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Brett Brown Draws the Short Straw

After an interminable journey through the ranks of disinterested assistant NBA coaches, the Sixers finally tagged their man (then had to pay a king's ransom to get him to take the job) -- Brett Brown. Brown's bonafides are fine. Unfortunately, it's probably going to take him longer than the 4 guaranteed years the Sixers gave him to get his coaching record above .500.

If the Sixers were a team interest in wins, or even mildly interested in fan interest, I'd break down what the new coach could bring to the table. Unfortunately, this season, I'm more concerned that he doesn't try to be a hero. We've got Evan Turner banging the "we aren't tanking" drum, with Brown singing backup. It's disturbing. And kind of ironic, considering if there's one person most responsible for the need to tank, it's Evan "Waste of the #2 Pick" Turner.

This was my favorite Turner quote from the interview: "(Brown) said he wants to get us in the best fitness shape of our life." As opposed to Collins who encouraged Turner to be in terrible "fitness" shape. Turner's amazing lack of self awareness never ceases to amaze.

Anyway, if what I'm hearing about an up-tempo offense holds true, it's a good move. It'll make their defense worse, create more possessions (maximize the Sixers statistical disadvantage against basically every team) and inflate counting numbers for scrubs like Turner. If there's anything this summer has taught us, it's that there are still plenty of NBA decision makers who rely on nothing more than PPG, RPG and APG.

I'm glad the Sixers ponied up for the guy they wanted, if that's what actually happened. I think it was a good move to clear out all the old assistant coaches. Unfortunately, I think if Brown is still here for the fourth year of his contract, it probably means the grand plan is still a work in progress. If they hit the lottery next summer, add Wiggins and then use their cap space to augment a team on the rise the following year, Brown will probably be on his way out so a legit NBA coach can move the team up the ranks in the Eastern Conference. Meanwhile,  Brown will be out in the cold waiving a resume with 70 wins and 176 losses at potential employers.