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Amare Stoudemire Trade Rumors

UPDATE 2/16 p.m.


  • Two sources list the Bulls as the front runner for Amare with a deal built around Tyrus Thomas and Drew Gooden's expiring contract.

UPDATE 2/14:

  • Cleveland apparently made an offer or two for Amare. The package revolved around Wally Szczerbiak's expiring contract, JJ Hickson, a first-round pick and possibly Anderson Varejao.

UPDATE 2/12:

UPDATE 2/11:

  • It looks like Portland is now willing to include both LaMarcus Aldridge and Jerryd Bayless in a deal for Amare (along with Raef LaFrentz's expiring contract). This has to make them the front runners in the Amare sweepstakes. The news comes from CBS Sportsline.


According to various reports, the Suns' interest in trading Amare Stoudemire is legit and most think he will be moved in the next 12 days before the deadline. ESPN's Chad Ford has a column up on potential deals for Amare (and Shaq). After the jump we'll take a look and try to figure out if the Sixers could offer a better deal.

Here are a few deals Ford put together for Amare:

  • Chicago gives Tyrus Thomas, Thabo Sefolosha, Cedric Simmons, Drew Gooden for Amare.
  • New York gives David Lee, Nate Robinson and Stephon Marbury for Stoudemire and Barbosa.
  • Miami gives Michael Beasley and Shawn Marion for Stoudemire, Alando Tucker and Goran Dragic.
  • OKC gives Jeff Green, Joe Smith and Desmond Mason for Stoudemire.
  • Detroit gives Rasheed Wallace and Amir Johnson for Stoudemire.
  • Cleveland gives JJ Hickson and Wally Szczerbiak for Stoudemire.
  • Memphis gives Mike Conley, Hakim Warrick and Darko Milicic for Stoudemire.
Personally, I think the only package the Sixers couldn't top here would be Miami's. Marion is a huge expiring contract and Beasley could turn into a perennial all star. Although Beasley fits into the Amare mold (all offense, little defense).

You have to boil these packages down to the long-term benefit for the Suns. The Chicago deal gives them a little bit of cap relief next year, then the Tyrus Thomas headache for another year or two. His qualifying offer isn't exactly cheap after next season, either.

The New York deal would clear the most cap space, but they'd be getting two restricted free agents this summer in David Lee and Nate Robinson. I find it funny that Ford says this about Lee, "He rebounds, plays defense, hustles on every play and is still young." Really? Someone on the Knicks plays defense?

The OKC deal would clear a lot of cap space and they'd get Jeff Green in return. Not a bad haul.

In the Detroit deal, Sheed's contract expires, so they'd clear a little over $12M off the books and they'd have Amir Johnson to show for it. Depends on your opinion of Amir.

Ditto the Cleveland package. They'd essentially be trading Amare for cap space and a late-first round pick from last season in Hickson.

The Memphis deal makes the least sense to me. It includes no expiring deals. Darko's contract is horrible and Mike Conley is a guy they've supposedly been trying to move unsuccessfully for quite some time.

Ford didn't list a package from Portland, but I've read elsewhere that they won't include Aldridge or Bayless.

Now, Ford is supposedly plugged in from Hawaii. If these are the types of packages the Suns have to choose from, don't you think a deal built around Andre Miller and Thad Young would at least be in the running? Where would you rank Thad among the long-term pieces in the deals above?

Beasley, Thad, Hickson, Tyrus Thomas, David Lee, Nate Robinson, Amir Johnson, Mike Conley, Jeff Green. Thad is what, no worse than third on that list?
by Brian on Feb 7 2009
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