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Short-Term Trade: Ben Gordon

If the goal is to get into the playoffs A.S.A.P. (which I don't think it needs to be), this trade should do the trick. Details after the jump.

Simple, somewhat realistic version:

  • Sixers give Sam Dalembert
  • Detroit gives Ben Gordon

This trade assumes the Sixers have drafted Derrick Favors (or maybe DeMarcus Cousins, though I certainly hope not). They get a starting two guard who can score a ton. They have to hide him defensively, but that's not much of a problem considering he'll be playing between Jrue and Iguodala. The huge downside is the 4 years, $48M remaining on Gordon's contract. He's actually signed for a season longer than Elton Brand, and he was horrible in Detroit last season.

I'm not sure if Joe Dumars is desperate to get out from under Ben Gordon's contract, but he certainly should be. He's built a horrible roster in Detroit and he needs to regain some flexibility. Dalembert's expiring contract gives him a usable big for this season, then he regains the cap space he blew on Gordon next summer, so he can waste it again.

Here's the rotation for the Sixers after the trade:

PG: Holiday
SG: Gordon
SF: Iguodala
PF: Brand
C: Favors
6th Man: Thad
Bench: Lou, Speights, Kapono, Meeks, etc.

I think I'd pass on this deal. As I've said before, there's no rush here and trading for Gordon seems like rushing things to me. He's making too much money and that contract is just too long. There are better options out there to obtain a shooter, with much less risk involved. If Sammy's expiring contract is going to be moved, and long money is coming back, it had better be a young impact player you're getting.

What say you? Would you do this deal?
by Brian on Jun 10 2010
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