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Draft Day 2014

Following on that Orlando Denver Salary mismatch...

The Nuggets appear to be absorbing Afflalo into a trade exception, Zach Lowe of Grantland tweets. A quick glance at this summer’s outstanding trade exceptions would indicate that Denver is using the $9.868MM exception from the Andre Iguodala deal to take on Afflalo.

pretty sure that Afflalo deal really hurts thad's value

What about the asik deal last night?

I think the value depends on the team that wants him. The lakers for instance might value experience more than the #7 pick since they will have cap room and screwed themselves with the Kobe extension

I think your dream scenario is a pipe dream. Maybe it could have happened last week back when Embiid was healthy and Randle was sliding. But right now I expect that if they want Wiggins it will take a kings ransom- like 3+10+32.

Or more, if you believe Sam Amcio's most recent comment.

There’s a lot of skepticism that the Cavs are at all serious about trading the No. 1 pick

So they're probably looking for that Herschel Walker type over pay.

I'm fine with that price

I would have done that for a healthy Embiid, but not for Wiggins. Not even if I knew he'd be the next Paul George, which of course we don't.

I think that's idiotic, but to each his own.

George is the "franchise player" on a team that got trounced by a team that got trounced in the Finals. I think that whether he's good enough to be the best player on a Finals winner is a very open question. When they were competitive against Miami the previous season, Hibbert was the best player in the series. Anyway, I only see something like a 30 to 40 percent chance that Wiggins will even be that good.

I never said I thought George was Wiggins' best-case. I think his ceiling is higher.

And if you had a choice between coming out of this draft with Paul George or two or three guys with about 0% chance of getting anywhere near that level you'd take the latter? That's idiotic.

Paul George is a nice player but let's not get carried away here.

I'm guessing everyone also gave Paul George about a 0% chance of becoming Paul George

Very true. I'm all for drafting a wing or a big w/ the size/athleticism to be able to reach that level.

Nice one, Mr. Bear!

Brian, your ideal draft: Wiggins, Randle, and Stauskas would be just great. I don't know how anyone could complain about it.

The difference between us is that I'm not convinced that Wiggins is "the lynchpin" and I wouldn't be inclined to give up a lot in the way of other opportunities for him. Perhaps I would if I had the same esthetic attachment to his possibilities that you seem to have, but I just don't. I would ask you to reflect back a bit to your feelings on resigning Bynum after the 2013 season when almost everyone else was saying "HELL NO!."

I'd be extremely pleased with your ideal draft, of course, but, if I could have anything I might want, I think I would like to see something a bit more radical from Hinkie: using this draft for the purposes of selecting a core of lottery cohorts. Here's something I wouldn't mind at all:

#3: Marcus Smart (if Wiggins isn't available);

#7 (through trade of Thad): Julius Randle

#10: Jusuf Nurkic (because what the NBA needs right now is a Slavic look-a-like of Bryant "Big Country" Reeves);

Rodney Hood might be a second choice; if we trade MCW and don't pick Smart, we might want to select Elfrid Payton here, but, as you've said, there are a fair number of competent free agent point guards available.

#12 (through trade of MCW to Orlando): Nick Stauskas (preferably) or Doug McDermott

A bit harsh

according to zach lowe the protections on the pick in the asik deal are as follow: "The Pelicans will keep the pick next season only if it falls within the top three or after no. 20; the Rockets get it if it falls somewhere in between those spots, per sources close to the talks."

Is that the first time a pick has had top and bottom 'protections' on it?

BTW - there's a rumor that to get into the first round at 22, the raptors will be taking on Tayshaun Princes 7 million for next year (and giving away John Salmons and the 37th pick)

the rockets did a similar thing when they traded lowry to Toronto

Interesting, didn't know that. Thanks.

This day might more fun than trade deadline day in February (just in general) in terms of craziness

John Salmon's autobiography could have the same title as Rocky Graziano's: Somebody Up there Likes Me. Despite few people "down here" liking him for very long, he continues to be in the league at the age of 34 and, even if the Raptors waive him and his NBA career ends, will have earned about 57 million dollars over his time in the league.

Ford's Final Mock:
1) Wiggins
2) Parker
3) Exum
4) Vonleh
5) Gordon
6) Embiid

10) Stauskas

I'm presuming Randle is somewhere in 7-9?


7) Randle
8) Smart
9) McDermott

Yep, for a long time there has clearly been a big drop off after #8. I was hoping that somehow one of those top 8 would slide, but that seems unlikely- especially after Saric signed his extension.

I actually thought that maybe Saric made it a 9 man draft, but it sounds like he has slid a bit since he will not be coming over for 2 years.

It would be funny if they ended up drafting Embiid and Saric. Young and MCW would blow a gasket.

"It would be funny if they ended up drafting Embiid and Saric. Young and MCW would blow a gasket."

And they would be joined by many thousands of fans.

I'd be fine w/ that if they stay put. I'd prefer it to Exum and Gordon.

This should make Brian very happy

A league source tells Bob Cooney of the Daily News (on Twitter) that the Sixers are in full court press mode with Cleveland to get the No. 1 pick. “They really, really, really want Wiggins,” the source said.

Wish it was coming from a reporter with actual sources in the organization, though.

I think it's probably coming from the Cavaliers anyway :)

BTW - this just made me laugh - ANdre Iguodala - GM

In an interview with SiriusXM, Warriors star Andre Iguodala said that he doesn’t believe teammate Klay Thompson should be traded as part of a deal for Minnesota’s Kevin Love, writes Diamond Leung of the Bay Area News Group. “That’s not going to happen,” Iguodala said. “I want to clear that up right now. We should not trade Klay Thompson. “I tell Klay this every day. I text Klay and say, ‘Don’t worry. I’m your man. I’m going to make sure you get paid. I’m going to get you the max (contract). You’ll be taken care of. Don’t stress.’”

It's starting to feel like Hinkie won't be denied Wiggins. I trust the man, so if he feels Wiggins is that much better than everyone else...go get him.

I trust him so far too but I als know the history (in many sports) of over loading assets to get one player, it's hardly ever played out well

I would also say that a deal offering multiple quality players and/or picks for one of the top draft picks should appeal more to a team like the Sixers than to a team like the Cavs. The Cavs have multiple high draft picks from recent drafts and don't have a problem with roster numbers. They seem to have about 8 sure returnees on their roster if Verejao is included. Verejao had another credible year last year and 40% of this final year salary is guaranteed anyway. Cleveland has the #33rd pick in addition to the first. Why wouldn't they just take who they believe is the best player for them at #1?

Cleveland may likely take a shot at Lebron and they might have a chance. If that's the case, they probably wouldn't want Wiggins, but they can still take Parker and perhaps find a quality prospect with the #33 pick. That would give them 10 filled roster spaces. They have enough money to go after Lebron or maybe another quality free agent or two if they can't get him.

3,10 and 32 is too much for me and for an organization that really doesnt leak, all the sixers really want Wiggins stuff seems odd to me

Good point. I won't claim to understand Hinkie but he does seem to value secrecy and the ability to surprise.

'Seem'??? Replace that with 'silently scream' for a tighter profile on the Egghead That Ate Philadelphia.

3, 10 & 32 for a Big 12 triple jumper with a dubious passion for the game's nuts & bolts [my read]? Nah, too much. Especially when the cupboard is nearly bare.

Stock up for the coming winter and beyond, okie dokie, Sam? The WFC home tunnel would like an assortment of winners please. U D Xpert. The time to fetch is upon you. To the wary Wizard of Ozymandias, GM: may your pretensions and apprehensions and calculations and blufftations deliver talent to this fair city - now!

Congrats on signing up. I was worried we'd lose you.

Thanks, Brian. Applications run against my grain, but I worked through it.

I think it's where there's smoke there's fire. The info doesn't have to be (and most likely is not) coming from the Sixers organization. They have to be in discussions w/ other teams to move, that's probably where the info is coming from.

I hope this Jeff Goodman from ESPN has shit sources. This is his final mock:

Julius Randle
Philadelphia 76ers (19 - 63)
COLLEGE: Kentucky
HT: 6-9
WT: 234

Sixers GM Sam Hinkie has the most difficult decision in the draft. Does he take an injured Embiid a year after taking Nerlens Noel? Does he roll the dice on Dante Exum, even though Michael Carter-Williams is a similar player? I'm hearing Julius Randle is in play for this pick -- if Philly keeps it.

Who did he say Philadelphia would take at 10?

One would think that if Hinkie did take Randle at #3, he would surely trade Thad for a third 1st rounder, but I guess sports writers aren't comfortable projecting that far into the unknown.


Yes, if the Sixers don't make draft day trades and end up with Randle and Stauskas as the first rounders, this evening will be leave a sour taste to most unless they manage to obtain a Mark Price, Nick Van Excel, Jeff Hornacek, Michael Redd, Manu Ginobilli, Dennis Rodman, or Bill Laimbeer with #32.

The asking price for the No. 1 pick is as high as picks Nos. 3, 10, and 32 from the Sixers, Tom Moore of the Courier Times tweets. If Philly stays at No. 3, meanwhile, Dante Exum will likely be their choice.

Technically speaking, we are past the 1pm CT deadline where teams can officially trade picks, but the Cavs can draft someone for the Sixers or another club to complete a trade.

So if they were to give up those picks, take Wiggins #1, then trade Thad for Nash and #7, that would be a great haul, imo. I'd include MCW in the Laker deal if Embiid, Smart or Randle were still available at #7. I say pull the trigger.

I'm not a fan of Smart, just a personal thing, Randles reviews have been all over the place since this draft nonsense started so I'm not even sure what to think just yet.

I still think if you're saving the lakers all that nash money - you shouldn't have to give them two players - no matter who is available

"I still think if you're saving the lakers all that nash money - you shouldn't have to give them two players - no matter who is available"

I completely agree with this, but I'd go to 2 players if it was one of those three I was getting in return...well, maybe no Randle. But I'd do it if Smart was my target because I'd never want to see MCW and Smart on the floor at the same time and Embiid is just so tantalizing. If it was Randle I might just offer Thad.

My main point here is if you can turn #3, #10, #32 and Thad into the guy you've wanted from day one plus another of the top eight in the draft, that's a huge fucking win.

Well if Smart was their target from day one (has there been anything to say such a thing, cause I'd be disappointed if it were true). Honestly of the three names you mention the only guy I like is Embiid to give up Thad and Mcw.

And again, if they love Wiggins, go get him, I don't love Wiggins that much.

What's weird is to compare Andrew Wiggins upside to a guy who hasn't even become a full player yet (George). Not saying that it's wrong or anything, but since Paul George probably isn't done reaching his 'upside' how can one say Wiggins upside is George unless it's George today, which i wouldn't do back flips over personally...his game still needs a lot of work

I was saying Wiggins was their target from day one. And I never said his ceiling was George.

Then why compare him to Paul George as you did earlier today?

And you believe that before Embiid's foot injury they still preferred Wiggins? I hope not personally


The Cavs are talking with the Kings, Celtics, and Sixers about the No. 1 pick but not the Wolves or Magic at this stage

I responded to someone else comparing him to Paul George. I think it was Tray who said something like "Even if he was guaranteed to be Paul George, I wouldn't trade that much for him."

My bad, misunderstood what I was reading.

I just don't think that unless he's a guaranteed lock to be a top 10 player in the league (and he ain't since he's got huge holes) that any player would be worth two top 10 picks PLUS and getting in bidding war.

No one but Lebron has been a lock to reach that level before he was drafted. Wiggins has the best chance in this draft, and probably the last four of reaching that level.

If the Sixers gave them both Thad and MCW, the Sixers should at least get either Kendall Marshall or Jordan Hill if they can somehow arrange for a sign and trade of Hill after July 1.

I'd be fine w/ that, but wouldn't walk away from the deal if it was the sticking point. Doubt either one of those guys would figure into the future of the team.

That would also be a good outcome if one wanted to force Hinkie's hands to sign players after July 1st.

I'm assuming the team will waive Richardson and Moultrie, maybe resign Sims, and possibly keep Mullens because he has a cheap player option. That would leave them with the following:

#7 pick ( probably Smart if MCW traded)
maybe one of the remaining second rounders

Despite the potential, that's a roster with some holes. If Nash isn't on the active roster (probable), they would have to sign at least 5 players depending upon what they decide to do with some team options.

Luckily the free agent market seems fairly stocked with power forwards and point guard this year.

Yeah, there would be work to do to put something on the floor this season. Long term, the team would look like this:


Boatloads of cap space. To me, that's a better place than:


Don't they have boatloads of cap space coming up any time soon in either scenario?

They don't have any need for 'boatloads' of capspace this off season unless Lebron says 'hey i'll come play with you'.

Yes, they'll have cap space either way. They might even be able to use it to get a star if they've grown one of their own.

This off season they won't have a 'grown' star then...so having boatloads of cap space this off season don't mean much :)

Kevin Durant is an unrestricted free agent in 2016...coincidentally when Thaddeus Young expires, and every player who has a contract past that year (currently on the roster) is on a team option.

To me that's a realistic target year and player, I could see Durant coming here if he felt he could win here. And that gives young guy two more seasons to develop...

So - no rush to add cap space- and no rush to sign anyone long term this off season unless you think they can help you recruit and win with Durant

I'm beginning to warm up to your vision especially since the free agent market has multiple decent power forward and point guard options and I don't want Exum or Gordon and I have no problem seeing MCW go elsewhere.

The big obstacle in my mind though is that I'm not sure why getting those extra things would be worth so much to Cleveland unless they really, really wanted Embiid but wanted some consolation for having to wait for him.

Saw Chad Ford say if Cleveland picks Jabari #1, it probably means they traded it to Orlando (which doesn't seem as likely now). If they take Wiggins it means they're keeping the pick, or they've got a deal with the Sixers.

If they take Wiggins and we take Embiid, I bet there's a trade in place.

I really don't like Julius Randle. I've gone out of my way to watch a lot of Kentucky games last season and I just couldn't get myself to like him. He's physically limited, his shots look unnatural, and he seems like a guy that will have 5 or 10 good games when everything comes together. I wouldn't make the MCW, Thad for #7 trade if he was the best player available.

If my team's medical staff said there was a good chance that Embiid would be fully healthy in 1 or 2 years, I would take him #3. I don't mind waiting

He was good when it mattered: in the NCAA tournament.

What's everyone's odds for the following things tonight

1. Sixers trade Up to #1
2. Sixers get #7 without giving up 3 or 10
3. Sixers move down
4. Sixers get a late first round pick with their 5 second round picks.
5. Sixers pick 3 or more players in the second round
6. Kevin Love gets trade

Good questions:

1) I'm thinking 30% chance they move up to #1.
2) If they get it, they won't give up a pick. 40% chance they get #7 w/out giving up a pick.
3) 10% they move down from #3.
4) 25% they package 2nd rounders for a late first.
5) 75% chance they take 3 or more 2nd round players. 100% chance they draft and then trade at least one in the 2nd round.
6) 50% chance Love gets traded tonight, or at least it's announced tonight.

100% chance Hinkie makes at least one move that seems (and probably is) completely pointless.

Bitter, so very bitter, and just a year ago you were very excited by Mr Hinkie :)

(if i could shake my head sadly with an image or something i would do so ;) )

I don't think #1 or #2 happen, I say there's a 45% chance they moved down, from 10, 50% chance they package 2nd rounders for a later first, 50% chance they draft 3 second rounders (95% chance two of them are stash players)

No ideas on love, it seems like if the warriors include Thompson it's done, and they're split over there...and of course ANdre Iguodala says no

I'd do it if I were them. Thompson is good, but Love is more disruptive as a running mate for Curry. If they could get a slasher at the two, they'd be really hard to defend.

1. 3 to 1
2. 5 to 1
3. zero
4. 1 to 1000
5. 1 to 5
6. 2 to 1

Good questions, GoSixers!

1) I'd say definitely below equally likely: maybe 20%. For this to work, Cleveland would have to strongly prefer Embiid over the other two and do this just to get additional compensation for having to wait a year for him. I also don't know whether the Sixers have what it takes to interest Cleveland. For example, Utah's reported proposal looked better to me that what the Sixers can offer.

2) Maybe equally likely: 50%. Lakers haven't shown a great deal of interest in building through the draft most years. If they could get Thad and MCW, they might pull the trigger. They really do need numbers on their roster.

3) Not likely: 10% or less. I don't see much motivation for that.

4) Low: 20% or less. If #32 is gone in another deal there would seem to be no chance of pulling this off.

5) Picking is high; keeping is virtually 0%.

6) 50% or better. Love looks like a lame duck and the longer the Wolves wait the more desperate they will become.

I also don't know whether the Sixers have what it takes to interest Cleveland. For example, Utah's reported proposal looked better to me that what the Sixers can offer.

It's simple to trump this, take Embiid at #3, then Utah's offer loses most of its value. The #5 turns into Vonleh rather than Embiid.

Well, I think I like Exum's suit better than Wiggins'.

Someone on ESPN LA radio just said it looks like a cat vomited on his jacket

When in doubt, pick the better foul shooter.
If I'm picking, Gordon is out of on that fundamental account. Free throws matter, accrueitively.

Is Staus Canadian too? Wiggins and Stuas would've been perfect if only Embiid's foot had held up for another week.

Yeah, from ontario, and he'll be 21 in october

I wonder what Steve Toll will be doing tonight. Probably screaming at his dog or something.

There's only one thing that makes my girlfriend want to commit violence against people - it's cruelty to animals

Not a Vick fan, huh?

not as a human being or a football player, ever

I'm glad '7' is a Jet, losers since Richard Todd and Wesley Walker and Joe Klecko.

@WojYahooNBA Barring an 11th hour offer, Cleveland plans to keep No. 1 pick and choose between Andrew Wiggins and Jabari Parker, source tells Yahoo.

Is the choice that tenuous? Is the organization that bad? I'd hope they'd know by this hour.

Various reports are that they're split again, like they were last year, owner wants Wiggins, rest of front office wants Parker. The owner probably has his stupid playoff mandate again, front office drafting for job, so they want to take the guy nba ready, owner can't fire himself so he can push the less ready higher upside guy cause missing the playoffs doesn't cost him his job. Owner was the guy who pushed Bennett last year reportedly. It's a poorly run organization yes, think Dallas Cowboys...with less money and class

Maybe Gilbert's support of Wiggins means he doesn't have a mandate this year, after seeing how that worked out last year.

Or maybe his support of Wiggins is an indication he can't fire himself.

Well I'm sure he's been told that Wiggins will not advance their playoff hopes much next season, and that Parker really would.


Is it safe to assume you think Kevin Pelton isn't really that good at analysis?

Not supposed to be posted as a response to Tray

On that subject, the stats people at canis hoopius have written that the players who tend to overperform their statistical projections from college numbers are the big-time athletes. DeRozan, for instance, has become a pretty decent NBA player after putting up really lackluster numbers at USC. That's the example I remember, anyway.

Dei Lynam is reporting that the sixers have indeed offered 3,10, and 32.

Can't have a news delivery without 'indeed' in it these days. Has grown like a fungus. It's an important word. :)

Indeed, the sixers will draft Embiid

Nice rhyme, strong content - A+.

Enjoy the fireworks, fellas!

starting to think they take embiid over exum but what do i know?

So as it looks like we're not trading up, my pre-draft thoughts on the options at 3:

If we draft Embiid, it probably means his medical reports aren't so bad. Hinkie knows more than we do about Embiid's health, so I don't see how we can object if he goes that way. Virtually every scout out there sees Embiid as the most talented prospect in the draft by a long shot. If his long-term prognosis is good, as picking him at 3 would suggest, getting him would be a massive success.

If we draft Exum, I'd be pretty happy. Again, the Sixers know a lot more about him than we do; they've seen him work out, while we've just seen game tape from a year ago, they've seen all his Australian games on film, Brett Brown's coached him. He seems to have about as much talent as any of the big-name combo guards who've gone high in recent years. None of them were great shooters at 18 either, and who knows what his jump shot looks like right now after 12 months of training? I also find the superlative results in psych testing really encouraging. He seems to be an extremely confident, but not at all arrogant player who other guys like to play with.

Vonleh would be a major disappointment; to me he only projects as an above-average starter at one of the more stacked positions in the league. Maybe he can be the third best player on a contender, but by himself he's not going to advance the rebuild very far. And unlike the other two, we know about as much about Vonleh as the Sixers do, so if they pick him it's harder to just bow to their superior knowledge.

i dont think the new comment thing is working

it keeps saying 0 new comments when i know there is at least 1 new comment

It hasn't work on my mac with firefox basically since implementation :)

Works real well on my phone but never on the computer.

its always worked on my laptop

havent noticed til now when it stopped

If CLE is still on the fence about who they'll pick (as reported), yet turned down 3,10, and 32, they really are a mess.

Not at all. What if they strongly believe that this is a 2-player draft, even as they disagree on who's #1? There are also reports we wouldn't give them that.

This is Cleveland we're talking about.

I don't know. Their behavior seems to be consistent with 3 reasonable views: Exum is an unknown, Embiid's too risky, Wiggins and Parker have very different strengths and weaknesses and are about on par with each other.

Oh, and a fourth reasonable view: no one at 10 is adequate value for the dropoff from Wiggins/Parker to unknown/health risk. Which I totally buy if you buy 1-3.

dx has vonleh falling to 10

For has the Sixers with Embiid and Vonleh in his latest mock.

Woj reports that Vonleh is falling and will go no earlier than 7.

I think someone needs to come up with a sort of technology that allows you to mute specific voices on the tv, I'd like to hear Silver make the announcements - but Bilas, Rose, Simmons - that's a guaranteed ear bleeding night.

So - last licks folks - who are the sixers picking at #3.

I think it's Embiid, I think the agent holding on to the medical records only to the sixers is a positive sign regarding those bone density issues (just a gut feeling I had driving home.)

If not Embiid, I say Exum and I bet the sixers know more about him than any other team in the league.

Reports are that

A. Cleveland knows finally who they are going to pick
B. Not sure if they are keeping it yet though (supposedly the GM sent a text to Andy Katz)

Embiid or Exum. I'm good with either.


Jay Bilas on Jabari Parker
"He's not an alert or willing defender right now".

If Jay Bilas is down on a duke players performance, he must SUCK at it

Please, please

Parker at #3 (if not, Wiggins is a fine consolation)

Stauskas at #10 (I want this guy on the Sixers really, really bad. McDermott would be fine here too.)

Sleepers who I'd like to see us get but just not sure where they should be taken -

TJ Warren and Markel Brown

Shabazz Napier and Jarnell Stokes

DeAndre Daniels and DeAndre Kane

and PJ Hairston

Wiggins sounds dumb. "Can't be concerned about other people's guhhhlsandeshpectations."

And Parker sounds like a 10 year vet wise with experience.

Well he did academically qualify to go to Duke right?

So did Kyrie. We're not like Princeton, as far as I know you just have to meet the NCAA minimums.

Sense of humor obviously not required

Well I mean English isn't his first language, it's Canadian

I would have loved to hear Wiggins talk in hockey-speak: "oh ya know...uh....the boys are all ready".

A reporter with Canada's Sportsnet, Michael Grange, recently tweeted that:

League sources: Philly making a big push -- picks 3,10, 32 & NEXT yrs 1st & Thad Young for Cleveland for No. 1 and Wiggins.

Can't be true.

it isnt

the cavs will make up anything

Reese doing the job of making sure Jonny Manziel is talked about on ESPN as much as possible - well done Reese - you'll get your bonus cookie

Anyone know why BJ Armstrong looked like he was sitting at Jabari's table? Is he working for an agent or something?

Yes bj Armstrong is an agent

Yes bj Armstrong is a agent

dont get attached to anyone they draft tonight cause there is a decent chance some of them are traded(especially the 2nd rounders)

So - Will the cavs burn the whole 5 minutes or just make the pick early? I say they build the drama

they will take the whole 5 minutes encase they get a last second offer

MCW's in attendance.

I hope he's wearing another team's hat at some point tonight.

OK, all those losses were for the next 15 minutes. Do what you have to do.

If Wiggins goes #1 and Embiid goes to us, they pulled the trigger on a deal. That's my take.

My take will be that the sixers took advantage of an injury that will heal and drafted who they felt was the best prospect in the draft.

Kind of like last year :)

Kudos to ESPN for not picking some idiotic trendy and possibly inappropriate pop song

All of a sudden everyone seems to agree that the draft order will be Wiggins, Parker, Embiid, Exum.

That works for me...either way.

Hey Look it's lex luthor junior oh wait that's Adam Silver giving a rather boring speech

Come on, come on, come on!!!

Don't make me pull this car over

Twitter says they're taking Wiggins.

I think if it was going to be traded it would have leaked before time ran out

I don't think so. The Nerlens trade wasn't announced at the time.

Jalen is a fucking idiot.

And this is a tough crowd to stand out in too

This panel of commentators is just really dismal.

+1 Simmons is ugh

The whole table is terrible

Yes. Bilas thinks Randle is a better prospect than Exum.

He has vonleh at #3 on his board. Exum is all hype.

Well Randle played in the SEC and Exum didn't play in the US in college - so obviously.

Bilas biases are not as bad as Vitales - but they are pretty obvious

Bilas's equation for rating prospects is, like, America * wingspan + POINTZ

Woj tweets it's Wiggins and Parker, 1 and 2.

Aaaaaaaaaand........................................... with the first pick in the 2014 NBA the cleveland cavaliers select Andrew Wiggins.

Let the hate twits about his jacket begin

Please don't get comfortable in that hat.

Chad Ford just tweeted that Cleveland will not trade the pick. I guess in your eyes this makes Gilbert a really smart amateur GM. Supposedly the front office wanted Parker.

ford says they arent trading wiggins

fuck Ford. keep it to yourself.

That's a smokescreen because they want Embiid to drop to 5 so they can trade w/ Utah.

For some reason I never knew Patrick Ewing was foreign born

Wish we could have the 1 or 2 pick

Even on Twitter Dan Gilbert comes off terrible

So clearly Wiggins didn't get his inability to enunciate from his parents.

NOW it gets interesting


Parker #2.

Two man draft, on the outside looking in. Just so Hinkie could maximize Turner and Hawes' trade value.

I'm turning it off if they take Exum here.

You didn't like the carter-williams pick either did you?

Nope. Thought he'd be a PG who can't shoot. I was so wrong.

Sigh...at this point I hope the sixers take Exum

It's a one-superstar draft.

It's a zero superstar draft

Come on, what does Embiid lack to be a superstar, besides health?

Has a superstar ever played a college season w/out scoring 20 points in a game?

I'm not sure, let's look at Olajuwon's freshman game log.

Olajuwon averaged 8 a game his freshman season so it wouldn't be surprising.

Did he break 20 once?

I don't know where that info is. He had a better freshman season than Olajuwon did.

Wasn't Hakeem playing w/ Sampson his freshman year?

Wasn't Embiid playing with the presumptive #1 pick?

Embiid averaged 19.4/14.5/4.5 blocks per 40 minutes and you're seriously criticizing his production?

He didn't score 20 points in a game

That's important you know

I'm criticizing the fact that he couldn't stay on the floor for more than 25 minutes. Whatever, we've got him for the moment, better than Exum. Hope the trade happens in a minute or two, if not, I think Embiid has a bright future if he's healthy.

Wow you really don't know much about college basketball history, do you? NO!!! Ralph Sampson played at Virginia and Hakeem played at Houston.

Hakeem did play with Clyde Drexler, Robert Williams, and Larry Micheaux though during his freshman year. Akeem was very raw as a redshirt freshman but he was still a difference maker when he came in. During the tournament national semis, North Carolina (with Worthy, Perkins, and a freshman Michael Jordan) got off to a 10-0 lead. Then Houston brought freshman Hakeem (Akeem in those days) and the game really changed. Houston was down by only 2 at half.

Well you know, Wiggins is the next Drexler.

Heh. I went to Virginia, too.

And the pick is

Joel Embiid

I think if healthy he'll be the best player out of the draft...have a lot of superstars picked up the game later than Sam Dalembert did?

If they don't trade for Wiggins, I hope he doesn't turn into a superstar.

Sixers should take embiid if the staff feels he can recover from his injuries.

now the fun begins

Fuck MIL

Still think if they take Embiid the trade is on.

woj doesnt even know who they are taking

Hinkie's too strong for Woj's psychic powers.

Lol ... sixers front office is like the mob lol


The trade could be on.

He looks psyched.


Is Embiid on a delay? or was he just that pissed off he got selected by us? heh

Going with satellite delay

Doesn't look to happy

Or maybe it was on a delay - cause he seems happy now


for the first time in September 2015.

This player comp feature is annoying.

brian, you will enjoy the magic's pick

Smart, Gordon or Exum?

Not a point guard


Silver's gonna announce the trade at like pick #6. It's been sent to the league, now they have to approve it.

Middle of college season I commented that I liked him #1. But I started to sour on him with the back injury deal and the foot injury scares the hell out of me. See Walton and Yao. Not sure what to think or if he even stays with us.

The Noel pick was analyzed for nearly half an hour about him playing along side Anthony Davis before it was announced he was traded for Jrue.

Utah looks like the AUstralian outback - good pick

Ford says the next two picks are Gordon and Exum.

HAHAHAHA!!!!!! Good work. Enjoy sitting him the entire fourth quarter when the game is close. Junkyard Dog!

Was JYD even a bigtime athlete?

He was an awesome wrestler

He was a spaz defender, which is what this guy is going to top out as.

Gordon can supposedly pass and handle and mmmmaybe make a three.

This pick just seems odd - I mean there are higher rated point guards - are they afraid of insulting the great and powerful Jameer?

After all the talk they were either taking Smart or Exum. I think they'll regret this.

or they'll just pick up one of the 25 good PGs in the league via trade or free agency.

Yup - 25 good PG's in the league - which is why every team has a good starting point guard...like the Heat, or the Bucks...

We can go through the list if you want, and then we can probably add 3 or 4 from this draft. 25 isn't an exaggeration.

Sure, go ahead, knock yourself out

in no particular order:

1. paul
2. rondo
3. wall
4. rose
5. westbrook
6. parker
7. lin
8. lawson
9. rubio
10. holiday
11. mcw
12. curry
13. lowry
14. calderon
15. deron
16. conley
17. dragic
18. bledsoe
19. lillard
20. teague
21. nash?

plus 3-4 this year. You can win with just about any of those guys, and probably 15 of them will make your team better.

Oh, you can win with MCW now?

With shooters around him and someone else as the primary scoring option? Sure. He's going to be a good defensive PG, you just have to get the right pieces to go around him.

Take out lin & Nash at this point in his career and that's a hell of a list

For the record, I'm happy with this pick whether the trade for Wiggins happens or not. They took a shot at a guy with superstar potential, rather than taking the shiny Australian object and settling.

I would have been happy if they picked the 'shiny australian'

brick city.

Right, I forgot, your complete knowledge of all aspects of the game of a kid who ain't 19 yet...he'll never improve either probably

Well, the great Hinkie passed on him, right? Even w/ Mr. Australia as his coach. No one knew more about him than the Sixers, and they took the guy w/ the broken foot.

Yeah, we took the best big-man prospect in 7 years, and our team reportedly thinks the foot is a non-issue. So that's proof we don't think much of Exum.

The guy with the broken foot was the #1 prospect in the draft until his broken foot, and they probably feel his foot will heel 100% and they got lucky to be able to pick him like they were lucky to pick Noel last year, due to injury.

This is more pointless than your 'he didn't score 20' assertion - I know you're not behaving like this just as an 'act', I just wish you were...this keeps up, it won't be a fun place to read any more

Why does anyone care if I think Exum is all hype based on the fact that he didn't play against anyone so his warts weren't exposed? Why is that more outrageous than Tray saying "Exum is going to be one of the quickest PGs in the league." with nothing, at all, to back that up?

Anyway, it doesn't matter. I hope he does well in Utah, I'm glad we didn't waste the pick on him.

Exum's really quick, what's outrageous about that? He's quick on tape, the scouts say he's quick, he won the combine speed drills.

If by "one of the quickest" you meant he was about 22nd among PGs in the league in the agility drill at the combine, then technically, you're right.

@JakePavorsky Sixers apparently found no red flags with Embiid's medical records. Feel the foot is a non-issue.

A non-issue? Wow.

i guess they think that this surgery will fix it

The injury itself didn't concern me (and comparisons to other big men who had chronic injuries in other areas or in other ways were just lazy comparisons), it was the rumors of the bone density issues that worried me, and I figured if they saw no long term problems looming, they'd pick him...another opportunity based on too many folk thinking short term

Come on Vonleh - you can slip - right?

Enjoy the lack of floor spacing, Utah.

Smart at 6, Woj says.

randle 7 says ford

Sixers thought Bynum was going to suit up & that didn't happen. I'm going to be positive though I believe embiid will workout for the best.

Knees are much different than feet - don't start making comparisons that aren't real.

Regardless the staff thought Bynum was going to play & he didn't that was the point I was making

I don't think they were 100% - they thought there was a shot - knees are a pain in the ass - i've had bad knees my whole life.

Plus - it was an entirely different staff :)

I'm not even thinking about Bynum in this thing at all

Didn't realize it was a new staff my bad.

Sacramento will take Payton or Stauskas. What do they have against Isaiah Thomas?

he's now saying stauskas at 8

But he doesn't have 7 yet (vonleh?)

randle is going 7th

I forgot Isiah above. You can add him to the list.

Which is why sacramento can't wait to not sign him

Who punches who first, Rondo or Smart?

Woj says Sacto is choosing between Payton and Stauskas.

Is Vonleh really going to be at 10? That seems unlikely doesn't it?

I think it's happening. Jordan will take McDermott.

Stauskas 8th

Please don't let SAC take Stauskas. Please.

All your favorite players going off the board : (

Already done

Embiid tweets:

Hello Philly!!!! This is my real "Just got drafted" face. Couldnt be happier to be a 76er!!! pic.twitter.com/asA5nGBRUD

So I'm not clear on how Embiid, Noel and Vonleh play together.

They'd be friggin giants. They should get a big shooting guard and do nothing but post people up all game.

Isn't there a former #2 overall who might be available?

Nerlens Noel - sixth man of the year

No trades announced yet. It was around pick #9 when the Noel trade was announced last year, right?

No trades have been announced since the draft started

So is vonleh a steal at 10?

yes i think

Fuck, I hope they trade Nik to us. Man....

Vonleh or McDermott.

kinda want to trade down

You'd pass on Vonleh?

I saw that the Hornets were picking 9th and I was confused for a minute

Don't really want Vonleh, he just seemed such a plodder ala Turner. Maybe he'll pan out though.

Bilas says Stauskas isn't just a shooter over highlights that make him look like he's just a shooter.

They've taken Mclemore, Jimmer and now Stauskus. Think they got it right this time.

So if Vonleh goes here, do we take McDermott?

I hope not

Can't see CHA taking Vonleh after just taking Cody Zeller.

Except that they did

Yeah... isn't Stauskas a much worse defender and athlete than McLemore, while only being a little better of a shooter? McLemore shot 42% his freshman season and made 73 threes.

I know it's just tape & I don't follow college basketball but McDermott looks like dirk on tape

I'd be happy with him. I'd just love to have one deadly shooter on the team. Just one. And hopefully he doesn't turn out to be Kapono

Wonder if we've made a deal to send MCW to Sacramento and they picked Nik for us?

Let it go dude, let it go...

ford says Vonleh going 9th


I think Vonleh at 10 is a really good value....

Jordan takes Vonleh. Nevermind. OK, so are we looking at McDermott? Please don't be Harris.

Vonleh gone, now i definitely trade back

Wow Vonleh it is.

McDermott!!! McDermott!!!!

Pull the trigger Sam. Pull it

I don't think there's any way he does, but I would.

Unathletic white shooters are pretty plentiful

Kyle Korver was picked at what, 50?

Where Joe Harris will go.

taking saric would be really funny

I think we'll trade down or take Saric.

Totally forgot Saric - yes - take Saric

If your hope to string together 3 or 4 straight years of less than 20 wins?

if = is

I see him as a poor man's Turkoglu, rich man's Diaw.

Harris? Bleh. Trade back if that's what you're thinking. Trade back and take Lavine.

Most trade options for #1 reported in the media were (surprisingly) totally inaccurate

Take Lavine or McDermott.

Yes, it's Saric.

No it's not - the tweet said they looked hard at it - and passed


Now THIS pick is being traded for someone. Right?? He's worse than MCW.

Payton Huh

So, is MCW traded already? Hmmmnnn



Awesome. They just got another PG who can't shoot!

" Although he attempted just 3.2 jump shots in the half court per-game, the 4th least in this sample of players, he made a group low 25.7% of those attempts. His 18.2% conversion rate on catch and shoot jump shots obviously leaves a lot to be desired..."

Or did they just make the pick for someone else?

Just curious

Do you all think players are unable to improve anything once they enter the NBA?

Just because Evan Turner couldn't do it doesn't make it unlikely - for instance - Jrue Holiday and Thaddeus Young both became better shooters over time

This is a junior with the following shooting stats:

Although he attempted just 3.2 jump shots in the half court per-game, the 4th least in this sample of players, he made a group low 25.7% of those attempts. His 18.2% conversion rate on catch and shoot jump shots obviously leaves a lot to be desired...

I think at some point it's better to not have to turn water into wine with every perimeter player you choose.

McDermott going to Denver

It seems your presumption on every picked not named Wiggins tonight is that they are all limited at something and won't ever get better.

Actually, I think Embiid is going to improve dramatically. I think Lavine is really going to blossom. I like Stauskus, think he'll surprise a lot of people. Wouldn't be surprised at all if Smart becomes an All Star, despite the shot. What I'm not doing, however, is assuming that players will take terrible weaknesses and turn them into strengths. It doesn't happen all that often. And going from really good to great is much easier than going from terrible to above average.

Well I agree with Embiid (and hence why even with all the footage and knowledge I didn't think them taking him third meant that they didn't like Exum) not sure about the rest...

But guys can get better...plus - I don't think Hinkie plans to keep Payton around

Havlicek, Gary Payton, Michael Cooper

Hahahahaha everybody was wrong

Sixers thinking you don't need shooting if you have great defense?

@WojYahooNBA: Elfrid Payton could be on the move, sources tell Yahoo Sports

Elfrid Payton could be on the move, sources tell Yahoo Sports.

Libertyballers tweets Payton could be moved with Thad. A nice package. But what are we moving it for? The Bulls have two first-rounders and Rose is supposedly healthy. The Suns have two picks and have two point guards.

Randle? To LA? Seems like a steep price.

They had to pick that guy for someone else? Wonder who the possibilities could be?

I love how ESPN desk guys know nothing about the sixers "Future of the team". You are idiots


McDermott to Denver, huh?

Above, I mean is Payton going to Orlando in a trade?

Tray reply to Brian on