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I have three things to say about what happened on the court tonight, then I'm going to completely erase the memory from my mind and not think about the Sixers again until the tip off tomorrow night at 7pm.
  1. Rodney Carney (1/11), Lou Williams (2/12) and Willie Green (2/14) should be absolutely ashamed of themselves for their performance tonight.
  2. Please, please, please let Andre Iguodala's leg not be an issue from here on out.
  3. Thad Young was the number one option on offense for most of his 34 minutes tonight. He finished 10/19 from the floor for 21 points. He needs to be a big part of the game plan when the playoffs start and the Sixers are forced into the half court.
Player of The Game: Thad
Team Record: 40-39
Playoff Race: 7th place. Toronto won, they hold the tiebreaker over the Sixers. Washington lost. A win tomorrow night will put the Sixers in a tie for fifth, holding the tiebreaker over Washington, but they'd still have to finish one game better than Toronto. If there is a three-way tie, which is completely possible, the Sixers will finish with the #7 seed. This was an extremely costly loss.
by Brian on Apr 12 2008
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