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Summer League & Free Agents

Orlando is in the books. Up next, Las Vegas. The Sixers are dealing with some injury problems with KJ McDaniels on the shelf. The coaching staff is treating Nerlens Noel very carefully. The free agent dominoes are falling in a big way, will the Sixers sit out the frenzy completely or find a way to get involved?

A quick word on the Jeremy Lin situation. I think it's a very good sign the Sixers weren't Lin's landing spot. $15M for a late first-round pick just doesn't make sense. The Lakers were willing to take that package, I assume, because they view Lin as an asset on the floor. For the Sixers, the only reason to get involved would've been to get a king's ransom in return for their cap space (and their disposable income). If they were actually involved and not just smoke used to bolster Houston's negotiating position, they bowed out at the right time. Lin would've added some wins this season, and there's no reason for that at this point.

The name I'm seeing most in the comments here is Jimmer Fredette. I'll jump on that bandwagon. It's not that I see Jimmer as turning into anything special, it's that I think if Noel and MCW are being groomed to be a part of this team going forward, they need someone to space the floor to grow. Fredette should be able to stand at the three point line and present an option for the kick out. I'm not sure anyone else on the roster will be able to fill that role. He should have a pretty low asking price, as well. Plus, if they sign him and he proves himself to be a dangerous shooter on a reasonable contract, he might be a flippable asset at the deadline, or even a usable piece for the long run. I don't see the downside unless you're worried he's going to add wins.

Melo back to the Knicks, LeBron to the Cavs (with more drama coming next summer since he can opt out after a single year of his two-year deal), Bosh crippling Miami's cap, Utah matching Hayward. It's been a crazy couple of days, how do you feel about the Sixers staying above (or below) the fray so far? Personally, I'm happy about it. They've made their bed, now get comfortable in it and lurk. If someone needs a little help landing Kevin Love, make them pay dearly for it.
by Brian on Jul 12 2014
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