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Thursday Morning Links

  • John provided this link to a cool analysis of "close game" performance. BTW, the Sixers are 8-9 in games decided by 5 points or less.
  • I found this one via B-R.com, it's a look at players' affect on where shots are taken on the floor by Basketball Geek. For example, when Andre Iguodala was on the floor last season, the Sixers were 3.6% more likely to take a mid-range jumper than the average team. Opposing teams were 1.6% less likely to attempt a shot in the low paint, than the average team. Check it out. I only wish it had this season's data.
  • Tom Moore has a good story on why Willie is still starting. It's capped by another gem of a quote from Lou: "It hasn't been something we've really talked about in the past because we want guys to shoot 3-pointers." Really? Do you want them to shoot wide-open threes?
  • Thad is watching game film from happier days and Sam doesn't seem happy about his recent PT. (Fagan)
  • Bernard Fernandez looks at how Miller contributes, and when.
  • Advanced shooting stats over at PhillyArena.net.
  • Speights remains in the top 10 of David Thorpe's rookie rankings.
  • It looks like Kate Fagan is having a chat session at 3pm, you can check it out here.
by Brian on Mar 5 2009
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