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Be Aggressive...

It's always fun to take a look at the stats when a player is on a hot streak. After the jump we'll break down Thad's play from the past five games.

The heat chart above (from NBA.com) may surprise you a little bit. It's a graphical look at Thad's shooting over the past five games, and while he has been hot with his jumper from certain spots, it's mainly been his drives to the hoop that have fueled his hot streak. (For some reason, the game vs. the Bulls isn't included in the previous 5 games, but you get the picture).

I'll break the numbers down for you a little bit (from the graphic):
  • In the paint: 20/39
  • 2-point jumpers: 8/14
  • 3-pointers: 5/15
39 attempts at the rim, 29 outside the paint. That means Thad is getting out on the break, he's taking his man off the dribble and he's setting up in the low post. Basically, he's putting pressure on the defense. He's also shooting 44.8% on his jump shots in the games tracked above, which is over 10% higher than his season average, I believe.

If you haven't noticed, the Sixers haven't exactly struggled in the half-court recently. There's a simple reason. Thad is their most-effective weapon against a set defense. If Thad can keep this up, the Sixers will be tough to beat. More importantly, if this is a glimpse at the offensive player Thad is going to evolve into, the sky's the limit.

One more, "while you were sleeping" stat. Check out Andre Iguodala's heat chart over the past 10 games:

That's right, over the past 10 games, Iguodala has shot 13/30 from three, that's good for 43.3% folks. (OK, so their math is off again, he's actually shot 12/33 over the past 10 games, but still, that's 36.6% which is above average. And isn't it more fun to look at all that red on the screen than, you know, accurate stats).

The Sixers start their roadie at the Lakers tonight at 10:30pm. You know I'll be here (that's prime time for me), hope to see you guys for the in-game discussion. In the mean time, leave your Thad related thoughts in the comments. What's his ceiling? What does he need to do to get there?

by Brian on Mar 17 2009
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