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Pressing Questions - September 17

You know the drill by now. It's Friday, that means an open thread in the form of Pressing Questions. I'll kick it off after the jump, you guys take it from there.

A couple questions stemming from the conference call with Rod Thorn yesterday. More specifically, maybe you guys can answer some questions Thorn artfully dodged:

  • What does Thad need to do this season to earn an extension?
  • What's a better value, Iguodala for 4 years/$56M or Carmelo Anthony for 4 years/$82M?
  • Right now, the Sixers are on pace to be slightly under the cap next summer (depending on the CBA), then the following two seasons they could have significant money. Do you think we'll ever reach that point, or will Thorn put his stamp on this franchise in the form of a trade (or three) that brings talent in and locks the Sixers into being over the cap for years to come?

Have at it, guys.
by Brian on Sep 17 2010
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