA PF/C who was last with Toronto. He is a teriffic defender, a decent rebounder and can score on the blocks.

I just read this on

"A maximum free agent contract is expected to start between $16.5 and $16.8 million once the NBA league office sets its official numbers."

Really?, I didn't know this. If the a team had 30 million in cap space I thought they were allowed to sign a player for 30 million a year. Lebron made 17 mill last year, I thought he would have been paid in the 25-30 mill range just like Kobe.

Overjoyed with the first round pick. Fairly indifferent to the failure to acquire a second round pick. Was hoping for another first round pick via trade, but I'll defer to the wisdom of the front office and hope they have other moves in mind.

As for the MLE, there appear to be a number of centers who might be able to provide some significant contributions and possibly might be obtainable (considering the sheer volume of free agents) for the MLE: Brad Miller, Tyson Chandler, Nazr (who had a pretty good year), and Darko (OK, hopefully one wouldn't have to pay the full MLE for him, but he's still young).

i continued watching hoping theyd get back into the second round for cheap, but looking at it now, there are a few interesting undrafted free agents that would interest me. at least to bring them in for a summer league roster to have a look.
jon scheyer could be brought in as a 3 point specialist, decent shooter. there are other guards such as manny harris or matt boudin that could be worth a look (why not our own scottie renoylds just for run). but the player id love for them to sign is gonzagas omar samhan. look at his numbers. he averaged 21/11/3 blocks and is 6'11. hes a bruiser and a hustler. hell get boards and play a reggie evans type game for cheap. i think he could be worth a roster spot. at least compete with jason smith for the 5th big man.

Samhan would be worth a look if they could get him on a summer team or a preseason roster. Same with the big guy from Radford. Same with Scheyer. The point guard from Cal is another intriguing non-drafted player. I'd rather they avoid Manny Harris. Living in Big Ten country, I've watched him a fair amount during the last couple of years. No question that he has talent but he's a bit of a head case and often exhibits very questionable judgment.

So if the get Samhan, and he comes off the bench in scrub time, do you play "Enter The Sandman" because he is your closer?

I know Brian will appreciate that...


Is Enter the Sandman anything like Enter Sandman by metallica (HA HA you're old :) )


Yeah, I know Doc, i was just mocking your oldness (which probably isn't as old as mine, or at least close) due to the fact that the song title has no 'the' in it :)

I'm old enough, just never much into Metal. Back then I was more into rap like Slick Rick and NWA.


I was never much into metal myself but i knew the 'iconic' groups and songs enough - plus I think enter sandman is actually just an incredible song (I'm a lyrics guy)

I agree.

And I am embarrassed by the music I listened to back then- but that is going to be the case for most music people listened to in the late 80's, early 70's.


I won't deny any music I listened to in the 80s if asked, nor would I now, though I don't openly admit certain things know, like the escape club or roxette :)

I prefer this version. (not safe for Phillies fans).

I post something out of my generous nature... and you rub salt in the wound.


Would you expect anything less from a freaking yankees fan?

the black album sucks. total sellout record if you ask me.

Sheyer's going to the Wiz summer league, I believe.

Samham played for St. Mary's not gonzaga sir.

I am surprised by how many people in this thread are surprised that the Sixers didn't buy a pick. Luxury Tax. This team(and most NBA teams, to be fair) Try to avoid it at all costs.

I'm surprised by how many people in this thread don't understand how the NBA works.

1. The money spent on buying a pick does not count towards the salary cap or luxury tax calculation
2. Second round picks do not get guaranteed contracts
3. Low first round picks aren't really guaranteed that much money.
4. The sixers are currently under the luxury tax level and could have afforded to add a guy like whiteside of alabai ON A NON GUARANTEED CONTRACT

I am aware that the money spent buying a pick doesn't count against the tax.But if the guy makes the team, doesn't it count against the tax? So why spend the a money on a pick unless your almost positive he will make the team? And if your upset that we didn't spend the money on a player who won't make the team, that doesn't make sense.


Because it's worth the risk for a guy like whiteside or alabai to take a look at them when they're under your control- or draft a talented euro and stash him in europe for a couple years until he's ready (you know, like the spurs do)

2nd round picks get low contracts - the sixers could sign one or two of them - and still be under the tax and yes 'undrafted free agents' are available - but they are not as good as what was drafted last night usually or they woud be, you know, drafted

If we could sign an undrafted free agent who makes the team(this being the key) without going over the luxury tax then I would be in agreement with you. I'm under the impression that we are right below the LT number and signing a guy who makes the team would put us over the tax. Does anyone have a better idea of this?


No one knows the exact level of the luxury tax yet but the sixers are about 2 million under and maybe brian can clarify for me but minimum salary guys don't count against the tax?

They count against the tax and the salary cap. The only distinction is that if you're over the cap you can still sign as many minimum salary guys as you want. They're basically treated as exceptions.


minimum contract for a rookie can't be that much though - the sixers could afford rookie deals for a couple second round picks without hitting the projected tax - and you don't have to sign the guys right away anyway before you know the number

Correct on all counts.

The league also pays a part of the salary for minimum guys.

They pay a portion for veteran minimum guys, basically, they pay the difference between a rookie minimum deal and a veteran minimum deal, so there's no age discrimination going on by the uber cheap teams.

I think that's the part that caused my confusion, with the league paying part of it, common sense indicates to me that that part 'shouldn't' count against the luxury tax at least, but it all may change in a year any

Last night there was a brief interview with Thad on Comcast before the draft. He said that he pretty much started training as soon as the season (Sixers season) ended, and that he has added a bunch of muscle already this offseason. I think he said at least 20 lbs. There was other stuff going on when I was watching so I wasn't sure if I heard him right.

Does anyone else know what I'm talking about? Anybody hear about Thad adding weight this offseason?


Yes, repeatedly, and that's ALL I hear, he put on weight, which i guess is great, but not sure how it helps his over all suckitude at anything but scoring in transition.

well it definitely means coaches want to play him more at the 4 this season.

If you say so

And if so, that's already strike one against Collins if he persists in the myth that Thaddeus Young is a power forward in the NBA


Another draft pick sold for cash

Knicks get Jerome Jordan from Bucks

You know what guys? The funniest non-Sixers draft related story just happened. Kings fans are gonna go nuts with Dalambert, Cousins and Whiteside :D:D:D


You know what

I'd rather have dalembert cousins whiteside then hawes speights nothing

Turner presser about to go live. Live video of a couple empty chairs right now.


Mr Stefanski - did you really give up on the draft after you made the turner pick and head over to chillis for some hot wings and girly drinks - or were you told by comcast that you do have a budget, can't go over the luxury tax no matter what and your comments this summer earlier about spending (as most of your comments are) were complete and utter bollox?

Mr. Stefanski, how does it feel that the best thing to happen to the Sixers in a long time is a direct result of luck, your incompetence and string of bad decisions resulting in the #2 overall pick.

Why should you be the one making decisions for this team going forward? And what is your general feeling about leaders being rewarded for incompetence?

hell of an introduction...

They should have paid a few million to a team in the second round so they could have drafted whiteside

Ugh, that intro was kind of douchey.


Fits the franchise, it's kind of douchey right now wouldn't you say?

J/T/I, Collins and DiLeo are OK I guess...


I hope it's the internet - cause Evan Turner has a horrible voice :)

No, a cross between Kermit and Yoda he is.

Dei just asked him about the challenge of guarding guys like Kobe, Ray Allen, etc. The answer should be, "You're going to have to ask Jrue and Iguodala, they're going to get the tough matchups."

That was a weak conference put on by the team. He looked like a deer in the lights of a big rig.

My question: Who says no for a Kapono for Gortat swap? I think it works for both teams pretty well.

Orlando says no. Why give up their back-up center?

They have Rashard, Gortat, Bass, Anderson, Orton, and Howard. They're paying a good amount for that backup to sit a lot and they love shooters. I think it could be done. How many backup front court players do they need?

If Chapu is going to get 20 to 25 minutes per game and play nagging defense, there is no place for Kapono on this team. If we can get any defensive boards at all for him, by all means do so.

is gortat's contract really that appealing? 1 year longer than brands at the full MLE?

He'll bring "toughness" and a good nickname. We will overcome teams with quantity over quality...

His per 36 numbers are very very solid for what he gets paid. I'd rather have him than 17 SF.

They already have barnes and pietrus.


Trading for Gortat makes no sense with the roster built the way it is - adding a nice bench player who you force to start on a team with no chance of contending is not a good use of available resources...


Goota say, we have a major shortage of big men on this team... right now, Brand, Speights, Hawes, Smith, and Elson... and you might as well cross the last two off the list 'cuz they ain't worth diddly. So, three worthwhile big men on the entire roster. I'd say a trade for Gortat sounds pretty damn good right about now.

I guess if you strive to mediocrity and a first round exit year after year, gortat is a solid pick up.

But so what? He adds more salary to an already burgeoning 2011/2012 salary, and doesn't make the sixers a contender.

I agree with magee. Why would you want gortat right now? He is not a long term guy and you will orlando a pretty good expiring contract for next season for no reason.

My only problem with trading Kapono for Gortat is that the move doesn't improve our toughness ratio. Everyone knows if you trade a white guy for a white guy, the only way you get tougher is if the white guy you bring in has a mullet.


Isn't Gortat polish or something, with a great nickname like the polish hammer? That has to increase toughness quotient - i mean look how great the polish have been in battle?

I think Argentina is the only foreign country that qualifies as a toughness component equal to that of a mullet. Argentina + mullet equals epic toughness (and 20-25 minutes/night, guaranteed).

Argenina = steak
Poland = kielbasa

Steak is tougher than kielbasa. Unless it is really good steak.


Steak is tougher than kielbasa. Unless it is really good steak.

Steak is only tougher than kielbasa if you're a really crappy cook


Does voluntarily bald get any toughness quotient?

Argentina got it handed to them in The Falkands War. If only Nocioni was older than 3 at the time.


I thought that you LIKED Gortat, bro.

Am I wrong...and would you decline a deal of Lou, Kapono, Smith or something like that for Gortat?

Agreed. If ANY deal could be put together where we could package, say, Lou and something for Gortat, this would be an offseason for the ages.

Oh boy - perpetual first round losses and low teens draft picks

That's a way to fill the massive gaping holes the sixers have

For the people who are thinking that they are willing to wait it out, are you satisfied with this lineup. I think drafting Turner was a fine move and we should be all set at the 1-3 positions. Still, our frontcourt is so bad that I feel it's not even going to let the team gel.

If we would have sucked it up and kept Sam's contract, this team plays a whole lot better defense this year, and has more money to spend next year. It's not okay that they traded him for white guy with a mullet who plays no D and a skilled but extremely soft-rebounding forward when we already are paying the Philly-Max to another guy like him.

Bottoming out worked this year, but look at Minnesota, they stunk beyond all belief and they got a guy that fit them but maybe wasn't this best pick. That's not a plan to hang your hat on to improve. At least let all the young players improve together.


I'm not going on what i'm satisfied with, I'm going with what I believe the sixers will do, like yesterday, I didn't believe the sixers would do anything but draft turner, regardless of the 'noise' they were making.

I don't believe they'll spend ANY money to ADD salary this off season beyond minimum contracts (if that) because of the luxury tax.

God Help the roster if the cap comes in lower than projected and the sixers are still over

Besides the awful introduction, that press conference really impressed me (Stefanski not withstanding). That kid is a winner and I think I'm beginning to see the vision of what Collins and the Sixers want to put together. Lockdown perimeter defenders, all able to handle the ball and get out on the fast break (J/T/I). What we need now is to add a monster down low who can rebound, defend, and throw outlet passes. Am I crazy or should we be thinking about any possible way to get David Lee or Kevin Love? And more realistically, what about Brandon Bass or Amir Johnson?? No way we should think about moving Thad or Speights right now - I'm not ready to give up on two 22 yr old guys who can put the ball in the hoop. I think you need to use the expiring deals (Kapono, Green) plus a Lou Williams, Nocioni, or Hawes even to make a deal.


Kid is a winner - whatever that means ok.

David Lee or Kevin Love - No
Brandon Bass or Amir Johnson - No

Doug Collins vision of the sixers this year seems a lot like Eddie Jordans - focus on offense - play small - who cares about defense or rebounding

I'm not sure Lee or Love qualify as "monsters down low" but they would be nice additions.

The biggest problem with your logic here is that three out of the four players you listed play less than zero defense, and the fourth really isn't a starter. Oh, and I kinda doubt Turner will ever be a lockdown defender in the NBA. He'll be fine, especially considering Jrue and Iguodala will take the two hardest covers every night, but he's not on their level defensively.

We will see. Turner has good length and elite agility. He will get stronger. So if Jrue can be a great defender without being explosive, maybe Turner can be too.

Jrue has elite agility, Turner doesn't, I don't believe.


I'm not worried about it just yet until we see how all three work together, i really hope collins coaches the summer league and puts some work into defense

Not that the Agility Drill is the end all...

But Turner was 7th best of the 47 players tested this year (and I would not compare to other years because floor conditions effect the times more than it would for a sprint.)


Then he really doesn't have to be lock down so much as 'guard the guard/small forward that iguodala and turner don't guard' and how many teams have three guys who scare you in those positions?

I suppose rondo, pierce, allen at one point - but they don't scare me any more cause you can't use walkers in the nba


Welcome aboard Evan. Looking forward to placing a keen eye upon your game this coming season.

Only disappointment was seeing Andy Rautins still on the board when MIL used our 37th pick and he went immediately after at 38th. I would much rather have Rautins than Jodie Meeks. He's more of a pure shooter with a quick release in the Korver mold. He would be a good recepient for Turner, Jrue, and Dala's drive and kickouts. Oh well...

Would love for management to sign Jerome Randle PG out of Cal for backup to Jrue. The kid has range out of this world. He can flat out ball.

One solace I personally take is, the rest of the DF community seems to have come around with the same disdain for the incompetence that is Ed Stefanski. I derided his ass last summer and rightfully so. Glad to see other diehards see he's way out of his league.

I'm pretty sure I read that Randle is going to be in someone's camp already, maybe Washington.

I don't like to be a Negadelphian, but I honestly don't think Stefanski is smart enough to build a top team without a lot more luck than we've already had. LibertyBallers ran a poll the other day about how much confidence people had in EddyS, on a scale from 1 to 10. I voted 3, which happened to be the most popular response. I look at the guy, and at this point I just see Humpty Dumpty waiting for his "great fall".

I didn't watch the draft, but a few people remarked that Collins looked unhappy. Was there any interesting scuttlebut about that today?

#1 - Who is JohnEMagee and what makes him an authority on anything basketball related?

#2 - Not sure why the doubt on Turner's defense. Ok, his wingspan isn't great, but all of the footwork and speed stuff was right up there at the top. With his height and footwork, he'll be above average defensively, and you're right Brian, he won't have to guard the toughest match-up each night.

#3 - If you stop dribble penetration, then the stiffs up front (Hawes, Brand) can worry less about help defense and blocked shots and more about getting into position to block out and rebound long jumpers.

#4 - To say Lee and Love aren't good defenders is simply untrue, and as far as the other guys go - I realize they aren't starters but make all the jokes you want, adding some toughness upfront is what this team needs. Moving Dalembert was a must - he was a cancer and his value was WAY less than you guys think. An expiring this season is worthless because there's no good players on the 2011 market.


It's a blog, it's opinion inherently - what makes you more right than me?

I respect everybody's opinions on here, and don't lay claim that I'm always right or more right than anyone else. My point was, who are you to just dismiss someone's post or suggestion with a simple "no." Explain to me why a Lee or Love doesn't make sense or a Bass or Johnson. Tell me how Turner isn't a winner. Then we can actually have a conversation instead of "telling me" that people can't defend. Explain it.


My apologies

Lee is going to be grossly over paid - and doesn't play defense...neither do most of the rest

But the reason I said no is because the sixers aren't signing free agents with the MLE - let alone what Lee is going to be paid - and they're not going over the luxury tax, so wondering about what free agents that they have zero chance (IN MY OPINION) of even talking to doesn't require more than a no - they won't be on the roster

Lee is overrated and is going to be grossly overpaid this summer. Sounds like someone Stefanksi would offer a max deal to if we had the space.

Sorry, I should have been more specific. I agree the Sixers won't do anything more than maybe one minimum contract, but I think they'll be active on the trade front. I was thinking more along the lines of a sign-and-trade for a guy like Lee.

One thing that both Collins and Stefanski mention, that is totally correct, is that some of these teams with max cap space are going to get shut out of the market and will simply need players to round out their rosters. By trading a guy like Lou Williams for a 2nd round pick, you create a cap exception for his contract value where you can take a player off another teams' hands that might be in luxury tax territory. If we sit back and wait patiently, I wouldn't be surprised to see a decent player fall in our laps.


I was thinking more along the lines of a sign-and-trade for a guy like Lee.

Aside from Igudoala - who do you think the knicks would take back fro the sixers in a sign and trade for lee (not to mention the knicks have to renounce lee to maximize their available cap room at which point a sign and trade is not doable.

The only REAL trade asset the sixers have for a S&T of a quality player is Iguodala - and David Lee is worse than Iguodala

Well Mr. Magee with the Knicks under the cap, it's possible for them to take a guy like Thad Young in exchange for Lee so 1) they don't lose him for nothing and 2) have a lower cap number and can afford to take on more money in FA.

You've got this completely backwards. Yes, the Knicks are under the cap, but the Sixers are not. The only way we could trade Thad for David Lee is if Lee signed for about $3M. If Lee signs for say $14M/year, then we would have to send back $14M in contracts. Now if the Knicks signed-and-traded Lee to another team with cap space, then yes, they could send him out, take back less money and everyone would be happy.

Here's a simple way to look at it.

If you are over the cap, you have to send out equal money to that which you take in (within 25% + $100,000). If you have cap space, you can take in more money than you send out, equal to but not to exceed the amount of cap space you have.

Yea, you're right. I flubbed that - my bad. It's been a long week. I guess Lee isn't an option unless they took back the same in contracts and there's no way I'd pay $14mil a yr. I was thinking about $8-9 million.

I DO think there are more moves coming later this summer. Be patient.


If the sixers are willing to pay 8-9 millino per year to a big man this off season they should have offered it to sam first.


"I guess if you strive to mediocrity and a first round exit year after year, gortat is a solid pick up."

So - Gortat = mediocrity/first round exit.

But Sam = More than mediocrity and 1st round exits?

Isn't there a precedent already set here?

David Lee opponents' PER = 22.

Kevin Love opponents PER = 19.3.

Those numbers are atrocious, and they aren't misleading. Neither of those guys is even close to being just a below average defender. They're putrid.

Either one would be a vast improvement over anyone we currently have in our big man rotation in terms of overall game, but neither of them can defend in the least.

Bass was glued to the bench in ORL, and really nothing to write home about in DAL either. Johnson is a defender, but not capable of being a starter IMO.

And you're undervaluing Dalembert as a player, which isn't really shocking, but this conversation really has nothing to do with him.

Good information Brian. I'm admittedly not a huge stat guy, but I respect the numbers. I still think on teams with good perimeter defenders, you'd see numbers for those guys improve defensively because they are smart players and could stay at home more. Just as a comparison, where do a couple of guys who will probably get maxed out this year (Amare, Bosh, Boozer) stand on PER?

Also you're undervaluing Dalembert as a teammate and from a chemistry standpoint. One thing the Sixers do real well is keep lockerroom scuttlebut to a minimum, but if you read Fagan's piece or talk to anyone who follows the team, his act had gotten old. No one can deny his rebounding ability, but the guy had as many goaltends as he did blocks each game, and was the WORST rotating defender I've ever seen.


I'm so tired of the 'locker room' distraction bull crap.

Eddie Jordan lost THE ENTIRE ROSTER last year - so yeah sam was a problem - i'm pretty sure everyone else was too - brand complained about being treated like crap (PUBLICLY) igoudala and holiday both publicly called out the terrible coach,

As I understand it, eddie jordan is responsbile for everything that went wrong last year - unless of course it was sam related

Bass is a nice player in my view, should have gotten more time in Orlando (as should Ryan Anderson, so I wouldn't assume that SVG knew what he was doing with playing time), but I would be content with what an awful rebounding team we'll be next year and prepare for another lottery pick. No pressing urge to get 5 wins better at this moment in time.

That's solid defense. Wanted to drive middle, slid his feet to cut him off. Tried to go back baseline, cut him off and forced a 17-foot fading jumper from the baseline. That's less than a 35% shot, he just happened to make it.


It's also one play from youtube - which as you know is very statistically significant :)

That was good D, nobody in the world can stop that from Kobe if he's going to hit that shot. He actually forced him into a really difficult shot, off-balance,etc. Even more impressive because instead of sealing off the paint like Boston does, EFJ's defense had no rhyme or reason. He was on his absolute own there.

Stefanski just said on 97.5 that they put in a call to Zoubek right after the draft ended.

Easiest draft prediction ever (or I guess post-draft prediction, but it still counts). Duke toughness!


No one who played on tobacco road has toughness

He said that it wasn't a done deal yet becuase he hasn't decided which offer to take. Stefanski pretty much said though that they were going to use Collins' connection to Duke to get it done.

Does Zoubek's dirty beard he had going in the NCAA tourney make him tougher than Nocioni and his mullet?

Natty beard is almost worth the same as being an Argentinian, but the mullet gives Nocioni a big edge on the toughness meter.

I asked Ed after the presser if he intended on signing any UFA's. He said that it wasn't likely before summer league. We'll see, I guess.

They can bring anyone in on FA contracts to play for them in the summer league, correct?

Correct. I think they'll bring someone in, but I wouldn't expect him to offer any contracts until after summer league/training camp, if at all. I know Ed likes to keep open roster spots for flexibility.

I know Ed likes to keep open roster spots for flexibility.

You never know when you can trade one of the best rebounders in the league for two tough guys...:)

Looks like Zoubek is accepting the Nets SL invite.

That's kind of odd. He'd probably have a chance of making the Sixers with their lack of depth in the front court. Guess we'll have to look for toughness elsewhere.

I believe he's being honest, but I believe the 'complete truth' answer is - Nope, we've got the minimum required contracts so we ain't taking on another dollar this off season - spencer hawes can rebound baby

I do agree that I don't think they're likely to sign anyone, but I don't think it's a "we don't want to spend $800k" type of thing. It's not like they're selling the #2 pick to save a few million. We're talking about Jerome Randle'esque players.

Now, not getting a pick, that peeves me a bit.

Now, not getting a pick, that peeves me a bi

I know you have access to 'raw data' cleaner than most of us - i'd be interested to see on either blog just a list of 'players the sixers could have picked if they didn't trade for jodie meeks' - i'm not even talking the UFAs - just a quick list 37-60 - i can't find an easy one to copy and paste

Theyre just sitting pat, and hoping for another lotery miracle next year.


Short of injury problems, there is no way they are in the lottery next year.

yes there is
Elton Brand
Spencer Hawes
Mareese Speights
Thaddeus Young

the defensive equivalent of poland in WW2

So they're 15 games better right now than they were last season, minimum. Probably a couple games better than they were the year before?

Jrue, Iguodala and Turner have the makings of a nice perimeter group, but they literally have the worst bigs in the league, by a large margin. I'll be shocked if this team isn't in the lottery, unless (a) a significant move or moves is/are made to shore up the rebounding/interior defense or (b) Doug Collins is the best coach on the face of the earth.

I'd be surprised if they're in the lottery. That trio on the perimeter has the chance to be very good, and should be good next year. That's enough for 40 wins in the east.

They've got no interior defense right now, they;re going to get killed on the glass more than usual - any team with a league average power forward is going to drool when they see the sixers a coming.

Though, at this point, predicting a record with SO many rosters in fllux due to the free agency insanity that's about to start is a bit nuts anyway.

They lost their best defensive big man, replaced him with a steller stay puft marshmallow man imitator (with an injury history), and added a heralded rookie, who is still a rookie, replaced the coach, and somehow that's all going to gel to increase the win total by last year close to 50%?

Right. That's why they're a "40 win team in the eastern conference" team and not an actually relevant team. You're overstating what the bottom 3-4 teams in the eastern playoffs really are, I think.

After the off season the sixers could be as low as 4th (or even 5th) in their own division, i'm not sure how that translates into the playoffs even in the weaker east.

Exactly. This team will be better than the team that took Orlando to 6 games two years ago.

That's hysterical - thanks for the laugh


So they're 15 games better right now than they were last season, minimum. Probably a couple games better than they were the year before?

Or a better way to look at it - if you factor in the coach

are they '50%' better than they were in the 2009/2010 season

Short of them picking up big men who can rebound and defend and there is no way they make the playoffs next year. It doesn't matter how good of a coach Collins is.

Early prediction- The Sixers pick 3rd and take Jared Sullinger, who is a monster.


I believe after the 2009 draft that ed davis was projected to be the #1 pick in 2010 :)

Oh yeah these things change easily, but he's going to be great at Ohio State. In retrospect that was so dumb for anyone to think Ed Davis was going first. I could have been a productive 6th man for that UNC team.

And Willie Warren was top 10, across the board.

I watched some Perry Jones stuff on youtube. Have to take mix tapes with a grain of salt but the kid looks like he has crazy potential. One of the only videos where I've actually ever said "wow"


Jesus, he's listed at 6'11" and as a power forward? Wow.

He handles the ball a little bit too. I don't know what to make of him to be honest. Don't know enough about these kinds of things to know if that will translate.(Shaq handled the ball in HS...) But wow, looks like someone that could be molded into any kind of player. I imagine this is what Kevin Garnett played liked in high school

Speaking of Shaq in high school, this is absolutely insane

Man, all these youtube posts just making me smile

I think that guys face at the end says it all. lol. But wow that kid is sick. Too bad he won't be playing here unless we get lucky crazy lucky in the lottery. We'll probably pick between 11 - 14 next year.

What ever happened to that Doug Collins mini camp they were going to have this week? I haven't heard anything about it, did everyone forget to show up?

I think they held it at Chili's.

Nocioni ordered his fajitas extra spicy further proving his toughness

When the decision was likely made (after the Sammy deal) not to change any of the parts right away, I guess that they figured that they could wait until after the draft to do it...and it certainly makes sense to roll right into the SL games from it as well.

They're going to Orlando for five days of workouts prior to the NBA Summer League there.

So Jrue and Turner and Collins are going for sure, I think?

What about Speights (I mean doesn't he LIVE in Florida?) or Young or anyone else under contract who needs to learn to gel with Turner and COllins system?

Just don't tell Hawes it's not mandatory.


Bold Prediction

TORN ACL in the first 20 games

Did you see what NBA director of scouting Ryan Blake said about Turner?

"He can get his own shot. He can slash and shoot, pass, rebound, set screens and has court awareness and looks like he can be a leader. Those other intangibles are important.

“I think (No. 1 pick) John Wall can be a special guy like (Derrick) Rose and Chris Paul, but I think Evan Turner can be like a Dwyane Wade."

but I think Evan Turner can be like a Dwyane Wade."

Ball Hogging prima donna who gets injured a lot?

Dwyane Wade is unbelievable. He's a ball hog because his team stinks.

If Dwade is a prima donna than what is Iggy? Not necessarily disagreeing with you but I believe there's enough evidence to make the same claim about AI9.

Dwade is an unbelievable player though usage rates aside

but I believe there's enough evidence to make the same claim about AI9.

I don't think there's any actual evidence that he's a primadonna aside from the hate on the board that he is a 'loser'

He's also not injury prone

Wade is a freak. I don't at all see the comparison. Turner can be a Roy if he's lucky.

I really hope the Roy comparison doesn't go too far. Roy can only be successful when he's completely minimizing the PG on the floor with him. Turner needs to be able to get his points with Jrue being the primary ballhandler.

I've heard Turners mid range game compared to Rip Hamilton when he was relevant. That catch and shoot game from Rip was deadly from what I remember

It wasn't really the shooting that ever separated Rip, it was his ability to use screens to get open for those shots. This is something Turner is going to have to learn.

Gotta get him one of those plastic face masks too. We know that Jrue is going to set him up for open looks and present him with quality opportunities, just a matter of knocking them down. They're really putting a lot of responsibility on Jrue, coddle the super hyped up rookie (older by 2 years), incorporate the new dopey center, run a new offense...

Jrue does not have a 20 year old game on either end of the floor.

Collins says that is his main responsibility, get turner to play without the ball. The other 2 were improving his range shooting and less turnovers. All three of these can be improved with time. I'm not too sure Turner won't be an elite defender with his size. He has always gotten questions about his athletic ability but where is the evidence to support it?

For starters, in Chicago he always was second fiddle to Derrick Rose. They matched up and Turner outplayed Rose and even locked him down in the second half on D. Is there anyone much quicker than Rose right now? I know the Big Ten is pretty week but he's gone up against real NBA talent in the past. I think he has a chance.

quote from that HS game:

“[Rose] was awesome,” St. Joseph coach Gene Pingatore said. “The book on him going in was the he wasn’t going to be an outside shooter. Then in the first quarter he killed us. Putting [Turner] on him helped a lot. It took away his outside shot.” Link below...

Hmm...ok so let me get this straight. These are the 4 worst big men in the entire league ?

Elton Brand --hes done--has nothing left at all ?

Spencer Hawes --22 and done. Hes soft, will never get any better its never happened in the history of the NBA that a 22 year old got better.

Mareese Speights--everyone loved him last summer, he was the next amare. A bad year under Jordan and he too will never ever improve and hes useless outside of scoring in garbage time.

Thaddeus Young--another guy who before last season many of you were talking about how he is going to be better than Iggy, could be a lockdown defender, 3rd best player in his draft, etc.
He too after two years in the league can never get any better.

Some of you guys are overly negative, I know these guys had bad years and all but a change in coaching and attitude can make a huge difference.

Its not just a coaching change, its an entirely different atmosphere, I think it will be good for +15 wins from the sixers.

Amen I understand the negativity towards Brand, and even Smith, but with the 3 twenty-two year olds? I don't get it.

Brand is actually the one I have the most confidence in. At least he's shown the ability to defend and rebound in the past. There's absolutely nothing to indicate that any of the 22-year-olds will be able to provide any of what they lost on the floor by trading Dalembert.

I don't know Brian, do you think Elton just quit after the all star break? His rebounding was putrid, he was lazy and slow on the defensive end. He looked absolutely horrid in the second game of back to backs. He had achilles soreness in his non repaired ankle (doesn't that happen when your body tries to overcompensate for the busted one?)


Amen I understand the negativity towards Brand, and even Smith, but with the 3 twenty-two year olds? I don't get it.

THeir age is no longer relevant, Hawes and Young have 3 years in the league - Speights two - Hawes and Young have had 3 years to try and rebound respectably, and they haven't really done it - and they haven't really shown improvement.

I have more 'hope' for speights just because it's only been 2 years...but there's nothing they've sshown so far in 3 years that indicates young or hawes will suddenly start playing defense

Not sure where you guys live or grew up, but here's a great example: Camden Catholic (NJ) - prep team full of hard-working non-athletes that continually put out top teams in the state and beat teams with superior athletes because they are well-coached, have bball skills, and work hard on D. They don't block a lot of shots or have guys on youtube videos but their guards don't get beat off the dribble and their bigs focus on positioning. Basketball is basketball - how many times have you seen a group of old men wipe the floor with some young punks? It's because they understand the game. If Collins gets them to buy in, they'll be adequate. And if they add a part or two up front, they might be even better.


That's great - but this is the NBA where the best basketball players in the world ply their craft - not Hoosiers.

I grew up in Pennsylvnia, I went to the same High School Kobe Bryant did (graduated before he was there) and basketball was as relevant as cross country skiing

Turner was just on 97.5 and when asked if he can play off the ball (Paraphrasing) I played off the ball my entire life except for last year, I know how to play off the ball, its not a problem for me.

It's funny, since I first started this blog I'm pretty sure this is the first people have ever accused me of being overly negative about the team. I'm typically pretty optimistic about the team. Just realistically, the changes that have been made don't equate to a dramatic turnaround in the wins department in my mind. I'm not saying that as necessarily a bad thing. I think Stefanski and Collins had to know what the end result of the Dalembert deal would be, and another high lottery pick will be helpful and probably needed if they're going to be a true contender, but realistically speaking, this group would need something pretty close to miraculous to have a 15-game turnaround.

Probably something along the lines of a better season from Turner than Evans had last year for the Kings. A career year for Iguodala, Jrue making significant strides in his sophomore season, some kind of defensive impact from Speights, Thad and/or Hawes, and a return to form Brand (plus the ability to play long minutes).

I don't see all of those things happening.

What about coaching? No more dribble hand-offs that take 20 seconds, No more contested jump shots, no more 35mins Lou Will at PG, no more Willie Green playing 35mins/game, no more stupid lineups (Lou, Green Kapono, Ivey, Igoudala), etc..

A lil bit of coaching and a whole lot of effort can go a loooong way. I saw last year where you quoted that EFJ was the main enigma of this team not making the playoffs(and his defensive scheme). It was stated many times that a diff coach could win 50 games with this group. with a different coach and attitudes and mindsets, we are to *really* assume that the SAmuel Dalembert made 'that' much of a difference? Wow...

Defense and rebounding are important parts of the game. Dalembert meant a lot.


Dalembert sucked, total loser, get rid of Iguodala and all the losers will be gone and this team will be headed so far uptown eddie jordan will be but a speck

I think in the past you have been overly optomistic and now not just you but a lot of folks are overly negative.
Oh and by the way if ALL the things you just mentioned happen then the sixers win 50+ games. (they all wont)
I understand Sam was a very good defensive rebounder. But what about his non offense and all his blown assignments and his in general dumb play. Doesnt putting guys in there who CAN score and pass and have higher IQ count for anything ?

So let me ask you this...priot to Sam Trade what did u think they would win with turner and how many wins you predict now ? All of these guys in the NBA are very talented. A ton of the game is mental, and I think as a whole our team just got a hell of a lot smarter. I just dont think Sam mattered that much, and based upon the years of negative posts about him in this blog I dont see how you do either.


But what about his non offense and all his blown assignments and his in general dumb play. Doesnt putting guys in there who CAN score and pass and have higher IQ count for anything ?

I suppose but doesn't the fact that they play NO DEFENSE count for anything?

It's like everyone is ignoring what sam did well and focusing on what he did badly - and then they lok at hawes and ignore the fact that he's GOD AWFUL defensively...

Win shares is a stat that coallesces all the various numbers, offensive and defensive, for a player.

Sams WS/48 is about 4 tims the WS/48 than Spencer Hawes, that is offense AND defense accounted for.

Sam Dalembert is better defensively than Spencer Hawes is offensively

ANd I'm betting that Sam's offense is no wrose than Hawes defense

Can you go back and find these negative posts about Sam's play that I've written? I think you have me confused with someone else.

Actually, check out your comment on this post from two summers ago.


Man whats wrong with focusing on just defense, rebounding and shot blocking ?
It seemed to work out pretty well for Ben Wallace. If Sammy scores 8 PPG and is a shot blocking/rebounding/defensive monster I would be thrilled. Think Garnett without the points.


This is the most wrenching, pessimistic, disheartening comment thread I've read here. Makes me want to go take a shit and read a SAS article.

Read it? Or wipe your ass with it?

Both. Then have John Magee, give me his "opinions" about it in the most snide, arrogant, dickish little way like only he can.


Yes, name calling and insulting me really proves your point - I suppose if you had facts to back up your assertions I'd listen to them...but since you find Stephen A SMith entertaing you'd love me

I'm not even particularly down on the team right now. I think they're going to suck again this season, but I love the core of Jrue, Turner and Igudoala. I'm also hopeful that someone else will be making the personnel decisions by this time next year, hopefully before Stefanski can make another asinine trade like the Dalembert trade.

Had they not made that trade, they'd be in the playoffs this year, which may have been worse for the team going forward.

I understand, and agree completely. But I do feel thee are reasons for optimism going forward and today should be a day for excitement for us fans. We just got the 2nd pick in the draft and picked up a good player by all accounts, and it seems that most everyone today just wants to bitch about what we dont have. I blame John Magee.


"Everyone today just wants to bitch"

And that's all my fault?

Man I have powers of persuasion and mesmerization I couldn't possibly fathom if I'm responsible for every negative opinion expressed today.

Frankly your constant need to insult me directly as opposed to countering my points with things like facts kind of laughable and feel that the stooge group is now growing from three to four.

Then again, I should have realized something with your constant need to curse

I do have a mouth like a sailor, and occasionally I drive a truck. I was enlisted captain, I apologize.

Everything you debate, you do in a smug an arrogant way. You are overbearing and deconstructive when you don't agree with someone, so I tend to let my dislike for your blog persona, and most likely you, override your rare validity.

Your opinions and disagreements you cause tend to lead to a 6 year olds' game of "I'm right and you're wrong", but you're an intelligent little prick, so you do it with high vocabulary and proper grammar to make yourself feel better. Either way, you're a dick and I feel you, more often than not, get discussions going in a negative direction.


Welcome to the "wonderful world of jemagee".

It just NEVER gets old...does it?


Had they not made that trade, they'd be in the playoffs this year, which may have been worse for the team going forward

So do you approve of them making a trade that makes them worse on the court so that it improves their 2011 draft position?

I have no problem with trading people that aren't apart of our long term future even if it hurts this team (Dalembert, I was ok with trading him, but not a fan of the trade we got). If we kept dalembert would we have improved long term, not even close, we'd end up having a "promising" season that we takla bout all off season then we'd have the same problem we have this year in not having a major hole in PF/C position that would be addressed with the 18th-20th pick in draft, at least this way we'll give young bigs an opportunity to prove if they are worth a damn and if they aren't we'll at least have a good draft pick to address it next year.


I personally thought dalembert should have at least beenn talked to about aan extension (a reasonable one, like 3 years, 8-9 million per) because real cap space isn't coming to the sixers any time soon and I've come around on Sam being a very valuable defensive piece to a team that can win and I think he also has 3-4 years left in him minimum (and if you don't think the sixers are going to win in the next 3-4 years - what do you do about Iguodala?)

The trade itself, to me, was purely a salary dump (and a short term one at that) - if Sam wasn't part of the future, I feel biting the bullet and paying the luxury tax (if you can't get a deal for sam at the deadline) is better than avoiding the luxury tax for one season but screwing your cap situation next season. It's the kind of short sighted move (and it's not the first one) that indicated to me that the sixers wouldn't pony up a few million to get a draft pick, nor do I expect them to sign anyone, except maybe for minimum contracts, with an eye towards the luxury tax being the most important thing when considering roster moves, not making the team better.

Sam is a better overall player than most give him credit for and while Hawes may be better offensively (we'll see) he's also injury prone and the numbers don't support him being better overall than Sam on the court.

And as for the locker room stuff - well I don't think anyone had fun in the locker room last year with Eddie Jordan in charge, rotations a amess and the coach (and GM even sometimes) throwing all the players under the bus in a game of cover your ass.

I don't think Collins cures all the problems the sixers had last year (because many of them were not Jordans fault - they were inherent in the players) and the trade for sam makes them much weaker in what was one of their few strengths.

Getting lucky in the lottery and drafting a rookie doesn't solve all the issues the sixers have (even if they hadn't traded Sam) so I don't see how they're that much better by adding a rookie (who will hit the wall, and who didn't even play a full college season this year - had some rehab/rest time in between) but subtracting the best rebounder you had.

The sixers are a poor rebounding team WITH sam, how much worse will they be without sam, not to mention, who is going to be afraid to drive at elton brand or hawes or speights?

There are entirely too many negative people on this site. I'm on here religiously and try to keep an open mind to everyone's rhetoric, but at some point you've really got to listen to yourselves. You sound like a bunch of old ladies!

Seriously, we had an unbelievably terrible season last year. We had one of the worst coaching performances this league has ever seen! We suffered through numerous injuries, and PR stunts (AI). Yet we still managed to win 27 games. The prior two seasons we managed over 40 wins each. With all of these same players (minus Andre Miller and Sammy) returning this year, what seriously makes you think we won't win at least 40? Even is EJ was still the coach (I just threw up in my mouth), I would have to think we'd still win at least 35 games with this roster.

Everyone has something to say about Spencer Hawes being soft and Elton Brand being washed up etc... I just think that's nonsense. What we have is a bunch of non-athletic nerds sitting in front of computers trying to tell the other nerds (through detailed stats and biased OPINIONS) what WILL happen this year. Who the hell really knows if Hawes can't be taught how to box out and get a body on his guy (with a GOOD coach on the bench) or if Elton will look like the same guy that produced an efficient 20/7 several times last year (despite having the worse game plan ever)?

I completely understand everyone's frustration with Stefanski. I personally can't stand him. I really wish we replaced him immediately along with his buddy EJ. That didn't happen! These are our SIXERS!!! Embrace it! It's going to be a very exciting year if you just relax and enjoy the ride. I hear enough negativity from the tea baggers to have to listen to it here.

Brian - you rock! Keep up the great work! We all really appreciate it. Sixers fans are few and far between, we are lucky to have someone like you who dedicates so much time and energy keeping us updated and well informed.

Just remember: the glass is now half full.

Thanks for reading!

You need to go to

I suggest this video (it is worth waiting for the commercial IMO, old time SNL):


Buzz Bissinger LOVES you

Did you spend a lot of your childhood taking stats for your friends while they actually PLAYED sports? I feel for you.


Did you spend a lot of your childhood in the classes where they teach basic addition in high school?

Just remember what dean wormer said in animal house

No Johnny, I actually spent most of my time drinking beer, dating hot girls and earning a football scholarship; while people like you did my homework. Thanks for all your hard work buddy! The world needs cynical, negative nerds like you to make everyone else feel better about their lives.

some level of maturity here please...?

Timo: this is a sports blog; appreciate the fact that not everyone feels the way you do. if you think this is negative try or WIP.

"How much you wanna make a bet I can throw a football over them mountains?... Yeah... Coach woulda put me in fourth quarter, we would've been state champions. No doubt. No doubt in my mind."

I just can't watch that movie - every time it's on i try and i can not watch it

I hate Ligers

dude you're the man. seriously. i wonder why you're on this blog right now when you could be out drinking beer and partying with hot girls, though.

W/L for this team as constructed? Sort of tough to guess, but I'd say 35.

-Coach is improved.
-Added a top 50 NBA player in Turner(steps right in and is very good.)
-Jrue, Thad, Speights will improve because of experience/age.
-Brand won't be as misused out past the 3pt line.
-Much better offensive flow. No more P.O. and better passers at SG and C.
-Minimal WG minutes.
-Less Lou imitating a PG.
-Mullet faux toughness (they will foul more)
-No cloud of ineptitude over the team.

Negatives compared to last year:
-Worse rebounding at the C position (much worse)
-No shot blocking
-Mullet faux toughness
-Ball in the hands of youngins more, so more TO's


-Added a top 50 NBA player in Turner(steps right in and is very good.)

I'm not really sure he qualifies as a top 50 player just yet :)

And Thad has yet to improve his rebounding, what makes you think it will now

He's up to 230 now. Lifting weights=toughness=rebounding.

I'm so tired I can't tell if you're serious or not - but I hope you're not.

However, I have a question cause I"m not a kinesiologist.

One of thad's primary (only?) assets is his quickness in transition - does putting on weight mean he's going to be slower or is that dependent on him working other parts to maintain his agility/quickness while gaining the weight?


If he isn!t leaking out, Collins has said rebound than run, than he should rebound better.

If he isn!t leaking out, Collins has said rebound than run, than he should rebound better.

Maybe, we'll see, there's a lot of ifs and maybes and could bes going on with no evidence to believe it's likely.

Thad's young enough and a hard enough worker I'm willing to wait and see. That doesn't mean I'm overly hopeful he's all of a sudden going to be a 20%+ dreb guy, but I'm willing to give him the year with his first legit coach.

At this point seeing significant but not out of the ordinary growth would be nice :)

Completely kidding.I think Thad should be able to become a more effective shooter. He looked to be on the right track before Randy Ayers "fixed" his jumper. Thad seems to thrive on his body control in and around the basket. He misses some bunnies once in a while but he's got pretty good touch around the rim for a guy that makes moves that most others would deem "out of control" I don't see how adding some strength can hurt his ability to get buckets near the basket. We'll see though

My best guess is Turner is a top 50 player a(at least by mid-season.) he is the same age as Rose, Mayo, Eric Gordon. I don't think his years in college will retard his progress other than an initial adjustment.

Here is the best top 50 list entering last season (from huge panel of NBA experts.) How far from the 45-50 guys do you believe Turner is?

42. Hedo Turkoglu, SF, Raptors
43. Lamar Odom, SF, Lakers
44. Shane Battier, SF, Rockets
45. Elton Brand, PF, 76ers
46. Richard Jefferson, SF, Spurs
47. O.J. Mayo, SG, Grizzlies
48. Charlie Villanueva, PF, Pistons
49. Michael Redd, SG, Bucks
50. Andrew Bynum, C, Lakers

I would hope he's better than Charlie V already.

List is obv bad, one of the panelists was Ed Stefanski.


Any negativity I felt about not getting another pick was washed away by 3 things; Spieghts lost a lot of weight, Thad is up to 230 lbs. and Franklin Edwards comments about Collins; he basically said Collins learned from his early coaching jobs that using his franetic energy in negative ways, screaming and ripping players ,isn!t gonna work in today!s league and his time in the booth will give him some perspective on today!s player. Everything seems to be positive with him now and maybe he doesn!t burn out.

As far as Hawes, Collins has said he will base alot of his offense on pick n rolls and players making smart decisions because teams take away stuff if you just run plays everytime down. With a better plan and better perimeter defense why can!t we get back to a few years ago and be in the top 10 area defensively. I am looking forward to seeing a smarter team out there.

With a better plan and better perimeter defense why can!t we get back to a few years ago and be in the top 10 area defensively. I am looking forward to seeing a smarter team out there.

Cause they gave away one of the best rebounders and shot blockers in the league - hard to be a top 10 defense when your interior defense is tissue paper thin and doesn't ward people off in the slightest.

This fascination with weight gain or loss as opposed to people getting better at basketball is fascinating to me...I really don't care how much weight thad has put on if he hasn't focused at improving his poor basketball fundamentals in the defending, reboudning, shooting and half cour toffense areas of the game...


Whether we agree with it or not, Collins along with all the previous coaches, seems to think Thad is a 4 and Thad had issues boxing out and in post up situations getting overpowered so yes ,I think him getting stronger is important. Marreese had knee issues and the lost weight has to help him, so that is important also.

I really don't agree with Young at the 4 - drives me nutty

I'm not saying Thad will become a good (or even average) rebounder or defender. I just think that Thad at 22 will be a better player than Thad at 21. And prior years he's been focusing on learning to be a SF, while this summer he looks to be putting in effort to improve as a PF.

Again, just comparing this years roster to last years. Jrue age 20 > Jrue age 19. Maybe not as much of a progression for the other young players, but there will be some.


After seeing Elton try to get out on some of the quicker 4!s last year I think Thad and he could work as a tandem at p.f.. Collins will have to explore the matchups but offensively they both operate well in the same area.

I also think not adding a big allows them to give Marreese more time and see if Smith, a year removed from surgery, is a lost cause or not.

Thad has skill but no toughness.
Nocioni has toughness (and a mullet) without skill.
like Jack Sprat and his wife...

Now that's the optimist. They're going to be soooo much better, with or without the emotionally attached Sam. Collins should be sharp, he's a lifer. The combinations are ripe for potential improvement. If he uses them properly after feeling them out, they will surely surprise.

If you think Thad, at age 21, isn't improving on all those things, or in the least trying to, then what do they do at 21 in volleyball? Just sayin...

Turner at Phillies game with T-Mac and Sarge, which is high comedy. He even wore a Sarge hat too in the booth hahahaha. The kid seems like he is very humble. Reminds me of Jrue alot.

Sarge- "I understand you hit a 35 footer, is that true?"
ET- "Yeah that was against Michigan, it was a good shot"
Sarge- "That's just great.

Another fact that just dawned on me is that he went to St. Joseph's in Chicago. Yeah, that's the same school that Isiah Thomas played at and even more important the school that is much of the focus of 'Hoop Dreams.' He followed in the steps of William Gates and if he could play for that coach, who seemed very difficult, I like him even more.


Wow 260 post, what is the record Brian. On another note a couple of questions. 1 what do we miss out on by not having more cap space next year. 2 would you want Portland's old GM.

1 what do we miss out on by not having more cap space next year

When you don't have cap space you miss out on flexibility anhd opportunities - check out what a team like OKC did at the draft, or hell, Washington got Kirk Hinrich and the 17 pick for nothing just so Chicago can make a run at Lebron and Bosh (probably).

Cap room gives you flexibility and the ability to make moves or facilitate moves to restock your roster, fill holes in your roster, or just help someone else make a move and take their draft pick away :)

At least that's how I see it - I knwo you're asking for specifics - (Carmelo is a UFA next off season) but the point is that cap room provides you ability and flexibility to do a lot of things

Thank you for a great reply. It was more of a question of how it would affect the 76er in drafting more so than free agency. IMO the only big free agent we should be going after is a 4 or 5 who can add Dalambert's rebounds and blocks but who does not make as many dumb plays and will contribute on offense.


Not to be a downer, but thoughts on Turner's below average +/- stats and the data pulled by draftexpress from synergy on him?

It is absolutely crap statistics. +/- is only useful if there are meaningful minutes when a player is off the floor.

OSU played some cupcakes when Turner was hurt. And in the games he played he averaged 37+ minutes. Those other 3 minutes or less where garbage time. So OSU outscored teams in garbage time... meaningless.

To clarify...

In all of OSU's meaningful games Turner played 37-40 minutes- and did not rest a second while the game was in question. So his personal +/- was the same as the teams for a intents and purposes. With Turner the team was 25-5 and never lost by more than 6 pts except once (by 11.)

While the other minutes were scrub-time or some cupcake games when he was hurt- Clevland St, Presbyterian, E. Michgan and Del St. Those 4 cupcake wins while he was hurt shifted the +/- 110pts. While the legit opponents when he was hurt (Butler, Mich, Wisconsin) were all losses- but not nearly as lopside.


I'm surprised no one mentioned anything Collins said on 97.5 this evening. He said that AI9 would not be traded, that he was really looking forward to coaching him and that AI9 had much more potential than he has shown so far.

He also said Lou would be given the opportunity to compete for the PG position,but not for SG. If Lou could not be the starting PG, he would be the third guard, backing up both.

He said he expects to win 43-45 games.

He expects that great defense on the perimeter will help reduce the burden on the inside.

I came away feeling very optimistic and was surprised by the negativity on this site.

I mean what is he supposed to say that he thinks they are going to be in the lottery again next year, Lou isn't good enough to start, and that they were actively shopping Igoudala? He said those things to make people feel optimistic not becuase he actually believes them all of them (I tend to believe what he says about Iggy).

The part where he referenced Lou (I think at the presser or something) was very telling to me. He basically called him out publicly as to being a true accepting teammate. Was saying that all jobs are open and if Lou can't cut it, then accepting your role and not embracing your ego would be best. Hope it sunk in (if they do in fact keep him).

For the first time since Cheeks was wrongly canned after the playoff appearance, I feel rejuvenated again. Family members can do that to one.

(Insert idea - place thoughts pertaining to ES in the pile over there)

It sounded to me that with all the Evan/ Jrue talk at the press conference he sought out Lou, knowing he was there, to pump him up and tell him it is an open competition; everything he is doing is a positive and if a guy doesn!t play hard for this guy than, as E.S. has been saying, they will be gone.

Im going to take a break from banging a hot chick, while simultaneously throwing a football so I can have a nerd type this for me ;)
I did make that post about dalembert a few years ago saying he SHOULD have focused just on defense and rebounding instead of offense. In the next 2 years he did that occasionally---if it were a consistent effort I am sure he would still be here. Hawes and Nocioni dont thrill me but I trust in Collins that Sam did NOT want to be here. You cant make a guy play hard for you if he doesnt want to be here. No matter how good he could be, if he wanted out, show him the door. Would I have preferred getting a Kendrick Perkins type who cant score but beats the hell out of people ? Hell YES ! but that trade was not on the table. When the whole league knows you are trying to move someone, their value is not very high.

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