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Game Three Key Indicators

Did the Sixers do a decent job of getting into the lane on the offensive end and keeping Indiana out on defense? How was Andre Iguodala's shot selection? What about Evan Turner's off-the-ball performance? This is where we keep tabs on some key trends using the advanced data now available to us.

Inside vs. Outside - At the rim attempts vs. long twos.

  • At the rim: 14/23 (led by Jrue, 4/7)
  • 16-23 feet: 9/25 (led by Thad, 2/5)
  • Ratio: 0.92 (higher is better)

  • At the rim: 18/31
  • 16-23: 7/21
  • Ratio: 1.48
Indy had no problem at all getting into the lane and doing damage when they were in there. Jrue and Turner were attacking the hoop, but the team as a whole still settled more than they attacked. They've lost this ratio in all three games, and they're 0-3 so far.

Iguodala's shot selection - AI9 took 5 shots in the lane and 5 shots outside. The selection wasn't really an issue in this one, though, it was more about the volume. He was pretty passive despite a favorable matchup. He should've looked to play a bigger role and his teammates should've looked to him for offense more frequently. Disappointing follow-up to his 27-point effort against Atlanta.

Risk vs. Reward - The Sixers offense sputtered and was pretty much abandoned for most of this game. After sharing the ball very well in the first two games, we saw way too much dribbling the air out of the ball, not enough movement off the ball and generally too much ineffective one-on-one play.

  • Total Assists: 13
  • Assists at the rim: 5
  • Assists in the lane (not at the rim): 0
  • Assists on long twos: 3
  • Assists on threes: 5
  • Turnovers: 19
You aren't going to win many games with an assist-to-turnover ratio of less than one. Unfortunately, this wasn't even their biggest problem last night.

Turner can't play off the ball - At least we have some made field goals to look at from this game, he was 0-fer in game 2:

  • Total FG: 4
  • Assisted FG: 1
  • Percent assisted: 25%
  • Turner was 4/4 at the rim and 0/7 from everywhere else on the floor. Had he knocked down a couple of those jumpers, they would've been assisted.
Perhaps the most important stat of the night is the 15 minutes Jrue, Turner and Iguodala played together. I'm hoping that number will continue to climb. The team scored 23 points in the 15 minutes, and allowed 30. Bad production, but they need to grow as a unit.

Thoughts in the comments, as usual.