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The Giant.

Once again, a post stems from the comments section (which is exactly how this whole blog thing is supposed to work, so great job guys.).

Chris pointed us to this list earlier today, take a look, I think you'll be quite shocked to see Basketball Value has Andre Iguodala listed as the leader in adjusted +/- over the past two seasons.

As I was updating our own +/- worksheet tonight, I started to take a closer look at the data and I think when you see the raw numbers after the jump, you'll be blown away.

On the season, the Sixers team has played 2,021 minutes of basketball. Here's the breakdown.

  • 1,619 minutes with Iguodala on the floor
  • 402 minutes with Iguodala on the bench
  • In his time on the floor, they've outscored their opponents by 141 points.
  • In his time on the bench, their opponents have outscored them by 110 points.
  • Per 48 minutes, the Sixers are +4.2 points with Iggy on the floor.
  • Per 48 minutes, the Sixers are -13.13 points with Iggy on the bench.
Usually, I consider +/- to be too subjective. It's far too dependent on who else is on the floor. For a guy like Iguodala, though, that doesn't hold true. He plays with everyone. His 38.5 minutes per game come with every conceivable lineup the coaches can throw together.

Think back, for a second, to how poorly Iguodala was playing at the beginning of the season. That month of horrible shooting and careless turnovers is included in these numbers.

This is a small cross section of the stats, but I think it shines a bright light on just how important Iggy is to this team. He's been a giant.

by Brian on Jan 25 2009
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