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Honestly, this post is a direct result of being sick of seeing that Pete Rose picture at the top of my blog. Enjoy!

  • Polled Yankee fans think Roger Clemens used roids. The results weren't even close [LoHud Yankees Blog]
  • The Yanks are in the hunt for Prior, at least peripherally. His #1 choice is San Diego. [Ken Rosenthal]
  • The Sixers recent hot streak can be traced back to two guys, Andre Miller and Samuel Dalembert. Why would you trade Miller when you have a legit shot at the playoffs? [Passion and Pride]
  • Knicks fans LOVE Isiah. [New York Times]
  • Pam Oliver defends her journalistic integrity...with a straight face. [Bleeding Green Nation]
  • Here's a tip for all you would-be drug users out there: PAY WITH CASH. [Lion In Oil]
  • T.O. vs. Jessica Simpson. My money is on the loon. [The Big Lead]
  • My goal for the week is to pass The Futon Report in the BallHype blog rankings. Hmmn, maybe linking to them wasn't the best way to achieve this goal. Oh well.
  • An illustrated version of the NBA after 1/3 of the season. [Stop Mike Lupica]
  • If you want to read about 20,000 words of bullshit from Curt Schilling about the Mitchell Report do a Google search for "assbag" I refuse to link to him.
  • Sometimes Yahoo! Answers cracks me up.
That's all I have. Here's a picture to cleanse your brain of the horrible Pete Rose imagery.

by Brian on Dec 19 2007
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