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One More Day

Turner, Favors, Cousins, maybe a trade? As we all know, the Sixers hold only one pick in tomorrow's NBA draft, albeit a sweet pick. But after the first ten minutes, the biggest question will be answered. After the jump, let's talk a bit about what could happen after that fateful trip to the podium.

As far as I'm concerned, the ideal outcome of this draft would be a complete rebuild with both Turner and Favors (read all about it here), but short of that, I'm hoping the Sixers work extra hard to pick up another pick. They probably saved somewhere in the neighborhood of $10M in real money this season by making the Dalembert trade (assuming it dropped them below the luxury tax), it would be great if they could use some of that scratch to simply purchase a pick (Miami's #18 pick, for example).

My list of potential picks if the Sixers can grab a mid-first pick hasn't changed a whole lot. Avery Bradley is still tops on my list and he's projected to go right about there. Cole Aldrich has been dropping like a rock on most mock draft boards, if he slips that low I think he'd be a really good pickup, especially considering the Sixers need for a warm body who can spell defense. I don't see Aldrich as more than a backup in the long term, but your backup center is still an important position to fill and he'd be a good value after say #15. Hassan Whiteside would be worth the risk, possibly Solomon Alabi.

If we get a second round pick, I like Jarvis Varnado as a defensive big off the bench.

Here's my bold prediction for the draft, though. Doug Collins talks Ed Stefanski into acquiring a late second-round pick and with that pick he takes Brian Zoubek. Zoubek fits the mold of what Collins said he needs "toughness" and what he really means, "slow white players."

What do you guys think? Will all the drama end after we take Even Turner at number two? Are the Sixers really willing to add another player (with another salary) if the opportunity presents itself, or will the purse strings dictate a freeze on spending, no matter what falls into their lap? Will Ed Stefanski ever make a deal that benefits the Sixers?