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Bad Idea

During my mid-morning wire sweep I came across Kate Fagan's article about the changes the Sixers are trying to make in their 4 days of practice this week. I didn't get past the first page before I nearly swallowed my tongue. Check out these two paragraphs and tell me if they don't worry you more than a little bit.

DiLeo described Williams as "a little up and down. That's the way it is with a scorer," DiLeo said. "I just want him to be aggressive. He has the green light to shoot; I just want him to create havoc when he's out there."

Williams insisted he has never been a guy that forces shots, but if DiLeo wishes him to be more aggressive, he'll "switch it up."

I'm sorry, but the last thing Lou Williams needs to have put in his mind is that he has the green light to take whatever shot he wants. This guy's decision-making and poor shooting are killing the team. Recently, he's taken less shots, and I thought better shots. Let sleeping dogs lie, please.

Here's a cool article from CSN8 that goes a little further into the work the shooting coach is doing with Thad and Lou. Thanks to DeanH for the link.
by Brian on Mar 4 2009
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