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20 Down

Oh, and as for Okafor's offcourt antics, it doesn't really matter. He's a scrub on the floor, any more late night antics will simply turn what would've been an unremarkable 8-10 year career bouncing around the league into a 5-7 year career where people will fondly remember his days at Duke and say "If only..."

That about sums it up. You been watching any of these games Brian?

Nah, I've found better uses for my time. This is a disgrace, and really if you're outside of the Hinkie bubble, it's beyond embarrassing.

Jerry Coangelo joined the Sixers organization today. i guess he doesn't agree with Jared Dudley.

lol if you think 76 year old, living in PHX jerry Coangelo is replacing hinkie as GM

all this can change if harris gets inpatient but so far he hasnt

I actually see this as a positive. Not because I think this old head will do much to help us, but more because it shows a flicker of a commitment to winning by ownership. I don't think Colangelo will make the Sixers any more money (i.e. an investment or ROI), so the only benefit he brings from an owners perspective is a chance of making a better basketball team. His salary is just money out the window if one does not care about winning.

Trying to look for some positives in this dreadful season...

Could be a sign they're moving toward a sale. Adding a known name to the front office to hopefully show a commitment to winning. That, or Colangelo will immediately be put in charge of hiring scouts, since Hinkie has shown a propensity for making shitty draft picks. Who knows/cares?

"Could be a sign they're moving toward a sale"

Let's hope so. In fact, wouldn't now be the time? The team is lean to the bones with 4 potential first rounders queued up for the summer.

no Kawhi tonight(hes sick)

also no duncan

noel putback

when canaan is at sg and not asked to do much other than shoot i think he can be decent

lma bucket

grant bucket

lma blows a great pass from tony

cov to the line

split them


wroten up to 16 minutes

that parker spin is gorgeous

wroten still cant shoot

spurs d is unreal

down 33-17 end of the 1st

26-6 spurs run to end the quarter

canaan to noel

the hard hedge is not working at all

if the sixers score 70 ill be happy

wroten to the line

made both

wroten to noel oop

down 51-23

holmes puts back his miss

stauskas jumper

down 65-29 at the half

the kings can be a mess for 10+ years but the sixers cant get 3 fucking years?!

feel like noel is biting on more pump fakes this year

okafor to the line

split them

grant putback

okafor through lma

grant to the line

split them

some huge 7-3 guy for the spurs just checked in

boban marjanovic

posting okafor on him is not a good idea

stauskas has been the only good thing tonight

post the 7-3 guy every play

down 96-52 end of the 3rd

didnt think there was anything on worse than this game

then i put on the DAL/WSH game for a few plays

lost 119-68

BKN on thursday

The Collangelo news is really really interesting. I don't think Hinkie can feel BETTER about his job after this. I could see it being driven by the league.

If this works well, Collangelo helps rebuild any tension between us and agents/players (although I thought those concerns were overstated). I do think we could add a veteran free agent or adjust the roster a bit here. Hopefully that means something small like Amare Stoudemire as an end of the bench guy and not someone like Derrick Rose.

I just don't like Silver's role here. It's sounds like he gave Harris some sort of ultimatum about consequences down the road, and Collangelo is the compromise. I'm sure more info will come out, but I don't like the sound of it thus far.

I guess I can take back my earlier attempt at positivism. Harris being forced to make this hire is not even a flicker of a commitment to winning.

Well at least the plan is in play for a solid draft next year unless Colangelo goes nuts and starts trading away assets at the deadline. Let things be for this last season, and then make the changes going into next season. I think that was the plan anyway.

I just wish Hinkie didn't miss on Porzingis. He had to get these high picks right, and the early returns are that he missed on him. Very disappointing considering how much time he personally scouted him.

Does this mean that Harris wasn't happy with Hinkie's execution of the plan ? or is Coangelo just a schill ?

JC's interviews reveal more power than initially expressed to the market. That shouldn't come as a huge surprise, at 76 I doubt he wants to take orders from anyone else. I would also add his son could be the GM of the future if his age doesn't allow him to fill that role.

I still hold hope that he will make calculated moves from here on out.

I think the best example would be acquiring Amare Stoudemire versus acquiring Derrick Rose. I think Amare could help Noel and I would have no issue with him sitting on the end of our bench and being a mentor. I think Rose would be step back and represents the type of player I would not want.

The team USA connections are interesting...

If the league stepped in and forced Harris to make this move, I'm glad they took some action but it really means absolutely nothing in the long term unless he's been inserted as the dictator of the organization. If he's there simply to mollify Silver and the other owners, then Hinkie/Harris will pay him his salary and lip service and just keep running the team into the ground while they collect the league's welfare checks and drive toward a sale. I wish the other owners would've taken a much bolder stance and changed the lottery system when they had the chance.

Nothing's going to stop this from happening until the owners are willing to do a couple of things:

(1) Say no when a dickwad hedge fund/PE with a history of being a vulture puts together an offer to buy a team.
(2) Reform the lottery AND the profit sharing system to the point where winning is incentivized, rather than losing.
(3) Buy the team out from under Harris and excommunicate Hinkie.

the MIA heat have played 19 games, 14(!!!!) have been at home

Well I'll be...

Clueless clown done got bumped from lead circus act to just a sideshow act. About damn time!

No more carte blanche for the Hinkster. Hallelujah!

The long overdue castration of Hinkie is a day, quite a wonderful one, that I never ever thought I'd have the luxury of experiencing in the middle of a season. Didn't think I'd ever see it at the end of one. But the middle? Welcome change, indeed.

Thank you(!!!), whomever the fuck is responsible.

I don't think a better day could happen for this franchise and the game of basketball until his ass finally gets fired.

Are the basketball gods back?

Any thoughts on vets we could go after at the trade deadline.

I still think a package to acquire Bradley Beal could be interesting. I think his perceived value is diminishing (despite huge upside) - you just need certainty you can sign him.

What was your offseason pipe dream again? (can't remember but it was a particular player you wanted to go after real bad?)

Nevermind I remember now, it was Danny Green.

Well Bradley Beal has now become your trade deadline pipe dream. Never happen.

Ha - I totally agree its a pipedream. I am thinking of anyone outside the usual suspects mentioned (Cousins, Rose, etc).

Bradley Beal is not happening. There's nothing Philly can give up that will get Beal.

My guess is DeMarcus Cousins, Kyle Lowry, or Eric Gordon.

What would you give up for Cousins? He strikes me as a sociopath and I keep thinking about that one scout who said he'll be in jail within 5 years.

Let's have a Hinkie memorial service. my favorite Hinkie moment was that press conference where he said that winning happens on a non-linear trajectory. His euphemism for "please overlook the fact that I still don't have shit to show you after 2 seasons/4 lotto picks"

My favorite Hinkie moment: KJ McDaniels owning him on contract negotiations.

Ahhh, no! He's had me in my own Sixers memorial service going on 3 years now.

Fuck him.

I did like him driving Evan Turner to the airport after trading him for a second round pick, essentially the last in the draft.

what young free agents are available this summer? who would you like them to sign that wouldn't put them in the perennial 8 seed category? kyle lowry & eric gordon have been mentioned... you seriously want those guys? they do nothing to move the needle

At some point you have to flip the switch and try, as they did for Butler and Kawhi, regardless of the 8-seed potential. The hope is Embiid/Noel/Saric/Okafor and the 2016 picks yield a top-tier talent or two.

I'd take a shot at:

Unrestricted FAs - Harrison Barnes, Conley, Horford, Jennings, Chalmers, Courtney Lee

Restricted FAs - Beal, Drummond, Clarkson

Also guys like Eric Gordon, Batum, Rondo, DeRozan, and Terrence Ross available, but I'm not a big fan of any of them.


All long shots, but maybe you pick a guy like Barnes or Conley and go all-in for him, then hope for a miracle in 2017, with guys like Lowry/Gallo/Westbrook/Curry/Ibaka/Oladipo/CJ McCollum.

I worry that bringing in Jerry Colangelo means that his son Bryan will be the GM in 2 years.

when the sixers dont finish with the worst record, will the NBA step in and try to mess with that team?

If that team is blatantly making a mockery of the sport and profiteering off the system, probably. There's a clear difference between what the Sixers have been doing and just being a bad team and it's not even subjective. If you start multiple seasons in a row with 3/4 of your roster spots taken up by d-league level players, at best, there should be consequences. There should be consequences in the league structure, I suppose, but the league was based on the naive notion that turning your fan base off and being a laughingstock was motivation enough to actually try to win.

Btw, Golden State went from 23-43 to pure dominance with the following draft picks over a 4-year period:

Harrison Barnes, #7,
Festus Ezeli, #30,
Draymond Green, #35,
Ognjen Kuzmic, #52,
Kevin Looney, #30.

and before you complain about Curry and Thompson being on the roster already, Curry was taken #7 after the team won 29 games the previous season, Thompson was taken #11 after winning 36 games the previous season.

The Warriors also made a slew of laughable trades and free agent signings over their years of dreaded mediocrity. Bringing in a bunch of losers like Iguodala and Bogut. What fools! If only they were as clever as Hinkie.

It's all about odds, though. I mean, if you give Hinkie enough time he's going to prove that even a guy who is completely out of his depth can't blow EVERY high draft pick he gets. Just because he's blown the first 8 doesn't mean he'll blow the next 10. And really, blowing those picks isn't a bad thing, because it means he'll have more picks to blow in the future, so technically every blown pick is worth more than a good pick, because it equals more picks to blow. It's pure genius, I'm sure this was all covered in the James Harden powerpoint he blew Josh Harris' socks off with. What a stud.

just doesnt sit well with me when they arent doing anything against the rules and the NBA is trying to change what they are doing

The nba should be changing the rules. That's the answer. The Sixers have exposed a flaw in the system, they're going about plugging that hole in a backhanded way, which is stupid. I'll agree with you there.

They hit on a generational talent at #7. But I agree, it should fuel the debate against tanking for #1 (they did tank for that Barnes pick).

Statistics say you need a large enough sample size to have reasonable outcomes, right? (correct me if I am wrong statheads). Leaving it up to probability might not be that great an idea when you get 1 shot each year.

Al Jefferson suspended 5 games(testing positive for weed 3 times)

if only CHA had some vets.....

The Okafor ceiling suspended for 5 games...sounds about right.

You're better than resorting to straw men like this. You know that "let's splurge on random vets" was never the argument on here.

Hinkie's process, as put forth initially, was never the main problem either IMO (except for the length, I think 3+ years of tanking is ridiculous and demonstrates managerial incompetence). His process was just riddled with errors, poor decisions, crap player-development, and lackluster talent evaluation, which is why we're seeing regression on the court in year 3 as opposed to progress. Fans have the patience for a proper rebuilding process, they just don't have patience for poor execution.

My hope for JC is that he can usurp Hinkie's authority on the player evaluation front and repair some of the relationships and perceptions around the league by this summer. I would have just fired Hinkie to speed all that up, but hopefully this at least begins the process of gradually phasing him out.

I wouldn't mind a young vet with some upside like Beal if they can get him at a good price, but I disagree with stuff like the Stoudemire idea for example. I just don't see what that does aside from 'mentorship'. And even then I'm still not sure what he does. Plenty of NBA vets are just guys in their late 20's who do stupid stuff too, I agree with you there.

His major mistake has been drafting Okafor over Porzingas. Porzingas looks like he's going to be a top 10 NBA player in a few years.


the ONLY mistake. everything else is 20/20 2nd guessing.

I agree. It was a HUGE mistake. Okafor might be get to a few all-star games, Porzingas looks like a future HOFer.

Drafting Embiid to me was the right decision. Smart, Randle, Gordon, and Exum are nothing special.

Trading MCW for LA's pick I agree with.

Trading Jrue for Noel and the #10 pick, i'm 50/50 on. It only looks good now because Jrue has had injury problems. I would take 2012 Jrue over Noel and I'm not crazy about Dario.

I like tanking, but I absolutely hate how this roster is comprised 10% of solid prospects and 90% crap.

The Embiid was the biggest screw up in Hinkie's tenure. It set the franchise back two years.

I know this sounds results oriented, but look at the facts that Hinkie knew before making the selection. Embiid had suffered a knee injury where he missed games, a stress fracture in his back and a bone break in his foot--all in less than a year prior to the draft. All of these injuries are especially problematic for centers. The chances of him being able to play were so low that he should not have been considered for the third pick.

I'm often asked, "then who should they have picked?" My answer is anyone who actually had a chance of seeing the floor. Or trade for future picks. Anything but what they did would have been better.

The team would have sucked anyway. I thought it was a solid gamble. Julius Randle, Marcus Smart, and Aaron Gordon are nothing special.

Okafor was the bigger fuck up even though he's having a solid rookie year. We passed up on a generational talent.

Embiid wasn't a f-up. here is why. try to find fault in this logic.

1) Wiggins is exactly as expected.
2) pre-injury, Embiid would have been picked ahead of Wiggins, i.e. he was projected to be at least as good as Wiggins is now. which is franchise cornerstone material
3) what are the chance Embiid comes back 100% like the doctors who do this for a living suggest? even if that number is only 20%, a 20% chance today for a franchise cornerstone is better than any pick in that draft and still has significant value right now.. .20% is conservative . btw, i see it as 60% or so .
4) on draft day, there was far less uncertainty than there is now. it was a no - brainer

I’ve enjoyed our discussions on this board, so here’s my best shot at finding fault with your logic.
1. I agree.

2. I definitely do NOT KNOW that Embiid would have been picked ahead of Wiggins. Minnesota never said either way, and Embiid had a stress fracture in his lower back. I believe that Wiggins would have been picked ahead of Embiid. We also do not know that a healthy Embiid would have been as good as Wiggins. There is no way of knowing either of these things. Also, projections about Embiid being as good as Wiggins had the omnipresent “if healthy” tag on it.

3. I define a generational talent as a perennial all star. I think that is a fair definition, agree? A 20% chance is very high, I believe. And 60% is ludicrous. My number is more like 1% that he will be a generational talent.

Obviously, there is no way of knowing which number, 1 or 60 is correct, since this so subjective, even for doctors. But, I’ll just do my best to make my case with the info I have:

Fact 1: Embiid had a knee injury in his one season in college where he missed time
Fact 2: Embiid had a stress fracture in his back later in the same year—very concerning for a center
Fact 3: Embiid broke his foot before the draft
Fact 4: All three facts above happened after only 28 games in college
Fact 5: Embiid, half-assed his recovery—this is not even disputed by the Sixers
Fact 6: Embiid re-broke the same bone in his foot
Fact 7: Embiid does not pay attention to diet or fitness recommendations by the Sixers—also not disputed by the Sixers, and even confirmed by Scott O’Neil
Fact 8: the NBA plays 3 times more games in one season than Embiid has played in his one year career at Kansas, a year where he had 3 injuries.

Sharone opinion/question #1: how is Embiid supposed to stay healthy in 82 games seasons when he had three injuries in 28 games—then re-broke his foot after zero NBA games?

Sharone opinion/question #2: how do we know Embiid will take his current and future rehabs seriously? Based on and recent history (fact 5 and 7), he probably won’t.

Sharone opinion/question #3: Why would a doctor who operated on him say anything except we anticipate a full recovery? The doctor who did his first surgery said he would fully recover and guess what? He didn’t. I prefer to look at other centers who have similar problems: Greg Oden, Yao Ming, Brendan Heywood and Zydrunas Illgauskas. Only Z had a long career after the foot injury, and he didn’t have knee or back injuries.

Sharone opinion/question #4: Even if he does come back and play well for short stints, how in the world will he possibly stay healthy enough to be a perennial all star, when he had four injuries in 28 career games? Remember that back and foot injuries are particularly concerning for centers. Even if he never misses another game, will he even be that good? Will he have a bad attitude and not reach his potential?

Based on my thought process above, I give him 1%, who was not worth the risk.

4. You’re saying it was a no-brainer because there was far less certainty. I don’t know how you can say that regarding a guy who at the time was on his third injury in a year, in a league moving toward elite wing players & guards. If someone would have done some good interviews on him, maybe they would have uncovered that he is an insubordinate knucklehead. I think it was a brainer, not a no-brainer.

thanks SharoneWright

on #2..
whether he would have been 1 or 2, no matter. the point is that a healthy Embiid was in the convo with Wiggins. you want to say #2 fine.. their risk adjusted present values assuming healthy were in the same ballpark .. agree? and given wiggins is blossoming as good as expected, at the time of the draft, this type of overall value was embiids expectation...

on #3
my 60% is based only on health... i am going back to draft-day projections to equate the value (because those haven't changed)
so now ,here we are today.. Embiid expectations have not changed... only his health percentage has. so put a number on that .... Even if its as low as 20%, we are still in the money as far as i am concerned. 20% chance at Wiggins-equivalent value or something close to that (again , go back to the logic we built in #2) is still a great value. my number is 60% , yours is 1% , so we are obviously on a different page...

your facts are all facts...although i am only concerned about the foot, not the other stuff. and i just think its going to be fine. i can't really argue with any additional facts ... i just see a freak athlete and believe he will heal . doctors dont always say they expect a full recovery. there are always caveats... they were never overly positive about oden. so i dont think their language is common,. i could not find similar language after the surgeries of the other players.

on #4... at the time, it was a no-brainer. There is obviously more information and downside now..

You're completely right, that was the biggest mistake. And it's not even results oriented, this and a dozen more of his missteps were being pointed out as they were happening over the past 3 years, so Mr. McKie MVP needs to check the tape before talking about 20/20 hindsight. Of course if Hinkie could've tanked right that season instead of holding on to half of the Doug Collins' remnants while they were costing him the worst record, they wouldn't have got stuck with the third pick in a two player draft in the first place.

It's gotta be a joke to say this was the only mistake he made. I can list about 10 (some big, some small) I've noticed and commented on over his tenure and probably 15+ if I'm allowed 20/20 hindsight. But it can be summed up pretty nicely & concisely like this: 3 years, 1 rotation player discovered in over 60 signings, 2 starters from 5 lottery picks, no stars, a worse product in year 3 than in year 1. Case closed.

you need to use facts to show what the missteps are. i was the first to say Prozingis was a mistake. but thats it.

your rant mentions me by name but includes no facts. i dare you to argue my logic on Embiid..go ahead, make your move.

I have absolutely 0 interest in how pro-Hinkie or Pro-zingis you are and therefore 0 interest in changing your mind. My move is to move right past your comments.

fair enough. then move passed it without mentioning my name. i only respond to people who are capable of having an adult conversation

Anon -
didn't you give a point by point long retort to my post? or was i dreaming?... i could have sworn i saw it last night, and came on to respond and its no longer here...

Sharone did, not me. scroll up some.

Sixerfan -
Don Sterling didn't lose his ownership because he is a racist. he lost it because the other owners determined his comments would impact Clippers sales and by extension the broader valuation of NBA franchises. there is clearly a clause that in a such an event, the owners have legal remedy.

it sounds like the owners whispered something about this to Silver and Silver hinted such to Harris who took action so that down the line he can circumvent this type of claim if it comes up.

Every team that tanks has a reason for doing so. Either through incompetence, having a superstar that wants out, injury, or superstar that retires. I think the Sixers are the only team that tanked by trading away a 23 year old allstar PG.

I remember wanting the Sixers to offer Bynum a max deal because it would mean that it he either gets healthy or they can tank without getting pressured to sign an Al Jefferson.

I never thought that a management team would actually be so blatant in tanking. It sends a bad message about the NBA. There's no point in trying to field a good competitive team because the chances of winning a championship has to do with being able to acquire a select few players.

Is that a shock to anyone? The NFL would be insane to approve an ownership group led by Harris, I hope they're smarter than that.

The Forbes article that is sourced suggests the Sixers would go for about 900M if sold.

This is big news. I gotta hand it to you, you called this years in advance.

Major hat tip here as I do believe "where there is smoke there is fire". I have long defended against your conspiracy theory pieced in with the tanking.

Mannnn, you were all over this from DAY ONE.

I remember you writing something about your wife having experiences with these private equity guys by way of writing about them or something like that.

If this Forbes article ends up having any validity to it, this shit just keeps getting better and better (at least from my standpoint). I commented on here some time during that first year of this mess that these clusterfucks actually made me miss Ed Snider. Not even did I know how true that could end up being.

If all this speculation does come to fruition, when you really think about it, this whole damn charade is truly funny as all get-out.

Fan... after fan... after fan... were all hoodwinked! Straight duped to depths not even measurable!!


It really is hilarious. These guys actually mastered and developed a cult-like following while the whole time they were just turning the knife in their minions backs. (if this hopeful sale by Harris and/or firing of Hinkie goes through)

I'm just thankful I never liked any of it from the start. Never once fell for it. If I had been an advocate of what they were doing, or a believer, I would be one mad and pissed off motherfucker right about now.

But thankfully I can seriously laugh and say "whew(!), this shit might finally be over with" since I was a proponent from jump.

whoops *an opponent, not proponent

Let's say the conspiracy theory was always right and every basketball decision was made to improve the team's sales value. Isn't this good news for the anti-Hinkie's at this point? The Sixers have some high-potential picks, a couple tradeable guys, and the owner you hate may sell the team. I'm glad the Comcast regime is gone. If Colangelo starts building a team now and a new owner comes in, who by buying high likely actually wants the team, great.

Yea Goodell's a bright guy /s

So...was there ever *really* a "Process" then? Or was it just about gutting a team from like some evil overlord billionaire? Jeez I'm so confused. Anyhoo...I might go to the game tonite. I gotta help my brother with the Xmas tree, and he's right down the street from Barclays, more or less. I don't even know what to think. Maybe I'll try to talk to Billy King. He'll tell me what to do.

So thinking about this a bit more... I have a tough time feeling any bit of "negativity" about the Colangelo hire.

What if we make trades for "proven players".

We have Kings pick swaps.
We have 4 first round picks this season (or some that roll over)
We have a theoretical lotto ticket in Embid.
We have a European player coming over next year.(Please Saric come over next year).

I guess I don't see how you can screw it up that much if you make an effort to improve here.

Lead going into the 4th.... I've seen this before... BUT NOT IN THE JC ERA

Down 6 after 4 minutes of the 4th quarter....


I'm hoping this is a new day.
Harris fucks off to Britain with his London Jaguars, Hinkie accepts a senior management position at Target, and Philadelphia basketball enters a new renaissance.

I'm even turning the game on.

tj 3

down to 5

should post okafor on bargs every play the rest of the game


lost by 9

DET tomorrow

"Both the Sixers and the Lakers are on a year delay," Hinkie says. "We talk about that a lot. We've planted a lot of seeds. It's fair to say the harvest hasn't come in."

Oh really Sam? Is it truly "fair" though? Like really really fair...?

Planted a lot? Really? No, you didn't actually plant a lot Sam,... you really just spun the revolver and hoped it ended up aligned, that shot in the dark, resulting in "planted" really just turning into buried them slightly beneath the surface. Just as likely to be dug up as likely to discovered.

And you've got to be shitting me...
the harvest hasn't come in, huh?...
...Ya don't fucking say do ya...?

Quite big of your minute self to finally fucking admit that.

I like your country boy mantra invoking the harvest...quite clever heh. But you've always been a circular wordsmith.

Hinkie the Hoodwinker!

Kendall Marshall will start tonight

on a minutes limit probably

huh, get down by 20+, cut the lead to like 4 or 5 and then probably going to lose by 20+

thats a new one

How's Marshall looking?

Heh. I think I left out a "better" in a previous comment above.

This gets better and better............... aaannnnddd better...

So now we're not even allowing the head coach, a head coach who just received a two year contract extension not even twelve hours earlier, to select his own staff? We're force-feeding him assistants? From the Chairman of Basketball Operations/Advisor to Management level?

Is it safe to say/assume that we are now the first organization to have two de facto GM's and head coaches?

Potentially bringing a guy on staff who abhors traditional post-up players just 6 months removed from drafting a traditional post-up player with the 3rd pick in the draft? A traditional post-up player that we've shifted our whole offensive philosophy toward the first 25 games?

As Lombardi said, "What the hell is going on around here..."!

This is so hilarious. Whenever new management is brought in they do two things: (1) reassure the people with "power" that nothing is going to change (2) bring in their own people and push the people in power out. Hinkie has been publicly de-nutted.

As an avid reader of this blog and its' many contributors, I'm not sure what to make of how there's boatloads of comments when the general manager of the franchise pulls off a trade for Nik Stauskas. Rejoicing galore. Strange sets in when it's stagnant and silent on here when something much more intriguing is taking place. The potential dynamics are conveniently left alone for debate. Why is that?

I hear you. I have been trying to sprinkle in some thoughts on the announcements, but they have been largely spread. And largely spread across the various comments on the "non-basketball" dynamics.

Overall, I see this week's events as an overall positive for the organization and a positive for 76er fans.

1. I expect Colangelo to fix any negative perception caused by Hinkie in regards to agents and players. I do not think the agent issue was meaningful, but regardless, I think this addresses it in one full swoop.

2. It puts us back into any trade conversations we may not have had. Colangelo has a long history of making deals. If teams really avoided making deals with Hinkie - I think that is largely over.

3. I think D'Antoni is well positioned as an assistant to Brown near term. I can see potential power struggles down the line but we get so many benefits before that comes into play.

4. I expect more focus on the makeup of the team today which I did have issues wtih. I do believe development can be affected by not having a competent point guard.

I have no issue making steps towards progress today (not even waiting until the offseason). I think we could make some moves to help that. I am looking at the point guards in the league and i KNOW Brett Brown wants a real point guard to run this team. Marshall and McConnell may fill that void for the remainder of the season - but I could see JC/Brown/MDA looking to acquire someone with a better chance of being the long term answer.

I don't think Okafor is neccesarily out of the plan. He is not incapable of taking a man off the dribble, or hitting a 15 footer. He needs to adjust his fitness, but I am not jumping to conclusions.

If the team can learn to finish some games - we will be an average bad team - with a bunch of intriguing and (hopefully) improving players. That is what I wanted this season - a competitive team. They have been the worst kind of competitive for the last 3 weeks or so (ignoring the Spurs game) - in which they lose down the stretch.

If I had to keep players right now, it would be:

I would be fine dropping
Stauskus to D League

Cutting or getting nothing in a trade for:
Hollis Thompson

I would love to trade for Brandon Knight and run him with McConnell, Marshall or solo at the PG.

I would be fine dealing Heat and Thunder picks in a trade that would add a solid NBA player.

no wroten tonight

canaan 3 from tj

okafor jumper

nice passing from tj and noel there

scola bucket

rc3(why are you doubling noel in the post)

okafor from the post

good start from him

okafor o-board and is fouled

made both

ill live with that scola jumper

grant to the line

split them

sauce 3

down 32-24 end of the 1st

okafor spin move

nice pass noel to grant

canaan 3

god i cant stand him


marshall comes in and the offense looks good


sauce 3

Why do we play a lineup without Marshall or McConnell? Marshall looks much better than I expected.

After a long defense, I am done with the Holkis Thompson experiment.

down 52-44 at the half

feel like okafor misses a ton of uncontested bunnies


noel to the line

missed both

noel caught an elbow and is some pain

hoillis is a mess right now

grant to the line

made both

hollis putback

down 69-58 end of the 3rd

9-0 sixers run to end the quarter

I feel like cutting down the rotation would do wonders.... Noel got a nice one on that Lowry elbow

marshall jumper

Noel with a left eye corneal abrasion. He will not return

okafor and 1

made the ft



down to 6

Damn, offense looks better with Marshall as the general, eh?

I also think Okafor can play in an uptempo system (despite the missed bunnies). Any thoughts?

yea but they need a good pg that can throw quick entries into the post which marshall can

and okafor to run a little harder

Agreed - I think many were quick to dismiss him with MDA involved. I think he can thrive as he develops conditioning.

Tough to watch him get hacked right now. Hoping we can get KM back in there shortly

okafor cant buy a call

lost 96-76

bulls tomorrow

@outsidethenba Nerlens is at the hospital, sixers don't know if he can fly tonight, per brown

Nerlens cleared to fly and is with team in Chicago, but questionable/doubtful for the game. Scratched retina.

no marshall but wroten is playing

@brianseltzer As of now, Brett Brown said no restriction on Tony Wroten. He'll start. Likely no restriction for Kendall Marshall on Wednesday in Atlanta.

prepare for my constant bitching when wroten plays more minutes than marshall

0-7 start

thankfully the bulls are 1-4 and only up 4

6-4 bulls

6:36 left in the 1st

cov putback dunk

okafor o-board and is fouled

made both

great move from okafor on pau

sauce bucket

bulls miss

tj miss

okafor up to 72% from the line

sauce 3

butler bucket

grant turnover

gasol and 1

made the ft

wroten drive

mirotic miss

wroten to the line

split them

grant to the line

split them

down 24-19 end of the 1st

wroten 3

okafor blows by noah and throws it down

okafor floater

grant block party

this game is winnable

okafor around pau

butler to the line

made both

hollis 3

tj jumper


up 56-51 at the half

if anyone can stay with butler they would be up alot more

okafor bailout jumper

grant putback dunk

getting sloppy


down 85-68 end of the 3rd

grant to the line

split them

from up 6 to probably losing by 30

i dont care what the fucking(sorry) score is but a foul is a foul

lost 115-96


I really support moving Stauskus down to the D League to find his stroke. I believe he is an NBA player but he has to get his one elite skill back to being elite.

We do not have the defensive identity this year. I think Nerlens absence is a piece of it, but we do not seem to generate the same fast break opportunities as in the past.

I would not mind some roster shakeup or, at the very least, a smaller rotation.

what would the D-league do for him? We already know he can shoot against lesser competition. And if the issue is confidence (it isn't), a D-League stint would just destroy whatever of it is left.

I've just been ignoring Stauskas. so far he's more or less met my expectations. Any disappointment with him was set up by the "Process" narrative as usual. I remember Hinkie being lionized once again for fleecing Sacto in that deal, except Stauskas was being salary dumped for a reason. I posted his rookie shot charts after the trade, and his contested jump shot off the catch went in something like, less than 10% of the time.

He could get good looks in college against zones and he's money shooting in his driveway on YouTube but NBA level defense is just too much for him. There've been plenty of good college shooters who failed to translate, I think he's just the latest one.

You were all over that. The red flag for me was him not being able to get on the floor last year with the stinking Kings.

I will say, though: I still think that Sacto trade was a fleecing--even with Sauce being a stiff.

fact of the day:
even with the 2nd worst record, the Lakers still have a 45% chance of being outside the top 3.

ive noticed that Kris Dunn's stock has steadily climbing... projected consensus top 5 now, prototypical PG with potential for elite defense. smells like a filthy rich -man's eric Snow. also there are a few PG prospects in mid-late first round...

what do you guys think ?

I'm partial to Jamaal Murray. Point guards who steadily improve in college give me some caution. I'm honestly not in love with anyone in this years class.

I liked Murray at first also, but his glaring weaknesses have been exposed and likely won't have much chance at being a complete NBA player. his stock has dropped swiftly...

"Point guards who steadily improve in college give me some caution" lol. what does this even mean ? to be honest , i didnt think Kris Dunn was that sexy at first, but now i realize he is the real deal. the guy is the clear best player on the court every time he steps on it. he has nothing around him and yet Povidence is still a top competitive team . Did you see him take over and beat Arizona? and he was awesome against Mich St... the reason i spoke out against Deangelo Russell and Evan Turner was because i never saw them dominate anything....[yes this includes ETs buzzer beater to win the Big 10].. if you can't dominate in NCAA you have zero chance of being a star in the NBA [the converse is not necessarily true].

I fail to see the how Miami would be in better position with a declining 30 yr old Dwight Howard. And at the expense of Whiteside and Winslow? If they can't offer a max deal to Whiteside because of Wade's cap number, Wade would be the one to go if it was my call. That would be easy.


id be terrified of Whiteside on his next contract

I think the D league would benefit him as well. Why not? His shot is an NBA shot. He's has the athleticism to drive,dish, and create for others. His D is horrendous, but he can improve there.

Give him a chance to play a level down and see what happens. We traded nothing away so anything he produces is a bonus.

they should send him down and just leave him there, I agree.

by the way, none of that makes sense.

"His shot is an NBA shot." what does that mean? He has good form? I define an NBA shot as one that falls in NBA games. Stauskas has a .441 eFG. For reference, Noel's is .442. Imagine if Noel suddenly played 0 defense and his only express purpose in the league was to shoot. That's basically Stauskas right now.

"He's has the athleticism to drive,dish, and create for others."

I've seen no evidence of that. It's the same as the nonsense about playing Stauskas at PG. based on what exactly?

"His D is horrendous, but he can improve there."

He can improve his NBA D by playing somewhere other than the NBA? His "O" is also horrendous, maybe he'll improve that too. He and Rodney Carney can make each other better.

"Give him a chance to play a level down and see what happens."

His numbers will go up.

Christian Wood will also look like prime Garnett down there. At least in Wood's case, you can actually call it a "chance" since he's raw and wasn't getting any playing time. For Stauskas, it'd be anything but.

The notion that Staus is a good shooter is based on a 390 attempt sample of NCAA 3s. He has now attempted 274 NBA 3s and has made just 30%. Statistically, a player's rookie season is much much more reliable than any and all data that precedes it collectively. The players most often able to buck their early trends are toolsy teenagers with 'plus' athletic ability and low usage kids with multi-dimensional games. That's basically who makes up the outlier group in every predictive statistical model you look at.

So, while it's not wise to say that Bruno Caboclo is a scrub at this point, you can say with enough certainty that Stauskas is. He does nothing else effectively to be on the court except shoot. People want to get rid of Hollis because of that exact reason, except Hollis is actually good at his one role, and over a much larger sample (40% 3pt shooter, over twice as many minutes as Stauskas).

You're just too smart for me....how can I possibly respond?


just tryna point out how every acquisition they make sucks. you know how I do.

Yes. I stand corrected. Trading nothing(cap space) for the option to swap picks with a dysfunctional SAC team in '16,'17, PLUS a future first rd pk, PLUS Stauskas, was an awful move. Made zero sense.

Thanks for participating in the discussion.

was speaking strictly about Stauskas.

anomiemnemonical reply to Sharone Wright on Jul 4 at 16:22 Reply +/-

"...I like the trade, nonetheless, but mostly for the pick swaps."

And there are costs to cap space. If you have this much of it, you probably have a roster like Philly's.

noel back tonight

noel around the zinger?

canaan bucket

okafor bank

okafor jumper

jah needed to kick that to the corner instead of taking on the double team

grant to the line

missed both

wroten bucket

wroten comes in and the offense turns into garbage

wroten to noel

lol at grant there

down 30-23 end of the 1st

hollis to the line

missed both

canaan bailout 3

noel has alot more energy tonight than he has had in a while

holmes looks good as the dive man on the p/r

wroten bad pass

wroten falls asleep on d

wroten isnt good

wroten doesnt pass to a wide open covington

wroten bucket

you would wroten would kick to someone instead of getting blocked pretty much every time he drives

hollis 3

down 65-44 at the half


hes been struggling with foul trouble

wroten to the line

made both

canaan fouled shooting a 3

made all 3

maybe take canaan off afflalo, hes only been killing him all game

holmes is good

down 89-68 end of the 3rd

i wonder how much GS is going to beat them by

I don't get why Canaan gets the minutes he gets.

lost 107-97(game wasnt this close)

sunday vs CLE(kyrie might be back)

so who should they trade, Noel or Okafor? if you could only keep one.

It depends on the week for me. Honestly, I'd rather give these guys multiple seasons to play next to each other than say "it won't work" this early. Yes, they definitely don't work right now but at this stage both are just trying to find their place in the league. I'd say Noel has a clearer path to being a center on a top tier team (defensive anchor and offensive liability) - but Okafor is too gifted offensively to toss away.

I think addressing the backcourt situation is the obvious low hanging fruit here. Get some NBA caliber players to eat up regular minutes and cut down some of the upside guys. I'm already talking myself into a flyer on Brandon Jennings because of how bad it's been. Convincing myself he can leave his ego at the door and be a real point guard.

If it was a gun to my head, I'd trade Noel first. I think he actually might have greater value (very debateable), but I also think Okafor holds more value as an unknown. While everyone mimics the Warriors, people should be thinking about how to be different than the Warriors. I'm not the only one that thinks it sits in the post and making teams pay for going small - while forcing them into the paint on defense. Clearly Okafor is a liability on defense today, but I view it as largely an instinct problem which can be answered.

I think Okafor holds more value at this point based on his upside and more left on his rookie contract. I think he has the personality to improve on his weaknesses and there is a lot more unknown with him given Noel's been around a few years.

But, I wouldn't trade either yet. Noel's a good player and more valuable on the court right now. I'd like to see what they can do with a real roster that includes at least one point guard and two shooters.

Okafor. I don't have much to back this up, but I feel like Okafor's liabilities on defense are worse than Nerlens liabilities on offense. I also hope that Okafor's PPG stats will help us get a better trade than Nerlens.

i wonder if Brandon Ingram ends up being right there with simmons for the number one pick

What are the thoughts on Harrison Barnes? As the resident poster who favors various free agents, I have taken an interest in HB this coming summer. A young, wing with shooting ability and experience playing in a good system.

I think he could pair interestingly well with whatever team we may roll out next year. I am personally in favor of keeping both Noel and Okafor, but playing them less together.
Barnes - Grant - Okafor would provide an interesting lineup where Barnes could spend less energy on defense against big 4's.
Covington - Barnes - Noel would be a fun small ball lineup which supported uptempo pace.

Obviously he needs competent guards like anyone else - but I think he could be an interesting second option supporting one of our big men. it begs the question where Saric might fit in, but I am past worrying about anything like that and focused on getting some real talent.

It's incredible how bad this team is. Just checked the score and the 11-18 Bucks are up 20 in the 3rd. The Antetokounmpo/Parker/Middleton trio has combined for 49 points and have missed just one shot in 23 attempts among the three of them.

Why would you extend the head coach in the midst of a season like this? Where is the reasoning in committing to anything long term with this team?

What happened to Larry Sanders? seems like he vanished from the league

wroten WAIVED

ish smith acquired

Hopefully this revives Nerlens. I don't mind watching Ish play.

@SpearsNBAYahoo Pelicans acquired second round picks from the Sixers in 2016 and 2017, a source told Yahoo Sports. Tony Wroten was offered with no interest.

Sixers have officially "lost" a trade. I know many here argue others were lost in the past 2 years, but it was at least debateable. We dealt two seemingly "good" 2nd round picks for a guy expiring at the end of the year (that also could have been claimed for nothing).

Cutting Wroten is fine by me. Hopefully we can clear out some others - honestly, they can take their pick of who they do or don't like. I would prefer Thompson and Canaan go, but I won't be butthurt if McConnell/Sampson/etc, are the guys.

I really hope Ish rejuvinates Nerlens. He can actually throw a lob which is an underrated skill (and MCW could never do it).

I am curious if we go after someone like Morris (PHX).

if ish makes okafor and noel better im fine with trading 2 2nds( albeit good ones) for him

something else to keep in mind, you have saric and hopefully 4 1st rounders coming over next year so those 2nd rounders probably woudnt be playing as much as the other 2nd rounders have the last couple of years

but yea if he was going to trade those 2nds you probably could/should of gotten someone better

Fact is Ish was available to simply sign. I'm no huge Ish fan, but he played well last year, and he was there for the taking. Trading for him now is curious. He'll promote better basketball, so I'm OK with that, but what a waste to give away two second round picks for a guy you could have just signed.

HA! The hilarity ensues.

Funnier and funnier and funnier.

Do you think when Colangelo tells Hinkie to go fetch another carafe of wine, does Hinkie ask him "chilled or room temperature" and "white or red"?

d'antoni wanted smith but believe what you want to believe

I read the Times Picayune article man. You really think/believe Hinkie was the mastermind or orchestrator of this preposterous move?

And taking this a level further, since when has a GM allowed an ASSISTANT coach to dictate who/what the makeup of the roster consists of?

Is that a new wrinkle in the beloved "process"?

And I don't see how D'Antoni wanting Ish is even relevant to my comment.

It doesn't change the fact that I eloquently stated that Hinkie has been reduced to Colangelo's little bitch as this move proves.

But you stay consistent always running to Hinkie's defense...

sorry i assumed that you think every move hinkie makes is ordered by Colangelo

the only time noel has been a consistent plus on offense is when ish was the pg, hinkie misjudged a couple things and so did ish(he wanted a guaranteed deal)

i think hes trying to fix his mistake and the cost isnt outrageous and if the guy whose offense you are probably going to run eventually likes him thats even better

I think Brown may have had more to do with this than media is giving credit for.

Brett was never too complimentary of a Wroten, especially as a point guard. I think much like the coaching system, JC may have asked "what do you want?" And when he said "D'Antoni" he got it done and if he said Ish he got it done as well. Now id imagine Hinkie was involved here somehow, but this is not the way he would draw up a deal.

Overall, it's fine by me. I don't mind adding pieces at this point. At 1-29 we will have a tough time not finishing awful. I understand the incentive to be worse than the Lakers but I wouldn't hesitate to add a good player/decent contract that needs a change of scenery.

The Sixers gave up the equivalent of 2 late 1st round picks (that doesn't come with a guaranteed salary) for a guy that was on the waiver wire a few months ago.

The Sixers 2nd round picks have been pretty solid- KJ McDaniels, Jerami Grant, and Richuan Holmes. But last year they did give up the 35th pick overall in the draft in exchange for a 2018 2nd round pick.

I don't really care, if Ish Smith is the guy that can avoid the Sixers getting the worst record of all time, then so be it.

What they should have done was spend money on Corey Joseph or Jeremy Lin.

I like Okafor but watching Porzingis has made me really upset. We passed up on a guy who is 7'3, can defend the paint, hit 3's and run the down the floor with good speed. Even if he doesn't have the ability to create his own shot like Jahlil, I'd much rather prefer the athletic big who could shoot well and block shots.

Some people are going to say that Kristaps was too much of a risk, but Hinkie has had scouts go out to see him and have seen him in private workouts. Taking those risks is what separates the good GMs from the average ones.

I could get behind almost everything that Hinkie had done prior to the draft. Trading Jrue, drafting Nerlens, drafting Embiid, and trading MCW were all controversial but to me they were the right decisions.

Drafting Jahlil over Kristaps is a colossal fuck up. I don't even think you can build a good team around someone with Jahlil's skill set.

That's obvious now, but if Hinkie had taken Porzingis and he struggled here with a shit roster devoid of point guards, everyone would say he was afraid to taken a proven talent like Jah who puts up numbers. Definite miss, but that's what happens in the draft.

Hinkie gets paid a 7-figure salary to make those decisions and public opinion shouldn't factor into it. This is the guy that traded for Kerilenko knowing he wouldn't play because of his sick wife in order to save his boss $3 million.
His entire philosophy is built around the draft and he markets himself as a numbers/video guy. He fucked up.


good start to the road trip

Great win. Funny watching Stauskas drive by TJ Warren like he was standing still. I have not seen too much of Warren, but what I have seen hasn't been that impressive.

I still think the Sixers end up with a better record than the Lakers.

Stauskus can actually create off the dribble. So as long as his shot is falling (like last night), he should be able to get into the lane just from guys closing out on him. Unlike Hollis or Covington, he can actually dish off the dribble as well.

I am excited to see Ish, Grant and Okafor play together as well. Grant had a few plays where he caught the ball off the pick and roll, got to the hoop, but Noel's stone hands resulted in turnovers. Not that they were great passes, but I think if its Okafor he converts at least one of those. It shows recognition of defense rather than JG's usuall move of trying to slam it down over everything and anything.

I would be happy if we finish the year with a few things:

1. Okafor showing competence on defense and the ability to play in a higher tempo offense.

2. Noel playing like he did last night. (low FGA, high FG%, high REB)

3. Stauskus becoming our "shooter". He can come off the bench, but show the ability to be a rotation piece. If he plays like last night, we are in good shape.

4. Grant defining his role as stretch 4 and a faster system. If he just continues to craft his game like he has (meaning be mediocre on offense), I am okay for that in his 2nd year.

5. Covington get the shot back. He has REALLY struggled recently.

6. Keep Ish Smith as a starter into next year and either sign or draft a PG for the future. I am okay if Smith is our starter for the next season or 2. He can do what we need (without being a great stretcher of the floor). Not too many point guards can stretch the floor like we would hope so lets just stick with this for the timebeing.

We have 50 games left.

I agree on most everything you say, especially with Stauskas. You can see glimpses of his ability in a game like last night, and it's been frustrating to see his play to date this year. He just hasn't had any confidence. But he absolutely has the ability handle, drive and dish (when making shots). Prior to Ish getting here, I would have been in favor of letting him handle the ball for last possessions of quarters. Why not....neither PGs had the ability to create anything in closing seconds of quarters. But I also assumed (incorrectly) that Stauskas' play was going to improve gradually as he got more comfortable.

I have a feeling that Ish is going to make a lot of guys better just by playing the position with a minimum level of competence. He knows how to run a team.

And I think Marshall may be able to build on that (making guys better) as he gets back into the game.

Stauskus noted how his game picked up when the Kings brought Andre Miller on board last year. He would get guys shots where they wanted to get them. I know Smith can play well with big men, but hopefully that translates to the perimeter guys as well (it seemingly did last night). Marshall definitely seems to have some Andre Miller in him as well. I would even keep TJ as he has similar traits.

not a fan of this starting lineup

I have a suspicion that MDA likes Jakarr. He gave him an awkwardly loud/noticeable hug after that last minute defensive stop with Grant the other night.

probably cause of all the good cuts he makes

all of a sudden noel can make a jumper with ish around

he also needs to stop trying to run fast breaks

He gets steals and then looks like he is on ice skates.

you can take thad young off the team but you cant take the thad young out of the team

back to back 3 second calls!

Withey showing up in this quarter. I won't forget Brian liking him as a 2nd round flyer.

Ish not having his best quarter.

Holmes looking solid again.

been enjoying holmes lately

i guess covington took stauskas spot in the dog house

jazz 3 at the buzzer

down 37-23 end of the 1st

They did not miss many shots. Neto giving our PGs issues. No 3s from us.

doesnt help when the refs dont give the sixers any calls

canaan and 1

missed it

Jazz D is strong even without Favors and Gabort. Getting hands on passes and disrupting the lane.

We are shooting 50% yet down by 18.

cant we have like a 2 good weeks where one of hollis, covington and stauskas arent a mess

cant we have like a 2 good weeks where two* of hollis, covington and stauskas arent a mess


LOL we get NO calls....and when we do, they are late whistles and wipe off putback slams.

So can we agree that Noel is a center, plain & simple? On both ends.

Definitely. They are square-pegging him at 4.

So then what do you do with Jah?

The easy answer is you play them each 30 minutes. 24 alone at the 5 and overlap 6 minutes. You build their values by playing them mostly separate but also experiment and see if they can find a way to work together.

The "great" answer is you develop a system where they can both be on the floor - leveraging Okafor on post offense. And Nerlens under the hoop on defense.

Ultimately, I think you need to test the limits of the game to ever be elite. Gasol and Randolph worked despite similar defensive issues. Favors and Gobert struggled for a long time but seem to have figured it out. I am not confident that Nerlens and Okafor ever will.... but given how young they are, I am willing to spend some time finding out.

Fair points. Z-Bo can step out though. And Gasol is an elite passer in addition to DPOY. I'm trying to search for Gobert and Favors' ORtgs and DRtgs and their on/off numbers to see how they do together vs. one at a time, but my uninformed guess is that you can pretty much have a really good defense with Gobert as the anchor no matter who you pair him with, and an elite one when you pair him with a plus athlete and defender like Favors. So I'm not sure you can look at those frontcourts and draw a parallel with Noel and Okafor, I think our situation is a bit murkier.

My concern is that Okafor may be something like a big man version of MCW. Put him on the floor on a bad team and force feed him possessions and he'll put up numbers. But whether his skills can be conducive to long-term winning basketball remains a big question. But your take makes sense to me too, so I don't know.

And then the drawback to the "great" answer is that they'd be investing years and lots of $$ waiting for a radical transformation of their two best players' games which may never come while they ruin each others' trade values. I wouldn't trade either one just yet, since obviously their values are at all time lows right now, but I wouldn't rule out a move at the deadline or at the draft.

The bad offense is back.

cov putback

down 58-45 at the half

canaan to the line

split them

grant got tired of being shoved and shoved back

picked up a t

Ish is getting worked tonight. I would rather stick with him though... staying aggressive.

Stauskus can't get a shot off but I am glad he isn't forcing it.

Covington's shot still looks awful.

jazz, "here take the game"

sixers, "no thanks"

jazz, "are you sure?"



GREAT quarter

tied at 78 end of the 3rd

finish it

tie game after 3!

please just hand the clipboard to D'Antoni, Brett, and find a seat.

tj to noel oop!

33-10 run


get ish back in


these refs suck

Home cooking

Classic NBA.

that oop!!!!!

Ish (prior to that oop) missing a few at the hoop again...I still think that is the move here. Get in the lane and go up with it.

hayward has pushed off pretty much every shot and they havent called it once

noel to the line

made both

ish 3!!!!!!


ish to noel alley oop!!!

up 2

hayward 3

down 1

stauskas miss

booker fouled and to the line

split them

ugh ish misses a point blank look

lost 95-91

how did he miss that

Brett's go-to play idea in the waning moments last night was an iso jumpshot for Scrubkus. How many wins does this team have with Brad Stevens on the bench instead of Brown? I bet it's 4 or 5.

Would you rather have Jahlil or Vucevic?

For this team? I'd probably stick with Okafor. More scoring, less rebounding, probably less defense even, but he has a more intriguing age/skill set combination than Vucevic at this point. It may be easier to build with Vuc as part of your core though.

I think it'd be a challenge to contend with either of them, but I agree with you that Okafor isn't a bust and probably has a couple of All Star appearancences in him as long as he remains the focal point of a team.


It's close.

I am with you, Okafor over Vuce. And it builds on the discussion we had above. Okafor is not a natural fit in the NBA right now., but his offensive ability is so unique at a young age.

I think my main point above was that, yes, the natural choice would be to trade Noel/Okafor for a wing. But if you believe they each have an elite skillset (Okafor on offense, Noel on defense) at such a young age, developing a system around them is worth an extended project. Think how long it took Randolph to fit and succeed in the NBA - part attitude but also it took Gasol's unique skill set to build with. I don't think its crazy to say these guys could get to their type level in 3 years (I understand we don't neccesarrily want to wait).

I am very curious to see what Okafor looks like with Ish.

FWIW, I am also 100% fine giving Ish a 3-4 year deal. What is the main pushback on him? Defense? Outside shooting? Does he remind anyone else a bit of Tony Parker?

I'd probably keep Okafor over Vuce, but that has more to do with trade value than being a fan of his game. There are no net positive centers in the league with his profile (skilled iso scorer, meh rebounder, defensive turnstile). I'm worried all of the major positives about his game ultimately amount to a gimmick. Like, if the goal is to have a rare, offensively skilled big man with an anachronistic skill set then he's your guy, but if the goal is sustainable winning, then it's better to look elsewhere. He sports a 27.4 usage rate and combines it with a ball stopping style, inefficiency, and a bad assist to turnover ratio. And his defense looks like this:


Then there are the character concerns, and I'm not even talking about his off-the-court adventures. This may just be recency bias talking, since every time I turn on the game all I see is crap, but I think he's lazy. How does a big man with such nimble footwork move so poorly on the defensive end and fail to challenge shots at the rim with his 7'5" or whatever wingspan? Why can't a player with his mastodon build rebound and set better screens than Spencer Hawes if not for lack of effort. I think he's more determined to see himself emerge as a 25ppg guy in the league than anything else. He just seems to have a selfish game, but I don't wanna go too deep with my eye-test psychology here lol.

I'd start shopping him. Jimmy Butler may be on the block in Chicago sometime soon and if Chicago wants to blow it up and start a rebuild with a Mirotic/Okafor frontcourt, maybe Okafor + Lakers pick + Miami pick gets it done. He's from Chicago and that pairing works on offense.

Ish reminds me of Tony Parker the same way that Okafor reminds me of Duncan. If you adjust for the Sixers-suck factor and squint real hard, you can kind of see it.

I think Hinkie wanted to draft Porzingis last year but was warned Porzingis' camp that he would go back to Latvia if the Sixers took him.

why is canaan playing so much

Same with Jakarr.

Coach addressed Jakarr a couple weeks ago, saying that he wanted more defense. Basically, he took Stauskas' minutes.

Regarding Canaan, Brown also kind of addressed this question, saying he needed the shooting to space the floor. Canaan sucks, but he can shoot. Canaan at the point guard is an unmitigated disaster, but at the two, he is serviceable. (Please note, when I say serviceable, I am using that term relative to the lowest of low bars set by a team that is 3-33.)

So the question for me then, is why is Covington in the doghouse? Covington should be getting more minutes than Canaan and Jakarr. Can't he also play two?

eb back!(as long as he isnt taking minutes from holmes and grant im ok with it)

ish, stauskas, grant, noel and okafor starting tonight

dont have my hopes up about that lineup working

last time okafor and towns played, okafor torched him

we'll see if its any different tonight

no surprise but the spacing is mostly a mess

stop switching smith off of rubio

grant gets screwed by so many bad block/charge calls

good stuff from the bench here

hollis at the buzzer

up 29-25 end of the 1st

no Canaan that quarter

hollis and 1 putback

missed it

sixers missing mostly good looks from 3

only thing keeping this close

down 50-47 at the half

bad offense down the stretch hurt the d

garnett starting shit with jakarr

would try to post okafor more here

okafor and 1

missed the ft

you know who would be a coach for MIN


canaan 3

and then takes a horrible shot