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Feelings On Willie Green

Up next in our Feelings On series is none other than Willie Green. I'll do my best to be fair and balanced after the jump.

Let's start with the positive. Willie is, by all accounts, a really great guy. Charitable work, never a bad word to say about anyone, never gets into trouble. Great character. He's also coming off what was clearly the best season of his career. By far, the best thing about Willie, however, is the fact that his contract will expire after this season.

For the negative, well, you don't really have to look hard. Bad defense, poor rebounding, terrible playmaking, questionable ballhandling skills, poor finishing on the inside, below-average shooting from deep. Pretty much the only thing he does reasonably well on the basketball court is shoot long twos, which I believe is the worst shot in basketball. Oh, I forgot to mention that he's undersized and he has the opposite of a "nose for the ball."

All things considered, I don't hate Willie. He's not the type of guy to inspire hatred. I just really don't enjoy watching him play basketball. This has to be his last contract in Philly, if not his last contract (above the veteran's minimum) in the NBA. As far as this upcoming season goes, Willie should be glued to the bench. He shouldn't take a second of playing time away from Jrue Holiday, Jodie Meeks, Lou Williams or any other young player with an ounce of potential the team adds this summer. We know what Willie is, and hopefully, he won't be around after this season. We have plenty of warm bodies who can contribute as much as him, and actually use the minutes to further themselves, thus furthering the team in the long run.

Your feelings on Willie in the comments.
by Brian on May 1 2010
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