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Feelings On Andre Iguodala

Up next in our Feelings On series is Andre Iguodala. My thoughts and yours after the jump.

If you've been reading this blog for more than a day you know what I think of Andre Iguodala. He's versatile offensively, he's probably the best transition player in the league not named LeBron, he's an outstanding defender capable of guarding four positions and shutting down the opposing team's best perimeter threat. He's not without his flaws, and we'll get to those in a second, but overall there aren't more than a handful of players in this league who I believe are better than him all around.

My feeling is the Sixers shouldn't even consider trading him unless they get a younger piece, who has the potential to be better than Iguodala in the long run (at a cheaper price), and something else, like a first round pick or ridding themselves of Elton Brand's contract. Trading Iguodala under any other circumstances is going to leave the Sixers with another massive hole to fill, and no way to fill it.

As for on the court play, there's something I'd like him to add to his game that would make him a much more versatile half-court threat, and that's a post game. If Iguodala is going to play the two, which is obviously up in the air, he's going to have a size and strength advantage over the man defending him 95% of the time. He can use that strength to get position down low, and he can use the size to simply turn and shoot over his man. This should be an efficient weapon for him, and would definitely help with his (and the team's) efficiency in the half court. Plus, it would mean less wear and tear. One other thing he should consider is hiring a new shooting coach who will completely rework his jumper. Break it down, start from scratch, then work on reps all summer. I'm not really sure I think something like this can be done at his age. I can't think of anyone else who has fundamentally changed his shot this late in the game and had a turnaround, but I'd explore the option at least.

Whoever the new coach winds up being, he needs to take certain things out of Iguodala's playbook. Iguodala should not be shooting threes off the dribble (catch-and-shoot only), he should not be coming off screens for long twos, he should not be handling the ball much on the pick-and-roll. Isolation plays designed to get into the lane to either (a) finish & draw contact or (b) draw defenders to find either big men for dunks or shooters for threes. That's his game in the half court. Recognize that, utilize his strengths and don't depend on him for areas in which he's weak. It doesn't make any sense.

Have at it in the comments. Strengths/weaknesses. Do you think he should be traded? If so, for what kind of package, and how do you plan on replacing him? What do you think he should be working on this summer?
by Brian on May 4 2010
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