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Four Factors, New Worksheet

So you're saying we've been out-shot 23 out of 30 times. That's really sort of stunning. On the other hand, what do you expect when we don't have a single starter who can shoot, or even a single post player who makes buckets reliably? This isn't 2003 anymore, a good guard in the NBA these days shoots in the high 40s from the field. Fortunately, Stefanski isn't an imbecile - he must at least be attempting to address our complete lack of offense.

The Clippers have the worst FG% in the league, and second worst 3pt% in the league, and they beat us in eFG when we played. There are going to be a ton of bricks tonight.

I wake up every morning and check the wires for Sixers trade rumors, but I haven't heard a peep yet. Not one word. If anything is imminent, he's done a great job of keeping the press in the dark. Of course, since he got here he's done a great job of keeping the press in the dark. No one knew anything about the Korver deal before it went down. The Sixers weren't even mentioned as serious players for Brand until the day it was a done deal. No one knew what he was going to do in the draft either.

He seems to run a tight ship, so if something happens, it'll probably come out of nowhere.

Raffaele on Dec 31 at 7:30

Very nice job, Brian.

You're right. Even if we are not going to be a good shooting team (with this personnel, at least) we can (and must) become a much better team when it comes to defending the threes. And that starts from the coaches.

Let's hope someone in the Sixers organization reads this entry.

Brian, nice work with the stats. I think the 4 factors is very useful in understanding what works/does not work with a basketball team. Ive been following that same school of thought in college hoops. There is a website:


He does the same thing except he also tracks a lot more like pace of a game and he breaks down scoring per 100 posessions. I find it useful to know how well a team shoots not only from 3 but also from the foul line and how often they are taking those shots. He even takes it a step further and breaks down how often an offense or defense generates steals/blocks or losses the ball to a steal/block. I was hoping there would be a pro site that does this, but I think your spreadsheet is the next best thing.

Wow, cool site.

nice work Brian. I think our poor offense is contributing to our poor defense. The team lacks confidence on the offensive end which I think hurts our defense...I hope stefanski can fix this mess.
On a side note...Brian have you considered instead of having 3 seperate URL's for sixers, eagles and yankees.
having just depressedfan.com and having 3 tabs at the top and giving people an option to set their preference ?
Just a thought....

3 point shooting definitely is the worst. They can't run away from teams at all. Denver game was a great example.

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