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happyturkeyday.jpgFrom mine to all of yours, nothing but the best on this wonderful Thanksgiving day. Since it is, after all, a day of giving thanks, a quick post to remind us what we have to be thankful for in the sports world.
  • Yankee Fans - (Only) one more year of Kyle Farnsworth.
  • Eagles Fans - Andrea Cramer will be working the sidelines on Sunday Night.

  • Sixers Fans - The Sixers are only paying Chris Webber $19M to sit on his ass and eat Fritos this season.

  • Football Fans - No game on NBC, so no video footage of John Madden's artery-choking Turducken dinner!

  • Baseball Fans - Scott Boras has been marginalized, fired, and generally made a fool of in the past month. You can't ask for much more than that.

  • Basketball Fans - Up is down (the Bulls), down is up (the Celtics), and if your franchise is struggling, Kevin McHale is looking to deal.Kevin-McHale.jpg
  • Hockey Fans - 4 games on the schedule today, that's one for each fan in the country. Enjoy!

  • Knicks Fans - Isiah may still be your coach and GM, but at least you've got Marbury ruining running the team now.

  • Mets Fans - Your team may have folded down the stretch, but at least you'll have Ponch behind the dish next year.

  • Lakers Fans - Your star may not want to play for your team anymore, but at least you have a sensitive coach.

  • Bears Fans - The Sex Cannon back under center. Need I say more?
  • O.J. Fans - Another opportunity to cheer, "Cut the Juice loose!".

  • Pacers Fans - The GM has vowed to post this picture after every loss. (so you should get to see about 50 more times this year!)
  • Giants Fans (The S.F. Variety) - No more...
  • Giants Fans (The N.Y. Variety) - Rubbing a playoff appearance in Tiki's face.

  • Jets Fans - The number 3 pick in the draft seems like a lock!
  • Dolphin Fans - Ricky Williams returns, dealers in the Miami area rejoice.
  • Heat Fans - Shaq is old, Wade plays like he's old, but at least you got rid of Employee #8.

  • Baywatch Fans - Pamela Anderson ruins Thanksgiving for hundreds of homeless folks.
Enjoy your Thanksgiving everyone.
by Brian on Nov 22 2007
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