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Draft Day 2014

Everything and anything. You know my stance, just find a way to get Wiggins, that's the only meaningful goal today, Sam. I won't even pay attention to the 20 other trades to shuffle deck chairs in the second round tonight and in future drafts. Just get your guy and realize none of your other assets matter without the lynchpin.

The ideal draft would go something like this for me:

1. Parker
2. Exum
3. Wiggins
4. Embiid
5. Vonleh
6. Smart
7. Randle (Sixers trade Thad for the pick)
8. Gordon
9. McDermott
10. Stauskus

I'll settle for:

1. Wiggins (Sixers trade up to get him)

2-∞ who cares.

  • Noel
  • Randle
  • Wiggins
  • Stauskus
  • MCW

That would be something to get excited about this year. I'll be around in the comments throughout the day/night. Hopefully something excitement-worthy will happen.
by Brian on Jun 26 2014
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