Sam Hinkie, please don't let the door hit you on the way out and I'd appreciate it if you'd take the pitiful excuse for a roster you've "processed" with you. May you never work in the NBA again, and I wish nothing but the worst in your future of pilfering retirement funds, selling off companies for inventory and laying off hard-working people to squeeze out percentages from the companies you and your ilk chew up and spit out. Continue reading...

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by Brian on December 6 at 8:59AM
1-20, quite a start for the hapless Sixers. I guess it's time to check in. Continue reading...

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Exposés, horrid basketball, soaring franchise valuations and infinite pitchers of Shirley Temples. What's not to love about the state of our (once) beloved Philadelphia 76ers? Continue reading...

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Sam Hinkie will take center stage tonight for his third draft at the helm of what he has single-handedly turned into the laughingstock of the NBA. He'll most likely have the opportunity to take a guy who could elevate the team a bit in the near term and provide a building block for the long term...or he could kick the can even further down the road and ensure yet another top pick for next summer...and the summer after that...and the summer after that. Rinse and repeat. Continue reading...

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Two years of putrid basketball have led us to this point. I'm drained of hatred and vitriol, left with some vanilla flavor of apathy. The Sixers could wind up with three picks in the top 11, or just one, outside of the top five. They could stockpile another big man, they could add a guard who fits, a guard who doesn't fit, another Euro who will never fit. Tonight is about endless possibilities, certain disaster, plausible deniability and ROI all at the same time. Sit back, enjoy, and don't too wrapped up in it. That's my best advice. Continue reading...

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